What Your Halo: Reach Armor Ability Says About You

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Many first-person shooter fanatics spent several days playing the Halo: Reach beta. Some used it as an opportunity to playtest the game and provide invaluable feedback based upon their numerous experiences. Others invested as many hours as they could afford in the hope that it would eventually give them a leg up on the competition when the game officially releases. I did neither of those things though and instead devoted all of my spare time to the pursuit of academic research. I observed countless gamers, the armor abilities they repeatedly selected, and carefully linked together the common characteristics shared between those that favored the same loadout. I’m dedicated, I know, and lucky for you I’m also nice because I have decided to share my findings. Enjoy the insight into each of these players, and don’t blame me if you recognize yourself. I’m just the messenger you know.

Active Camouflage
Active Camouflage* is a type of light-bending technology that renders the player almost completely invisible. Users of this concealing effect prefer catching their opponents off guard and often stand still for long periods of time. They are happiest wielding a shotgun, gravity hammer, or energy sword as weapons that require more than a single pull of the trigger are beyond their general skill level. They are known for their ability to pitch a tent, and I’m not talking about the bulging one in your pants either. As they are more stationary than most, they also tend to fall asleep frequently mid-game. Chances are they have either been ridiculed for snoring over the mic or have starred in a YouTube video where they fell asleep and their friends abused their unattended body in numerous, imaginative ways. Most active camo users are pussies, but they’re pussies who are often found covertly crouching on your face because unfortunately they almost always get the better of you.

Armor Lock
Armor Lock* is an ability that provides the player with a small shield that temporarily grants them invulnerability from any and all damage. Users of the EMP-generating effect are often adrenaline junkies who get enjoyment out of narrowly escaping death, or they are individuals who derive large amounts of pleasure from making total and complete fools out of their not so bright opponents. If you’re foolish enough to attempt to pummel them with a gravity hammer, they’ll laugh hysterically as they throw their fist to the ground and then quickly reverse the action to instead connect it directly to your surprised, and now deceased, face. Tank beats all? Not to these fearless individuals. In bed when they get dangerously close to the edge they think of Bea Arthur. In Halo they activate Armor Lock. In both instances, they’re hard as a rock and it’s typically far from game over.

Jet Pack
The Jet Pack* allows the player to maneuver mid-air through the manipulation of a user-operated jet engine mounted on their back. Fans of this particular piece of propulsion equipment are often known as those fucking annoying jumpers in other land movement only games. In extreme cases they are even compared to Paris Hilton when she’s on top because of their incessant tendency to repeatedly bounce up and down. Expelling gas is nothing new to this group of individuals. They frequently release large amounts of it, both in game and out. They get a secret thrill out of killing individuals when they’re soaring through the sky, more than likely because they can’t do it when their feet are on the ground.

Sprint* is an ability that allows fast attacks and quick escapes through the use of an higher than average player speed. Individuals that utilize this motion acceleration are often lacking in any sort of courage or bravery. Taking the slightest bit of damage, whether it be from close range or not, will cause them to hightail it as far as a few seconds of spirited running can get them. When the going gets tough, these not so tough get going. They prefer to avoid conflict, and will often do so at any cost. They might as well be an Elite every game because the only thing they’re going to do is evade. They’ll probably do so while yelling complete and utter gibberish as well.

*People who use this ability can’t get a kill any other way. Most of the time they can’t get a kill with it either.

212 Responses to What Your Halo: Reach Armor Ability Says About You

  1. Omnicent says:

    Lulz, seems about right. Looks like you have a bit of a bias towards AL, but that’s ok. . . I do too.

    • Nick0 says:

      Sprint isn’t just for running FROM battles. It’d be a bit more accurate if you state that using sprint can aid in helping allies faster. That’s how I use it, at least, and thats not the least bit cowardly.

      • Will says:

        It’s also great when you’re a few feet behind an opponent, and get that little boost to get over to their unprotected spine, hit the melee, and shtab ’em!

      • RAD says:

        I use it to run towards opponents to whack them in thier face while running past thier rockets or lazer shots etc etc. They don’t expect you’ll keep on coming and as most normal players do, try to evade and shoot back. Straight-up facial! Love it! Sprog!

      • deathly darkness says:

        yeah well I like to charge guys with my pistol. they laugh I scream like a lunatic. then at the last minuet not a shot fired. I pull out my sword for a quick comical “oh shit” moment then a “so THATS why he charged meh” moment then whu-blam guess you shoulda done something more that talk trash as I charged you. lolz

      • patte says:

        i use sprint to get to combat faster so when the going gets though we thoughies get going faster.

      • Roy says:

        Ya I agree, OP is very biased. ‘specially near the half way point in the beta, a lot of people I noticed were switching to sprint. Sprint (and roll if you’re elite) are probably the most useful maneuvers in game because of how adaptable it is to most situations. Sprinting to power weapons for early game head starts, sprinting to flags/priority points, getting up close for the melee… hell, those are just some of the most obvious uses. From what I’ve seen (and it doesn’t take a researcher to notice this…), sprinters are usually the first _into_ the fray. And if you see them running in the middle of combat, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if it means staying alive (and not giving the opponent team a kill count) in team death match. I’d much rather have a player who has a +5 K/D for 10 kills and 5 deaths, than someone who just goes up get’s the one kill and then dies resulting in a 0 K/D (or even negative). It just depends on the players, but obviously, OP didn’t play enough online matches. Article’s garbage and only good for the lulz.

      • Finny xD says:

        yeah sprintz the shit, it puts halo on like a whole nother level if you think about it, because its so fast pace that way, and i use it to NOT run away from a battle like a little “PUSSY LOCK” who hides in his bullshit shield while we’re out running AFTER the bitches! hahaha we’re the adrenaline junkies! :p

      • S0m says:

        You have obvious bias twords sprint. I use sprint and only sprint unless airborne —s are running rampart. I don’t use the sprint ability to run away like I child. I actually use it to enhance my chances of getting a kill. The other armor ability’s take away the pure skill of the player in so many ways, you just so happen to get your ass kicked by sprinters form the way you talk about them.

    • iBRY says:

      he made it too obvious that he uses armor lock. and most other correlations he made were just plain stupid

      • you noob says:

        isn’t bs angel a she?


      • VF says:

        Sprint is useful for running head on into people and stickying/shottying/destroying them asap.

        • Nuclear Pi says:

          Personally, I think she was a little too hard on camo users, yes I know how annoying the campers are, but there are perfectly legitimate (and incredbly stylish) ways to use it as well: I present to you…
          Player A has suprised Player B, Player B retreats around a corner, Player A ‘nade-spams the area immediatly around the corner then tears around it to confront a weakened Player B, Player A’s dumb look of suprise is permanently frozen on his face as Player B materailizes behind him, jams a knife in between his ribs and leaves his twitching corpse bleeding out on the cold, hard, earth.

          Thisis what I

      • xFishBowlx says:

        Along with that, armor lock has to be the most ridiculous of abilities. Activate it when your near death for a split second and your shields are back, and constantly spam that over and over again.

        To me this is the cowardly ability… Sprint is far from it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use it for the primary reason, or even secondary reason of running away when in danger of dying, not even the people I’m trying to kill. And if your having the problem of killing these people, sorry you lack adequate skill to kill them before they make it to that corner.

    • Maxjams says:

      i use to get a great head start at the beginning of the game. I rush to a weapon im good with, or flank my enemy, then i start owning. it is also really good for getting to objective quickly. i actually use sprint mor than most of the other abilities.

    • Chase says:

      You talk bad about sprint? I only use sprint and I rush people, and i have 7.23 in my kills to death ratio. If you want to challenge me with your pussy shield go right ahead you will loose horribly. My weapons of choice are Magnum and Energy Sword both close range weapons so im not really looking to run away. If you look at my stats for most kills with it will show melee- 645 at the top of my list. So when the going gets tough i get stronger and the going gets beat down. Oh yeah my account is LastPr0digy. thats a zero not the letter o.

      • anonymous says:

        Your K/D ratio is under 1. Pathetic.

        • Gustav says:

          I’m a pussy… lol I own at it and frankly, I don’t even camp that much. Way too harsh. I hate armor locky even though most of the time I kill them. Sprint is okay, I like teh jetpack, but my fav is definitely invis.

      • Bansheedestroya says:

        That’s weird because your K/D ration on Halo 3 is 0.69 soooooo…? ^_^

      • Mac says:

        bro… honestly who goes on an online blog and lies about their k/d? I understand that you were trying to make a point, but a 1.14 k/d doesn’t even compare to the 7.23 you said you had. And while your at least positive in the reach beta 1.14 is nothing to boast about. oh and having melee at the top of your list isn’t impressive, its pathetic its a shooter not UFC. So please man up and use a gun, maybe you can bouce back from that .7 k/d on halo three when the real game comes out. Oh and real strong move putting your gamer tag on the comment right after you lied. Poor decision.

    • Havoc910 says:

      I think that this article is wrong in so many ways. I played the Beta for such a long time and have found out that all the abilities have their pro’s and con’s. Sprint can get you to locations on the map faster, narrowly escape death, and close the distance between injured players for a melee kill, not to mention if you have a hammer or sword. Sprint is probably the most useful because, if you are a stratigic player, you can expoint the weaknesses in all the other abilities. Armor Lock is a very underestimated skill. You can use it to save yourself when you are about to die, and when a sprinter tries to do a double melee on you, or when you are being grenade barraged. A big disadvantage of this ability is that players will wait and lob a grenade at you as soon as it deactivates. Armor lock’s effectivness increases when you have a team that uses it and sticks with you. This will almost always result in surviving a confict that you may otherwise lose. Jet Pack in my opinion is the worst of them all because its only advantage is that it allows you to reach higher and bypass obstacles such as the water area in that one map. The only use I have for it is jumping down to get the rocket launcher and returning to the flag. When you are flying, you are the most vulnerable of everyone because you are moving slower and are usually nowhere near cover. Experienced players make easy work of Jet Pack users. Active camoflauge is possible the only thing you got half right, because you are still easily seen if you are running at full speed. The main use for Active Camo is that it confuses the enemy of you or your teams location by acting as a radar jammer. Active Camo I agree is a very annoying ability, and takes paitence to use. Like stated above, Active Camo is a campers delight, but has assult capabilities as well.

  2. cardo8 says:

    Damnit! You called me out!*

    BTW you must watch this video if you don’t get the “fall asleep/make video” reference. Good. Stuff.

    • bs angel says:

      Best video ever!

      • Brad192837 says:

        i agree with almost all of your observations of th earmor abilites except sprint, because usally i go in to a heavy fight with me using armor lock and a friend using sprint, i draw most of the attention as my friend gets the kills.

        p.s. all armor lock steryotypes just hate it because they dont know how to use it effectivly.

    • Ray says:

      “Where the fuck did he go?”

      lawl XD

  3. grimtimes says:

    so simply you’re saying it’s best to not use armour abilities

    • cardo8 says:

      I think she’s saying everyone sucks with or without AAs.*

      • bs angel says:

        I think she’s saying she gets pissed every time she almost kills someone and then they go into armor lock. Or run away. And then some douche with active camo sneaks up behind her, assassinates her, and crouch walks away. DRIVES. HER. INSANE.

        • Sonu says:

          So what do you use? Hmm?

        • Wesly says:

          sounds like someone should be more alert. And Sonu, she doesn’t use an Armor Ability because that gives her the right to bitch about why she cant shoot a gun steady enough to kill someone. Speaking of which,

          “she gets pissed every time she almost kills someone and then they go into armor lock. Or run away. And then some douche with active camo sneaks up behind her, assassinates her, and crouch walks away.”

          Hmmm….looks like the other team is working together to kill her…..funny, how angry Lone Wolf style players get when people gang up on them. So if everyone in the game is a “pussy”, then what does that say about you when one of those “pussies” kills you?

          Listen sister, if your going to bitch about the entire game, (which is only a beta at this point), then do us all a favor and do buy it when it releases, cause we don’t want to hear you complaining over the mic.

        • d3adbabys3al says:

          I love you. Bs angel = my hero.

        • bs angel says:

          I think you’re the only one who loves me after this article. You should probably start running now. I’m sure they’ll be sending a mob after you in no time!

        • Dead baby seal says:

          Wait… Angel, are you telling me I should fear a bunch of people yelling on the Internet? You’re so silly. Lol

      • someone says:

        BEFORE READING! I am a swede, if you spell better english than me and better swedish as well, then by all meas come on over to where i live and i’ll kiss you anywhere you want. And i didn’t go through the text checking all the spelling errors. Most of this is exadurated and some things are just plain jokes, so read it with a glimpse of humor in your eyes, or eye if you are a pirate or Phil ken sebben. Anyways, enjoy.

        No, she’s saying that if you don’t use armor lock, you suck. And if you are stupid enough to only use one armor ability for all games ever, think about this. ARMOR ABILITIES ARE DIFFRENT, AND THEREFORE SUITS DIFFRENT ENCOUNTERS BETTER OR WORSE. Now if you are smart, you know what armor ability to pick depending on what map, gametype, enemy AA, enemy weapon that you happen to face. I get the feeling this girl is like all those brain-dead idiots who go around yelling “The plasma launcher, grenade launcher, plasma repeater, focus rifle, rocket launcher, needle rifle and needler are all ZOMG overpowerd. I was shot by to shots from the needle rifle through a wall and it killed all my teammates and won the game for the ennemies in 2 sec, i don’t have a clip or movie of it, but i swear it happend, please nerf all those weapons or remove completly, and make them better only when i use them. kthnxbai” I’ll say this aswell, the plasma launcher (and other weapons that seem overpowerd, naades and melee not included) aren’t overpowerd. Why? Because they are POWERWEAPONS. You are supposed to go for them, you are not supposed to be able to own a guy with a rocket laucher with the AR. Power weapons are there to give u an edge, go for them, instead of yelling “NOOBTUBE!” as soon as someone smart enough to realize this picks up the nade-launcher.

        Plasma bolts are avoidable, and armor lock (wich aparently gives the female who wrote the above statements an orgasm as soon as she thinks about it) saves u from the scary blue shiny balls in your face, even after they struck you (asuming you are competent enough to activate it), sprint allows you to avoid the balls by running behind a wall/into a building, unless your like a final fantasy XIII charakter (in wich case it takes 8 seconds for your brain to react) or deaf and you don’t hear that sound that would scare even chuck himself, but remain calm and walk in a straight line to the nearest exit to not die.

        Thats it, if you’ve read this far and understood what i have said and still have complaints, then please by all means tell me. Other than that i will say i would have enjoyed this really much if the creator of this post didn’t favorise amor lock, so i’ll just even it out with an atempt at something funny for all you who skipped right to the end to see the bad guy get shot and the credits of the film. Enjoy.

        Armor lock is for lonewolves, who like to run around woning everyone alone, with no backup, power weapon, or brain. Also for people afraid of their own blood, and neither of them take any risks since it could potentialy, possibly maybe come back to them in a slightly bad way. And i understand that the world outside of your trusted fortress of pillows and used tissues is so frightening, and that you woulden’t last a second against a person competent enough not to hit you or stand to close to you when your trusted emp goes of (thats emp, not E.M.P if you have done your red vs blue homework), a five yearold basicaly.
        But there is hope, if you tear down your wall of pillows, and take a walk out into the world, you’ll see strange humanoid beings, but it’s okay, most of them aren’t dangerus (look out for the females though, don’t trust anything that bleeds for a week without dying) and if you interact with them without your impenetrable fortress of energy and lonelines around you, you’ll see that they are acctualy quite friendly.

        Don’t stick with one armor ability, try ’em all on, if you then want a favorite then thats fine, just don’t base it on what Armorlock McCumshot up there might say.

        • augustelc says:

          wow that was quite a mouthful. bow chika bow wow. srsly tho i agree with u. but it was a bit lengthy…

        • someone says:

          lengthy is my specialty…

        • someone says:

          Bow chika bow wow!

        • someone says:

          woning is supposed to be owning

        • Roflboat says:

          Jk I read half o.o
          Wel anyways, out of topic but: My mom likes Swedish people’s accents :D

        • someone says:

          i know exacly what she’s talking about… out accents are funny, our women are tasty, and we have a health care plan…

        • voicedwalnut says:

          first off what you should know is that this website is based on humor not being serious.
          secondly if you read her posts on this thread you would have read that she (BS angel) uses camo most of the time.
          thirdly this is a joke post like a few posts on this blog site so yea.

        • benji says:

          u gt 2 much time on ur hands

        • Wesly says:

          HAHA! OMG! i stopped half way through your reply because I was laughing so hard! I completely know the kind of players you are talking about. Your absolutely right, Armor Abilities are for different parts of the game all round. Apparently this girl favors armor lock because she is use to not having a fighting chance in a real firefight and wants to feel like she is good. I use all of the abilities based on whats going on in the game. Sprint gets you places fast…..regardless of you reasons. Jetpack lets you gain a high ground advantage but also makes you vulnerable. Cloak lets you sneak around unnoticed but takes away your radar advantage. Armor lock is great if you are about to die or are returning a flag, but is useless when someone just waits for it to run out.
          In all every AA has its strengths and weaknesses. For someone to call another player a loser because they choose to use one ability over another is pointless, they’re just upset because Reach levels the playing field and causes every player to adjust their play style to fit the situation.

        • someone says:

          “Most things are exadurated or just plain jokes” was one of the first things i wrote, this was supposed to be funny, and any crap i gave to BS angel is bullshit.
          It’s like Zero Punctuation, all the little things are overexadurated, and if you see through them you’ll have something thats not funny, but it’s true. And i did read that BS angel uses camo mostly, (after the original post).

          Please read the whole thing, i know voiced walnut told me to read the comments and complained when he himself didn’t read my full post (irony).

          And yes i have alot of time on my hands when it comes to halo, i check bungie.net for updates every day, and i read most of them.

          BS angel, if you got offended, then i’m sorry. I realy am, it was all for lulz, but somehow i get the feeling you understand that, it’s either that or the jalepeneos, probobly the jalepeneos, yep it’s them, no moar mexican for someone today.

          and if the “u got to much time on your hands” is that i post very late or early, there is a pretty big time-difference between USA and sweden, here i downloaded the beta somwhere between 18.00-21.00 on may 3rd or 5th, wichever is the one when the beta dropped, couldden’t do it before then.

          TO LONG, DID NOT READ. :D

        • bs angel says:

          I knew there was a weird smell around here today but I couldn’t find the source. Now I know, Someone Who Ate Too Many Jalapeños!

        • someone says:

          Ha, ha! true…

  4. Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

    AL: No skill in any way.
    Sprint: people with a death wish
    Active camo: even less skill than AL
    JetPack: Kids

    • someone says:

      Now you are talking.

    • Sangheli Higherarc says:

      Dude i use Active Camo alot and i don’t just sit around corners i follow my buddies and use the awesome radar jammer to confused an hunt my enemies, don’t bash Camo just cuz sum people use it poorly, and yes AL is GAAAAAY and jetpacks are for lazy people that want to get to the good weapons extremely quickly, and Sprint…it’s just fuckin awesome sometimes

      • bmoreboy234 says:

        whoa AL is useful when used correctly ive saved the lives of my entire team multiple times(during the beta) by taking one with AL at the same time the other three have their uses too

      • Tom says:

        Dude I agree Active Camo is my favorite loudout and i rarely sit around in a corner. lol in fact i tend to pick which ever loadout will help my teamates best

        • Wesly says:

          That’s how REACH is designed to work! Finally someone who understands! “you can leave that Lone Wolf stuff behind” He said it for a reason.

    • Hayabusa Ryu II says:

      clearly this was written by a noob, every AA takes skill to use correctly

      Armor lock its not not about you its about your team stand in the way of danger or be a shiny invincible distraction while your buds sneak up behind the enemy as well as save your own ass when it calls for it however not as many players are blessed with the gift of teamwork many users stand there charging up the EMP burst only to have the enemy move back out of range and then hose them down with whatever gun they happen to be holding

      Active camo – Also jams enemy radar and allows your sprinters and flyers to move around with a little more freedom as well as allowing you to use your handy knife or plasma dagger to transport any enemy to stupid to be able to see you to the respawn screen. however the jamming is short range and circular meaning any smart player knows your smack in the center and all it takes is a keen eye to spot a blur on the wall

      Jet pack – now i have been dreaming of jetpacks since halo 1 soi was hapy to hear about them but aside from aloowing youto quicky make your way up multi-leveled maps or leap over tall walls in a single bound your far from being superman ive swated many a fly while playing the reach beta

      Sprint- the most basic of all AAs the aility to add a bit of umph to your usuall speed
      it makes using melee weapons much more effective as well as allowing you to enter the area of conflict from your spawn point much faster and also giving you distance boost to jumping while sprinting downside to this isnt much you cant shoot then again only an idiot would use it during combat unless they could actually get away

      evade- the only AA i have yet to find a flaw for, combining the speed boost of sprint with a dive-roll and then dividing it into two uses. using it effectively in combat is a must however as the further you are from your enemy the less effective it becomes

    • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

      I see some of you didn’t catch the obvious hint of sarcasm. All of the AAs are awesome.

    • benji says:

      Camo u get the funnest sprees, BOOM!

    • Gustav says:


  5. gr1nandbear1t says:

    personally I think all that is true BUT the whole point of them is to give everybody a little something up their sleeve to use in sticky situations, so yeah they’re all ways of getting out of trouble, but everybody is able to use them so it makes it all fair!

    if only some people got to use them it wouldn’t be fair, but as everyone can equip them no one should complain! yeah that idiot might throw an armour lock down because you were about to kill him, but you’ve got a jetpack so you can zoom over him and get a headshot when he stands up again!

  6. smurph says:

    lol… thankfully i do not use the ability associated with paris hilton.

    nice writeup angel. very amusing :)

  7. So….Summing up, you’re saying we’re all pussies?

    • bs angel says:

      Finally, someone who understands me!

    • Shady says:

      Seems like it. Also, camping is TOTALLY a legitimate strategy. I don’t know what you blind fools are talking about. Also, you’d fall asleep mid-game too if you got negligible amount of sleep, 14 hours ago. I <3 rationalizing.

  8. Andrew says:

    @Undercover Duck – Perhaps we all are in some way. :-p

    Great article, but I’ve never fallen asleep while playing as a stalker…yet.

    • Gustav says:

      I only camp with stalker if I know someone’s coming, otherwise I just crouch walk around teh map

  9. Obi Wan Stevobi says:

    Sprint really bugs me. The second they get hit they scurry off to cover like roaches when a light comes on. Not to mention that sprint and evade can both turn shotguns, hammers, and swords in mid range weapons.

    I get the feeling sprint and invis were meant to make Halo appeal to the hardcore pacifist market. Come play Reach, you don’t have to fight if you don’t want to.

    • Jillybean says:

      And it worked for me!

    • Roflboat says:

      Sticking them as they run away to a corner is always fun.

    • Tom says:

      The point of the different Loadouts is to make the game more interesting and unique. Each one also has its own strengths and weaknesses. I personally think you should do yourself a favor and quit bitching about how cheap you think one ability is and focus more on how you can counter it next time.

      • Obi Wan Stevobi says:

        Or, since it is Halo, we could actually shoot each other rather than fiddle with our magical armor all game.

        • bs angel says:

          It’s almost like you want Halo to be a shooter or something. Jeez! ;)

  10. Mike says:

    i need to learn how to use armor lock… why? because im most often the distraction that gets you to come out of your cover and attack me… thats when my team can attack!

    yes… i am both the distraction and the meat shield

    • luke says:

      That’s my strategy when I’m not doing so well in cod:mw2! Also I think I will love armor lock not usually On other players but on vehicles. When I see an enemy in a vehicle I really want to take it out. Now I can just pretend I’m going to Hi-jack a vehicle and when they try to run me over I use armor-lock! I have a grudge against vehicles because the first time I got Halo 3 my friend taught me how to play by sticking me in sandtrap and running me over with a chopper about 5,000 times till I learned the controls. Eventually I had to got eat dinner so I was saved.

  11. I’d bitch about how wrong you are with the active camo, but… you’re not wrong. XD

    *slinks away in shame*

    • bs angel says:

      Basically I wrote up myself for that one. I used the active camo like it was going out of style!

      • Tom says:

        I know right! its amazingly awsome!

  12. flying retard says:

    i have lag so i cant really use armor lock lock you should be able to so i can really only use active camo and jetback

  13. ComaToast says:

    But Angel, you used these abilities too, the real question is, what does it say about YOU Angel.

    • bs angel says:

      I’m active camo through and through. That’s probably why that’s the longest description out of the four, LOL!

      • IIII bRian IIII says:

        Well, if your descriptions are true (which they obviously are) then you’re one pussy I’d love to have covertly standing over my face :D

      • DragoFlyrr says:

        WOOT! go stalkers! and angel, thats very self-deprivating of you.

  14. PlagueMerc says:

    I would use Sprint and Gravity Hammer, or Sprint and Sword. Best for getting in close. I’m no good with a sniper, so I might as well level things out somehow right? People with sprint avoid conflict, bleh! I live in conflict, and I’m a sprinter! I love armor lockers though. You can always get a good vantage point on them while they wait for you to leave. Damn, can’t wait for Reach to come out.

  15. ZootSuitJedi says:

    “weapons that require more than a single pull of the trigger are beyond their general skill level.”

    So like the Sniper’s beyond their skill level? :P

    Good article.

    • bs angel says:

      Well, that’s a four shot one kill weapon in my hands. Just sayin’. ;)

      • Sonu says:

        Better than me. ;D

      • rob says:

        in my hands its like a insta kill

  16. Shark says:

    If I was a gambling man I’d say Angel is quite partial to AL :P It’s the only one with a positive spin.. and also the cheapest ability imo. Hopefully they change at least the shield recharge when using it in the final game!

    • bs angel says:

      I prefer active camo, but I’m an equal opportunity failer. I suck at all of them!

  17. SPARTAN A291 says:

    I don’t quite agree with the Sprint description. Whenever my friends and I played, we were always running TOWARDS the fight, not away from it. We pretty much only used it when we spawned to get back in the fight quickly, or to quickly secure as many of the power weapons as possible at the start of the match, as well as when they respawned (Note: We didn’t whore out the power weapons- we kept it to only one per person, and it was more to keep the other team from using them.).

  18. easy says:

    not even close i used sprint and kicked the ever loving shit out of 95% of everyone i played sprint is great for shotty, sword,hammer, and grenade launcher

  19. SquirrellyOtter says:

    I am an exclusive Sprint user, and I don’t always use it to run away. Most times, I use it to get closer to combat. I love sprinting up to unsuspecting players from behind and executing them. I also use Sprint to reach objectives faster and give my team that extra edge needed to win. On occasion, I used Sprint to get into close quarters and double-melee’d, or at least took my opponent with me. All of which says I am actually (significantly) more aggressive that what your interpretation of Sprint users says, as I was far more prone to die as I didn’t use Sprint to flee, but instead charged forward anyway, throwing myself into the combat zone.

    Still very funny though.

    • Cl4p-tp says:

      Testify! Im just like you my friend.

  20. ben says:

    True spartans can adapt to any situation no matter what AA the person has on.

    • snooch says:

      its too bad they are true spartans now if your comparing the spartan 3 to the spartan 2 well then thats not fair we all know spartan 2s are the best at what they do. i would hope you could adapt to anything if your worth a freakin spaceship

  21. Gilver says:

    My favorite is Armor lock :P
    I use that more often than others (unless in a objective gametype on certain sides of maps)

    I don’t think of Bea Arthur though. I think of grapefruit.
    That cools my Spartan Laser down a bit, so I can flutter the trigger for longer.

    *is actually a virgin*

    • IcyTreats says:

      Grapefruit? Wow, dude. I’m impressed.

    • someone says:

      “*is actually a virgin*”

  22. Bi-Polar Bear says:

    While I agree with most of what you are saying, there are some things I’d like to point out:
    1.Some of us use all of the armor abilities. Dfferent power-up for different situations (ie-camo in one flag defending, jetpack attacking).
    2.As far as the jetpack goes, I personally just use it to get around faster (because everyone knows we move so freakin slow in the beta). I have no intention of trying to get the drop (literally) on someone. I like killing them when they can kill me too.
    3.Usually those with sprint don’t make it very far when they’re trying to pussy out of a firefight (thank you grenade launcher).
    4.It’s not like we can choose to not have an armor ability. Even if we did we’d instantly be skullf**ked by those who have them, because most of the time they can grab the good weapons faster.

    But that’s just me.

  23. Dustin says:

    I was hoping for an article that was actually legit, but of course I stumbled on to yet another meaningless review of Halo: Reach.

    Active Camo – I’ve seen used perfectly to distract/confuse a team guarding their flag, therefore leaving all for entryways open for a surprise attack.
    JetPack – Quick way to acquire the right weapons and get to a high point. Avoiding fall damage. I got ripped apart by a team of JetPackers who were fiveshotting me while fluttering around…they sure as heck didn’t look like Paris Hilton.
    Armor Lock – A PERFECT ability for those who actually run together. Lead the way and draw fire, only to find complete protection in the middle of a group while sending out an EMP blast. One teammate can easily clean that mess up and still not harm you.
    Sprint – Another quick way for acquiring weapons and getting across the map ahead of your enemy. Yes it can be used to avoid danger, but how in the world is that a pussy move when health doesn’t regenerate. I would rather run away and come back to kill another day than play like Rambo and have 17 deaths every game.

    Bungie is attempting to add dynamics to that will increase teamwork and bring unique fights about that no one has ever seen before. Yes it’s frustrating when a guy armor locks and deflects your perfectly placed rocket, but if you were on the other end you’d be squealing like a school girl. AA’s are meant to diversify the game. If you want a straight up BR battle, go play Halo 3; but Reach is trying to be something totally unique, and I for one think it’ll easily be the best game of 2010.

    • bs angel says:

      Sorry you were expecting something else. I’m going to guess you aren’t familiar with my website at all. I don’t really do legit. I stick to bitching, whining, and complaining. It’s just easier that way. :)

      • augustelc says:

        and thats the way uh huh uh huh i like it

        • bs angel says:

          UH HUH UH HUH!

    • Gustav says:


  24. SonofMacPhisto says:

    Real men use Evade. Wort wort wort.

    • bs angel says:


      • someone says:

        And by real men u mean true warriors of the sangheili? “There is the demon! wort wort dead…”

    • hongoasdf says:

      Well said, my brother!

    • Mr. Meyagi says:


  25. ze legit king says:

    i only use stalker but guess what i dont ever use sword,hammer, or shotty and i dont sit around so dont put everyone that uses camo in the same catagorie and when you move to fast with camo u can be seen which means it has a weakness then jetpack when your using it u make your self an easy target so it has a weakness and sprint its weakness is you dont get many kills using it thats it weakness but the only overpowered one is AL which is the stupidest on ever o im going to go invincible and nothing can hurt me and if you shoot a rocket at me it will bounce back into your face its like i said overpowered they need to get rid of it

    • Paul says:

      I use jetpack with the shotgun, nothing like dropping on someone shoot them and then fly off to find the next sucker

      • someone says:

        Giant walking vagina!, i have been looking all over for you! Where have you been?

    • Bi-Polar Bear says:

      Bear in mind that using AL without teammates is the easiest way to die. You’re immobile, you can’t shoot, and you’re a f**kin sitting duck. All it takes is for some competent player to toss a plasma grenade underneath you just as you’ve started going EMP, and its so-long invincibility. I’ve gotten many kills just camping around an AL spammer, just waiting for his AA meter to run out. Its designed for the ultimate team player, like the Riot Shield form MW2. You stay in front, become the bulletsoak, and let your teammates mop up as they (generally) lose the attention of your attacker(s). It isn’t overpowered. People just use it for everything other than what it was intended for (see-MW2 Riot Shield).

  26. Paul says:

    I have fell asleep once on halo 3 i was really tired and i was lieing in my bed playing 2 hours later i wake up and noticed a game just finished and signed off.

    I can only imagine how bad it would have been if they heard me snoring/talking in my sleep and what they did to me lol

    • bs angel says:

      Back in the days of Halo 2, there were numerous games of multiflag CTF on Coagulation where I almost fell asleep playing defense. Those games lasted FOREVER.

  27. Cl4p-tp says:

    I guess im the exception for sprint then. i always use sprint and i rarely got negative K.d. spread. Also, quit bagging on EVERY class. Reach is awesome, and i think the addition of Armor Abilities was genius on Bungies part.

  28. James says:

    little biased towards armour lock i see, tbh the only useful loadout i find is sprint and you claim that people using it cant get a kill? yet i found myself at the top of the score board every game

  29. roflmaonnaise says:

    Okay, so when was using armor lock considered a good thing? you make it seem like these users are smart, when really, they just wait for one of their teammates to save their ass when about to get killed. Please excuse me if i sound overly pissed off, but every time I’m having a really shitty game, these guys always have to come around and annoy the fuck out of me. It’s not the EMP that bothers me, it’s that I’m always faced with these pussies who do nothing but wait for their teammates to save them. Honestly. And since hen was using sprint considered being a pussy? I only use it because I hate all the other armor abilities. I played a lot of CoD before the beta came out, so I wasn’t used to getting from place to place slowly. Getting to the other side of the map where the action is isn’t exactly easy when you’ve got spawn-trappers up your ass, that’s for sure. Again, please excuse me for sounding like an asshole, but that’s the truth.

    • Galaga Guy says:

      Not everyone uses Armor lock that way. I, for example, used it as both a defensive and offensive weapon (although it all really depended on how close people stood). Quite often when I AL’d some guy would wait for me to pop out of it hoping to get a kill, but the EMP can go quite far. If they waited close enough, the EMP took out their shields and i’d follow that up with a quick melee. Got quite a few kills that way.
      I hardly ever expected my team to come to my aid when I used Armor lock.

  30. Oathkeeper says:

    I’m a player who uses Sprint/evade and a shotty to get INTO the combat and take people out at close range, rather than having them pick me off with far-off bullshit. Plenty of bravery here. And I’m the one giving my team their call-outs(gibberish?). Although the other abilites seem very, VERY true. >>

    • someone says:

      Great, you take the easy way i get it, anyone an roll in and get a kill with a shotgun/sword/hammer, but acctually aiming is to hard for you, it is hard’ learn it and stop trying to make it sound brave whn you are basically rolling into a man in a weelchair with a shotgun, and the man in the weelchair is paralyzed, and your shotgun-rounds are traking, so you can aim the shotguna at the other side of the map and still get a kill, and u have chuck norris on your side. Thats how simple it is, not brave, simple, for tards.

      • Bi-Polar Bear says:

        But the fact that he hasn’t gotten killed before he reaches you has to mean either A.He got the drop on you with one of the most noticeable AAs (in which case he deserves the kill), or B. You didn’t pay close enough attention to him, even though you could tell he was coming right to you, and that just smacks of laziness. It takes balls to get that close (and not die) and get a kill. Now go ahead and whine about how I probably do the same thing, and that I should go play CoD and leave Halo to the true gamers, but I actually never use sprint. The only time I use it is playing SWAT, trying to get to higher ground. So go ahead and bitch. See if I care.

  31. Eddie Eddie says:

    The closest thing to NOT USING the abilities, is using only sprinting, evade. Personally I got more sprees and frenzys without the need of a PUSSY armor lock or invisibility.
    The most effective way to counter these is certainly Experience. And Halo 3 gives me all the fucking experience to say that Abilities are for DOUCHEBAGS ;-)

  32. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    Well, when I’m alone, I’m all about the stealth approach. It’s fun watching someone in their most private moments, just before you jump on their back and start mashing buttons, whether they want to or not.

    However, when I’m on a team (even a team of 2) I concentrate on staying rock hard. For the sake of my teammates, you know?

    • bs angel says:

      Can I be on your team? Pretty please?!

  33. Max says:

    NO NO NO!!!! Armor Abilities ROCK!!!! I’m not a noob. I am actually a really good gamer. The AAs are really well balanced, and you haven’t said 1 GOOD thing about them. Did someone forget his coffee today?

    • bs angel says:

      I never say good things. That goes against everything I believe in.

      • someone says:


        i laughed so hard i bwoke my laughing muscle…

    • President Jackson says:

      BULL CRAP SIR! Armor abilities are IN NO WAY BALANCED.

    • Sonu says:

      HER coffee, I think you meant to say.

  34. apimpnamed joey says:

    what about evade?

    • bs angel says:

      I skipped that one because it’s automatically selected for you. Plus, that one’s pretty obvious. Only pussies who can’t kill anybody use it! ;)

      • Mairu says:

        But…But… I got a good amount of kills with evade cause I evaded into the person and shot them :D

    • killer rin says:

      but Evade is good for jumping on someones back like its none of their business…

      also I didn’t know you were on bs angels blog :p

      • Gustav says:

        yeah like yer teammates draw the attention and ye roll behind teh enemy and *SLICE*? i like…

  35. no name says:

    I don’t believe anything she has just said. You can’t say what some one is by there AA but how they play. I use Active camo or sprint and most of the time its offensive. AC for screwing with a guy whose pissed of at me and trying to get me back for killing him over and over again, while I snipe his teammates off one by one. And Sprint to get to the enemy faster or help out a team mate.

  36. DenimDan312 says:

    See, the problem I most encounter with Jetpack users is they tend to fly ALL THE WAY up to the top of the soft ceiling, attempting to rain death (and failing miserably). I think a more effective way to use the jetpack is to only use it in short bursts to get to ledges that crouch-jumping simply cannot. I would have to say that 75% of the time I use the Jetpack, but I learned the first time that flying high is the path to certain death. Better to stay low. Remember, Spartans are most at home with dirt beneath their feet.

    • Bi-Polar Bear says:

      Hell yeah. Amen. I freaking hate those that try to get to the “Ultimate High Ground” just to get a kill. Has anyone else noticed 4 times out of 5 those players try to kill you with the Magnum? Not that I disrespect it (thank god its almost like CE), but at that point you might as well loot a DMR off of some poor bastard.

  37. Sarge Tomzilla says:

    Hell yes us sprinters are running for our lives. Its called common sense: let the brave ones died and you survive :D

    Though I must say, one of my better experiences was using sprint to rush up to someone and beat them to death while yelling “KEELAH SE’LAI, BOSH’TET!”. Yep, I’m a sprinter alright.

  38. Legin says:

    I disagree with the assessment of the sprint. i don’t use it to run away, in fact i use it to run into the fight! thought they are going to fix the amazingly fast double melee ability with sprint engaged you can quickly beat down someone who is not paying attention. it is also incredibly useful to sprint with a sword or hammer, yes i’ve been one of those guys and i’ve exterminated a team doing it. and lastly the thing i’ve found most useful about sprint is i’ve never assassinated so many other players in all my time playing halo than by sprinting up behind someone who thought they could get away and getting to watch a glorious execution! you’re dead wrong about this sprinter and many other i’ve seen play the game.

    • bs angel says:

      One of my friends got his first perfection using sprint and a shotgun. It was pretty awesome!

      • Flying retard says:

        I like getting active camo and following the people who talk alot it’s fun because you can say look behind you and then you noscope them I did that 3 times to the same person in one game

        • someone says:

          *reading* *reading* *done*

          I just came…..

        • Gustav says:

          same here except I go behind him ‘n say “Hello, having fun?” *cuts out spine*

  39. rex range says:

    getting ground kills is easy but sniping someone fly in the air or using a jet pack inside buildings to get assisinations kills because no one bothers to look up. now you have to admit that is awsome

  40. Carlos says:

    Lol, I think that the guy that wrote this got killed a lot by sprinting guys, don’t cry little girl.

    Armor abilities don’t show how people are, they’re made just for you to get with them in every game type, a use the one what you think is the most effective for you, everyone can get awesome kills with any of these ones, but also some of those help more in certain play lists.

    • someone says:

      It’s actualy not a guy, it was a girl that wrote this…


  41. President Jackson says:

    I would like to point out that this article is A LOAD OF funny. Except the fact that the ARMOR LOCK PARAGRAPH IS UTTERLY FALSE. Armor Lock-ers use armor lock RIGHT BEFORE DEATH because they are COWARDS. Sprinters use sprint to get to the objective, but ARMOR LOCK IS ONLY FOR CHEAP LOSERS that don’t know how to play. I state once more, in capitals: ARMOR LOCK BE TROLLIN’.

    • marto says:

      seems like someone gets beat by armour lock a lot, ey? some hard feelings over your inability to beat it, maybe?

      • Flying retard says:

        I use armorlock for cross level dmr battles

  42. you're retarded says:

    bs angel… how do you get an xbox and laptop in the kitchen?

    • bs angel says:

      Probably the same way you managed to pull your head out of your ass long enough to type that comment: MAGIC!

      • Ray says:

        ZING! =D

      • Nuclear Pi says:

        Just want to point out this is actually the first time I have ever encounted a Sexist/Racist/Other unsavoury item on this site.

        Also, Angel, I think you were a little harsh on the camo ninja’s, Yes, the campers are bitches, but there are some perfectly legit ways to use as well, such as suprising a pursuing enemy, or stealthing to an objective, niether of those are stationary…

        • bs angel says:

          Typically comments including -isms of any kind will never see the light of day here. I have zero tolerance for the lot of them. The only occasional exception will be sexism that is directed solely at me because I am capable, and sometimes willing, to defend myself.

          As far as the active camo sentiments go, the point of this entire article was to provide a satirical look at the more vocal opinions regarding each of the armor abilities. My intention was to equally attack all of them, although by the looks of the comments I failed miserably with Armor Lock (!). Regardless, this piece was written with the exact same basis as the majority of articles I compose, all in fun and not meant to be taken seriously. :)

  43. Havok644 says:

    I’m almost offended by the Camo description. I’m an alert player, usually playing sniper or right up there with the rest of my team using DMRs or Magnums. I hate the grav hammer and E Sword, and the shotgun i can take or leave. I’m great at headshots, and get a normal +5 k/d spread on bad games. I’m hardly a pussy or noob, but from the sounds of it you’ve been owned by one or are one. I only use Camo because its handy for slipping to better positions and running away if my team gets demolished.

    • Havok644 says:

      offended /sarcasm. I’m kidding about that, but I wanted to say that. The description I put in the comment is accurate though.

      • bs angel says:

        I’m hardly a pussy or noob, but from the sounds of it you’ve been owned by one or are one.

        Are one would be accurate in this case. My skills are on the lower side of the spectrum so I attempt to put myself in advantageous positions before striking. For that particular armor ability, that was absolutely a description of myself. That’s probably why it was so lengthy, LOL!

        • “My skills are on the lower side of the spectrum…”

          Yeah…I call bullshit on that…just sayin.


        • Bi-Polar Bear says:

          Angel, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this, but I know there’s one way to be an ultimate n00b with the AC (because I’ve done it myself). If you’re defending on One-Flag, get behind the flag up on the little ledge you can crouch on. Don’t activate it yet, just watch the radar until someone’s coming for the flag. Now, provided your team doesn’t waste him/her, wait until they grab the flag (you should be camo-ing by now). Simply wait until they turn their back to you, walk up, and assasinate them. It sounds gay, but I’ve gone on killing sprees just doing that. I got a double kill-assasinating-off of 2 retards with their backs to me, one after the other. It may be a gay move, but you can’t deny that in capable hands it gets results.

  44. tortacular says:


    The timmies really stumbled through this post didn’t they? This batch of replies is a good arguement for stricter birth control.

    Here’s a hint for all the double-digit IQs raving and ranting in this reply thread…

    Hawty McBloggy is a site that is based on humor. It’s not meant to be a serious “review” of anything.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen this many emotional, sensitive children in one thread.


    Well played, random internet buffoon. Please return to the Bungie.net forums and continue to troll there, kthx.

    • Absolute Edge says:

      Well said.

    • someone says:

      This post is just as meaningless as the ones your talking about, because no one will listen to you. If you yourself have a three digit number IQ then you should have realized this before you wrote it.

      Just saying.

    • SonofMacPhisto says:


    • Gustav says:

      extreme lolz

  45. Cool Fool says:

    Sprint is better than Evade in every way in my opinion (except when you get stuck at point blank). Not only does it get you farther in one entire draining of the ability, but charging at your unattentive foes and performing a double melee is so much more satisfying than using a jetpack. Especially when your ‘unattentive foe’ is the Juggernaut. :) SvE Slayer? No problem. My entire team left except me at the start of the game as well? No problem. And I’m on the Spartan team? Once again, no problem. (That actually happened and I won) :)

  46. THC Tango says:

    Using AA does not make you a pussy, when you start crying because I keep sniping you, THEN your a pussy. You guys can keep bitching about the asshole running around with the hammer using sprint, or you can get a grip and take on the noob. I’m pretty sure any decent Halo 3 player doesent want to waste his free time listen to you guys bitch about the AA in the Beta.

  47. hongoasdf says:

    The only Armour Ability I enjoy is evade, and not because of the actual evading, but because of the grunting.

    There should be a button specifically to grunt… or wort (Taunt, somehow, in the case of spartans). Right D-Pad is unused as of now, right?

    • bs angel says:

      Oh man, and I thought I laughed a lot playing Covey Slayer now! That would be absolutely hilarious if that were an option.

      • killer rin says:

        I can just imagine the Wort spammers XD

        • someone says:

          I wonder what the spartans taunt would be?

          probobly “Roflcopter!” or something similar

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          There’s no taunt, they just look extra determined under their visors.

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  49. Mars says:

    i disagree with the generalization for sprint ppl, i know some are like that paragraph, but i for one use the sprint to quickly enter the fray, very rarely use it to escape, and then most of the time set a trap for the unwary =D

  50. umeko says:

    i use camo all the time but i use it properly… either sniping.. or moving around the map slowly to catch my enemies off gaurd other than that i dont just sit there and act stupid.. i use it as a lets go here and scare them strategy.. other than camo i use jet packs.. but i only use them when i have to get to a certain place or i have to do a trick assasination

  51. B0bbyc4 says:

    I think sprinting gives you so many distributors, like if youre hurt run in cover, to stop the flag run for it and its just raip with gravhammer and sprint.
    But I enjoy armorlock aswell.

  52. BIZaGoten says:

    I use sprint to the gravity hammer and then i run to the grenade launcher :) on powerhouse of course :D

  53. David says:

    Why does everyone forget evade?

    • Ryano says:

      its not a spartan ability, i thought everybody figured out that this wasnt about invasion,covyslayer, or network test 1

  54. DeepCee says:

    Dear Internet

    You scare me

    • Jim 028 says:

      Here you go Deep, a nice cup of tea to calm the nerves.

      • bs angel says:

        Got anything stronger than that by chance?

        • Jim 028 says:

          Here’s a nice Irish Coffee, that do the job?

        • bs angel says:

          Make it a double and I’m sold!

        • someone says:

          I’ve got two words for you, Power thirst.

  55. TheWoopWooper says:

    News flash! Watching youtube videos of epic armour ability fails does not count as playing lots and going over many matches to evaluate the armour abilities. Maybe you should try playing the game before reviewing any part of it. None of the things you said about the AAs was the slightest bit true, except maybe a few things about armour lock. You’re right, people DO just sit there for awhile with armour lock, doing nothing, at all, until they run out.

  56. Zack says:

    I’m going to throw this out there… Elite’s dodge was ALOT of fun, although it left me feeling like Sonic the Hedgehog. Spartans should get a rolling dodge ability. :)

    Active Camo is strategic, as long as you’re not running with it on, that makes you useless. I found it best used for strategy game types, and rarely found a Camo user get the best of me in slayer, king of the hill and other such killing oriented games.

    Sprint I found to be exceptional for stock pile. But only for one player. One player to be the fast run out to retrieve flags, and other players to use the combination of other abilities to control things. I enjoyed Sprint in Swat as well.

    Armor Lock… As annoying as it could get, there are a few things they are probably going to do to fix it up. It is powerful and a personal favorite during the Invasion game type, especially during the last leg. Elites struggle to beat the spartans when you got 3 Armor lock equiped spartans boasting a hugely powerful shot gun.

    Finally the Jet pack. It is the one Loadout I think everyone rushed to try out. It has flaws all over but it makes up in helping to catch players off-guard. No more auto centering noobs to deal with. The Jet pack I think takes a lot of skill to use effectively and properly. I use it from time to time and prefer it mostly and normally only on Sword Base.

    Overall the Loadouts have their Pro’s and Con’s which is what makes them all useful at different times for different people. Your opinions may very from mine, and by all means good for you, you special little child. We all have our opinions so why don’t we all just let Bungie do their thing, and do what we’re all going to do anyways.

    Shut up and accept the finish product for what it is, and except that we all have different favorites.

    BTW: My favorite is all of them… I just want Spartans to do the roll!

  57. Disturbedone0777 says:

    You might has well of made the title “Why I think Armor lock is the shit and everyone using anything else has no skill”. You basically just ragged on every ability there was and then glorified armor lock. So let me guess, you armor Lock don’t you?

    To be more fair about this why not point out some of the ups of the players that use the armor abilities. For instance people that change their kit to fit the game type they are playing or the strat they are using?

    Jet packs are pretty lame because of how long it takes to get into the air. If someone sees you during lift off and they have any amount of skill, they will typically take you down. I have seen it used by people that can use it though to devastating effects. Mostly in the moves where they hop over you, fly a little, and drop down in time to pull that assassination.

    The stealth is fair, and can be used while moving. Sucks when I’m in a fight and when I think it’s over some dude appears from no where and starts unloading needles on me. While yes it’s versitile as a campers tool, I think it was meant to be more of an agressive tool that is great in objective based games.

    Sprint is not for pussies. I play with guys that made level 50 in everything in Halo 3. They are some of the best players I know, and we played people of about their skill level most of the time. Most of these guys chose sprint as their default ability? Why? Because to us by far it is the most advantageous. Not as a fleeing tool, as you put it, but as aggression. Let’s see who wins in a race to rockets, the guy with Shield lock or the guy with sprint. Sprint is versatile, if you jump it makes it so you sail through the air rather then fall like a rock as you normally do. It’s just purely ht ability I seen more pro players using.

    Secondary armor abilities, I give sheild lock the number 2 slot. It comes in Handy as “A defensive tool” only really to me. Sure you can charge the guy with the hammer and slam down in front of him, but that’s about the only time I”ve seen it being used aggressively effectively. Dont’ most maps only have a single hammer? Is it worth picking that ability just for that situation. I will say in CTF games, it’s awesome.

    Guess that’s my $0.02 . But haters gonna hate I suppose.

    • tortacular says:

      I think it’s funny that you said “haters gonna hate” while failing to comprehend the tone of the article. I guess failures gonna fail.

  58. ODST says:

    ha, i wounder what bs angel would say about my AA. the ability to dual wield Spartan Lazers! XD

    I personaly like sprint, it helps me get TO a fight faster then everyone else, therfore giving me the advantage of being prepared

  59. tortacular says:

    And the B.net kids continue to fail reading comprehension. Too many drop-outs over there I guess. Maybe Bungie should make a home schooling RPG.

    • Eddie Eddie says:

      It’s not like everyone should read your replys and said OMG LETS STOP COMPLAINING CUZ THIS GUY SAYS SO!
      Besides, Everyone can have their opinions. Being kids or not. Face it.

      • tortacular says:

        People can certainly complain all the want. If timmies want to waste their time railing against an article that is anything but serious, that is their business. I’d never want to deny them their right to sound like morons.

        This is akin to me writing a letter to the creators of Garfield complaining that they’re not taking the problems of cat obesity seriously.

        • someone says:

          Cat obesedy, it can give you squriel AIDS.

  60. Sabor says:

    I’m sorry but if you think ur good cause u use armor lock, you need a reality check. Armor lock is for people who rely ENTIRELY on other to save them. I have never been confronted by a single person online who went into an armor lock, and then later killed me. EVERY single time I come up on an armor lock-er they lock BEFORE i shoot at them (really ballsy move… not), and then sit there for their teammate to save them, which 90% of the time they do because the armor lock lasts for so goddamn long.

    If you really want to learn how to play use jet pack to gain highground over your enemy, which is also a disadvantage cause you can get shot at from multiple points on the ground, or use run to run towards the battle. THATS its, everything else is for people who don’t know how to play and think they’re good. (Although I have seen some skillful invisibility tactics, which i can’t say for armor lock).

  61. Teh Bitter says:

    well its obvious whoever decided to write this has a boner for armor lock. but there is one problem with that. Those who love the armor lock usually forget about a well timed grenade in the face or the old shotgun to the dome. If you have no buddies of yours sitting around i will be very patient and wait for you to stand up just to get demolished.

  62. toystoreNINJA says:

    I think she’s just part of THAT group of players who cling to halo 3, some may still after reach. Some of you know who you are, the ones who got odst just for the beta. Didn’t really complete campaign, much less firefight. Only played a few days of the beta. It sits as you jump right back under the blankets of long established multiplayer ranks.
    I griped plenty during matches about some players cheesingly abusing an ability, yet I loved that they were there. I only use one or two, hate the others, but appreciate the ways that cheese forces me to change my gameplay style. I’m much improved now, and can’t wait until August.
    So to all who hate an ability, come on out of your box and get ‘sploded or ninja’d, it’s nice outside.
    Adapt, adjust, acheive.

  63. The Fair Judge .. stoner!! says:

    okie day it seems like this AA crap has been going on for some time …. look we all know deep down ..(deeper for others) Armor abilities are just that .. Armor abilities .. so it seems this way of things that its not the ability .. its the person
    (AL= spammer ticks it when about to die .. delaying the inevitable)
    (CAMO= even tho you can’t really camp in halo ,,usally these guys are campers!)\
    (sprint= people who cant decide or just genrally have no skill).

    normal to good skill level===
    AL= close up melee experts .. –dont get close to these bad boys
    Sprint= “”you come around …you get around””…..faster!!
    JET pack= slightly older kids or people who should have been a bird not a human.

  64. Pendragon22 says:

    pshh… i dont agree with this thing at all. Active camo especially, since thats the one i use. On one occasion i was by myself in 4 v 1 cuz my team quit right at the start and i won 27 v 12 using the active camo masterfully.
    Any ability is great and they all take skill to use to their max potential.

  65. bob says:

    you forgot about camo. camo if for noobs that like to hide and run around because the only way they get a kill is because you can’t see them

    • Trav says:

      Someone needs glasses… They made the camo so useless in reach it’s not even cool anymore. The jammer is like a beacon that lets enemies know where you are, especially with the 3d radar. Not to mention the fact that you dont even go completely invisible.

      The only thing I got tired of in the beta was looking across powerhouse at the very beginning of a match and seeing four jetpacketeers flying at you and carpet-bombing with nades.

  66. MatureZoom Zoom says:

    WOA! sprint ive never used it to run away ive always been masterful with sprint

  67. BDOG says:

    bs angel is a pussy little girl id say. before each game starts it gives you the hint to change AA as you need to and not to stick with just the one because your opponents will read this and devour you for dinner. dont stick with just one AA you gotta switch it up to win and FYI armor lock is the one i use the least. just wait till the invincible little girl is done glowing and watching their team get destroyed and nade their ass!!! Bungie should remove armor lock from the game. THATS WHAT I THINK

    • Mizzy says:

      Wow, with a name like BDOG, you sure have a lot of balls, coming to bsangel’s website, commenting on an article SHE wrote and insult her all in one go. Oh wait, that’s not balls. That’s stupidity, my mistake.
      There’s no “hint” to change AA; if someone wants to stick with their favourite, they can go ahead and stick to it. How are your opponents going to “read” your moves when there are TEAMS and everyone looks the SAME?

  68. dumbbitch says:

    sprint will be the only one allowed in MLG if it goes there. All the rest are for {censored}, please die.

    • Mizzy says:

      Finally, someone who’s username is accurate.

    • bs angel says:

      Tell you what, I promise to die one day if you promise to never procreate. Somehow, even with your sparkling personality, I doubt that will be much of an issue.

  69. Legit Talent says:

    they make it look like the armor lock is the best in fact any noob who is about to die uses it to escape but then gets killed by me anyway

  70. Peacekeeper says:

    Active Camo: They’re complete pussies and suck.
    Jetpack: They’re complete noobs and suck.
    Sprint: They’re complete cowards and suck.
    Arrmor Lock: 0MgZ Th3y h4v3 SUcH Hug3 D1ckz ANd ar3 MLGz aNd hAV3 H3DSh0Tz!!!!1!!!!! tH3Y aR3 S0 g00D And W1lL H4v T3h Sn1P3rz ANd th3Y AR3 AW3SuM!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I always use either AC or sprint. Take these situations….

    AL guy: I’m so MLG! I ROCK!
    (Sees AC guy with gravity hammer)
    AL: Oh fuck! Now I’ll have to go into armor lock without actually fighting, like a little pussy!
    AC guy: …….
    AL: Shit… Where is he he? Jesus christ! I’m running out of armor lock!
    (Un-locks, and AC completely owns him with the hammer.)
    AC: What the hell!? How did that happen?
    AC: Dang it! I’m going to have to be more careful.
    (Sees a sprint guy running towards him)
    (Armor locks again)
    Sprint guy: Uh… I just wanted to know where I would find the sniper… Oh! There it is.
    (picks up)
    (Hits AL guy with a non-headshot+melee combo)

  71. NICE FAIL says:

    You guys do know this is wrong there are 8 armour abilities….
    1. Sprint
    2.Jet pack
    3.Armour lock
    4.active camo

    • Spartan-D615 says:

      It was from the Beta, that is why there is only 4

  72. ABabyByMe says:

    Armor lock: Great when your teamates are also using it. Its sucks when you throw a grenade in the midst of multiple enemies and none of them gets hurt because the all AL. that pretty much eliminates multiple kills. its hard to take on 2-1 when they are both fully charged.
    Camo: For some reason it seems that even though i can see a little of the person using it, I miss. Several times i shot the shotty right into the blur and he didn’t die. I think the blur is not exact.
    Sprint: I find running up to someone for a melee or shotgun kill hard even with sprint unless they are distracted. But i find that switching levels solves this problem. Especially on Countdown, jumping to a lower floor for the kill while sprinting is nice.
    Jetpack: when they make jetpack easier for bumper jumper ill use it.

  73. I Find no armour ability cowardly nor ‘pussy’ only opinionised over a matter of intimidation. I myself use sprint the majority of the time, given the team/squad I am in has a variety of postitions to imply no weakness, I am close combat and use: Shotgun, Sprint, EnergySword and Plasmas.

  74. vin says:

    if u ask me jet pack is the way to go and its not that i cant kill on the ground cuz it takes accuracy to kill while ur bounceing up and down and jet packs r also easy to kill they have no walls to hid behind so its a kill or be killed type of armor ability

  75. I.Esparza says:

    For those who are annoyed by people constantly using armor lock to avoid death, here’s a quick pointer for you- get armor lock yourself and do it right next to someone who just locked down- when they get up though, they are vulnerable to a simple melee attack!

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