This Silent Hill Nurse Rubber Duckie Makes Bathtime Lots of Fun

Silent Hill Nurse Rubber Ducky

One of the more frightening monsters from the survival horror video game Silent Hill resembles a deformed nurse. These strangely sexy beings wear uniforms that display their supple mounds of flesh, their faces are delightfully distorted, and their entire appearance is complemented by delicate spatters of blood. We’ve seen their likeness remade in Japanese knit form and also little plastic pony style, but if you have ever wondered what they would look like as a small, web-footed, broad-billed swimming bird, your curiosity is about to be quenched. Starting with a simple yellow rubber duckie, Undead Ed worked his magic until it was morphed into a Silent Hill nurse. If this sort of thing floats your boat, it can be yours for a mere $20. On a side note, who the hell makes something like this? Seriously, what a quack!

9 Responses to This Silent Hill Nurse Rubber Duckie Makes Bathtime Lots of Fun

  1. Lol, nice =P

  2. Josh says:

    That’s feather plucking awesome!

  3. t0rm3n7 says:

    I think I just had an aneurysm at that pun, angel…
    so good, but sooooooo terrible. x.x

    • bs angel says:

      It happened in this order: thought of it, laughed, typed it, cringed, hit publish. I just couldn’t help myself!

  4. That… is one rubber ducky I will have to pass on.

  5. I like it!

  6. NakedScooter says:

    Want some.

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