Halo: Reach Avatar Award (How To)

16 Responses to Halo: Reach Avatar Award (How To)

  1. BUfels says:

    This makes me want to shout at my xbox to download quicker.
    29% after an hour… I hate Irish internet…

  2. Sonu says:

    O_o I didn’t think I was beating anyone… An hour and 20 minutes and I’ve got 71%…

    I want to play NOW, though… :(

  3. Grumpy Jedi says:

    I had my wife start the download while she was home at lunch. :-)

  4. NakedScooter says:

    Grenade Launcher is awesome… just wish I didn’t have a class to go to tonight.

  5. xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

    taking for evar!

  6. L337MA573R says:

    Damnit…won’t dl in the ODST menu, disappears whenever I go to the dashboard….

    • L337MA573R says:

      Nm, finally started at a 1% after about 5 min.

  7. You guys are lucky you are downloading it, My friend has my odst disc and its flooding(his road floods easy) so i can’t get to him, but i think i can hold out for a day. (Hopefully)

    • On that does anyone have a spare code >_<

      • Doc says:

        You better hope your friend doesn’t decide to download the beta for himself

    • Get yourself a canoe or some waders and get that disc at any cost! :P

      • Mike says:

        also get a new friend… a real friend would bring you the beta at all costs if its rightfully yours… obviously he is selfish and doesnt care about you or your needs… youre better off without him, youll find someone better, theres plenty of other fish in the sea and im sure he wasnt that good in bed anyway

        wait what were we talking about?

  8. Oooh, free avatar shirt just for playing. Nifty.

  9. Sekond7 says:

    I’m in aus & stayed up until 3am to start the DL asap, then slept until 6 (figured 3h was enough). I had good speed compared to you guys: ~17% in 20 min. Glad I got in early considering our crap internets!

  10. JLay says:

    Got my avatar sporting the beta tester hoodie now. Looks good with the Recon helmet.

  11. Crazeye0 says:

    That guy isn’t very good with the Focus Rifle. Just saying =)

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