Halo: Reach Birth of a Spartan Extended Live-Action Short

22 Responses to Halo: Reach Birth of a Spartan Extended Live-Action Short

  1. Meh. I still don’t know how I feel about this. I’m still partial to the Spartan IIs over the Spartan IIIs, but until I play Reach’s campaign I’m not sure how I like this.

  2. Tree12324 says:

    haha my bad connection speed made it pause right at 1:04…

    • haha! i get it! XD

      • Aahad Ahmad says:

        i don’t get it… =(

        • olly says:

          What is it? Is it meant to look like Tom Hanks in Apollo 13?

  3. AvalonTreman says:

    Jesus… looks like they’re prepping Agent 47 from Hitman

  4. Captain Spark says:

    I always imagined that a Spartan should be more muscular? The actor shown in this video looks like a bag of antlers.

    • Mizzy says:

      Well, that’s what the injections and body mods are for.

  5. Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

    Still bad, sadly. Luckily, no piece of advertising is considered canon.

  6. Ellea says:

    What the heck are you talking about?? The actor in this trailer is absolutely fit and stunningly handsome!! I must find out who he is. Hot! Wow!

    • Isabelle says:

      Yeah I totally need to find that out too, he’s really hot!

  7. I want a F&F beta code damnit >.< lol

  8. Mizzy says:

    The one guy in the beret almost passes for Van Damme. A more attractive version, of course.

  9. araknoros says:

    still love it

  10. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    I like it for what it is.

  11. Crunchbitenuva says:

    Idk how I thought that was Tom Hanks…

  12. Ray says:

    Brian Jarrard: “Have you seen the nipples in Birth of a Spartan?”

    That was exactly what I was thinking, lmao. HOLY T-H-O BATMAN! XD

  13. anonymous (the same anonymous that's been appearing all over the internet) says:

    Not to be Mr. Canon, but there is SO many violations of Story-line in that…..
    1) They didnt initially give him the armor he has…. he earned through living throught the spartan III’s suicide missions and being awesome.
    2) he should already be very strong when he got there… he does look a bit weak…
    3) The spartans didnt even get there armor seperatly. they got them all at the same time. However, i could be wrong, for i’m basing that of the spartan IIs.
    4) He looks young, but the armor is the same size. Wouldnt that mean the armor has to grow with him?

    Regardless, the armor looks pretty kick-ass.

    • kingkottah says:

      He does look young but he’s probably early 20s or somthing so he would be growing much unless he has gigatizm

    • The Spartan IIIs were smaller and younger than the Spartan IIs. I don’t remember how and when they got their armor though, I haven’t read the book sin a while.

      • Anonymous, the same one who posted the comment above says:

        Well, you are right, but if you look at him compared to the soldiers he passes, he is much smaller than them, and if you look at the Spartan- III size comparisons, they are approximatley 6.5 feet tall.

  14. Mizzy says:

    Which reminds me, that was a nice use of a PCMCIA card.

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