IH3SotW: Double Pronged

IH3SotW (short for Inappropriate Halo 3 Screenshot of the Week) places heavy emphasis on the inappropriate. While each featured screenshot will be delightfully distasteful, some may be more subtle than others. I won’t bother explaining them since figuring it out for yourself will be half the fun. Every one taken from my personal Halo pr0n collection, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: FREDfour20

20 Responses to IH3SotW: Double Pronged

  1. Ray says:

    Quick, someone whip up a DP medal so they can include it in Halo: Reach! XD

    • Mizzy says:

      Would DP be double-pronged or double-penetrated?

  2. mendicantbias00 says:

    Elite orifices are horizontal? They must go through a lot of toilet paper.

  3. cardo8 says:

    This is kind of what I’d like some of these beta reviewers to do to themselves.

    • bs angel says:

      The beta, it’s super awesome!

      • Panncakez says:

        Bam, I love it!

        • Skitzo Sven says:

          More like: “Bam said the lady”

  4. redneck says:

    one Elite, one sword

    • Billdebeast says:

      One dinosaur, one dangerous energy weapon

  5. hongoasdf says:

    I’d like to try tha- I MEAN uhhh *cough* Ouch… that must hurt *cough*

    Yeah…. I’m going away now… totally not to find an Energy Sword-shaped dildo…



    • bs angel says:

      Throw me a link should you find the aforementioned product. For research purposes of course.

      • t0rm3n7 says:

        new DIY project for you, angel?

        • Steve the Lekgolo says:


  6. Arkonyx says:

    I wasn’t aware that female Elites were part of the Covenant Armada. I thought they stayed back on their home planet. O.o

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      Right up until the end I thought you were going to end with the word ‘kitchen.’

      Baaaad laser, bad. >.<

    • Who ever said that was a female? ;)

  7. Ouch…

  8. Barky says:

    “Now you join me David Attenborough for The elite documentary”
    “formerly Known in their language as sangheili they reproduce with females and their Infants when first born are Inanimate energy swords.”

  9. pwkwsfi says:

    Sangheili toilets are why humans will never peacefully co-exist with the Elites.

  10. that’s gotta hurt…

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