Halo: Reach Carnàge Carnivàle Multiplayer ViDoc

29 Responses to Halo: Reach Carnàge Carnivàle Multiplayer ViDoc

  1. Panncakez says:

    “You could say:
    ‘Ah yeah, I was Gold’
    Y’know? And like that means something, and I’m like:
    ‘Ohhh. Yeah.’
    ‘Aw yeah, that’s cool: you’re basically an AAA baseball player.’
    And I’m like:
    ‘I’m Onyx.’
    Like, you just met fucking Roger Clemmins.”

    • Mizzy says:

      And then he counters that statement by talking about better social gaming.

      Not better if people like him rub their little division colour in people’s faces. Ranks was bad enough as it is.

  2. Fiesta says:

    Lots of cursing in this one. Strangely, it makes it better.

    • Shirley says:

      I still don’t understand why they censor the profanity- that just somehow seems (more) juvenile to me than the expletives themselves.

  3. Overdoziz says:


  4. hongoasdf says:

    Air to Ground Executions. That alone just made my day.

    • DuracellDurrell says:

      For some reason i knew that that frame would show up on this site. looks way too much like a pretty insane teabag.

  5. liphttam1 says:

    The worst part of the beta is going to be how it lasts 2 weeks… Then it’s going to be months until I get to play it again…

    • Justifiedcandy says:

      are you saying this based on halo 3 beta’s or did you read this somewhere, cuz only two weeks it’s too little to play reach, heck I already told my girlfriend I need some time apart and am taking my vacation time at work starting on the 5th, and even then it’ll be too little time to play reach.

    • I was talking to my father about it, he said that he read it’s going to be about a month long. So there’s hope yet.

      • Staticrift says:

        As far as I know Bungie have made no official end date. As they said in a previous vid, they’ll run it as long as they need it and not a moment longer. Hopefully they will need it for a while.

        • justifiedcandy says:

          hopefully for a couple of months. lol

    • Mr Shimo says:

      Straight from the Bungie Weekly Update 4.23.10
      “If you’re looking to schedule some vacation around your most anticipated playlist, the current calendar of events we’ve got in the works is listed just below. All dates are approximate and subject to change. Not everything will available all at once – we’ll be rolling out playlists as the Beta goes on to helps us keep the player population and our testing efforts a bit more focused. Once a playlist launches, it’ll remain online and accessible for the duration, unless something major malfunctions.

      Grab Bag – May 3
      FFA – May 3
      Arena – May 3
      Invasion – May 7
      Network Test 1/Generator Defense – May 14

      So when does it end? Well, we don’t have the exact date for you just yet. It all depends on how things go. You can expect a minimum of two weeks and probably no more than a month. Hopefully, you’ll throw a full on fit when we sever the cord, but we won’t be pulling the plug because we’re jerks, we actually have a game to finish making. Keeping the Beta running is a lot of work. Besides, we don’t want to totally spoil what’s to come – we’ll run the Beta as long as we need to in order to hit our testing goals. Then we have to rip it out of your hands until the Fall. Sorry. Nothing personal.”

  6. 0101 says:

    Unfreaking believe!!!

  7. Kalamarikidd says:

    All that puffery is not needed, if the vidoc was 100% gameplay it would still be awesome.

  8. Radius says:

    … I’ve got to go change my pants now.

  9. Man… I’m so glad that the beta starts on my last day of classes. I’m getting out of that class ASAP, jumping on the first train home, and playing some Reach Beta.

  10. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    I <3 this in a manly way.

  11. RandomExpletive says:

    great, now i’m NEVER gonna pass my math test!

    CURSE YOU BUNGIE! jeez i wont get ANY sleep next-next week :P

  12. L337MA573R says:


    Can’t wait. After all of the suspicion regarding Halo 3, and considering how awesome it turned out to be, I have learned the lesson of never doubting Bungie ever again. (on their full-fledged sequels, mind you)

    • L337MA573R says:

      3:49. The Splaser returns. Just noticed it. SHOOP DA WHOOP!

  13. Mr Poe says:


  14. PikminGod says:

    The sticky launcher: Angel’s ultimate betrayal gun!!

    • Voicedwalnut says:

      Pikman I completely agree with you

      on another note IT LOOKS FLIPPEN AWESOME

  15. SkeletorODP says:

    I believe the phase is: I j!izzed in my pants!

  16. Sooooo sexy ^_^

  17. A Shaky Shotgun says:


  18. araknoros says:

    and i jizzed in meh pants

  19. At the end (about 8:04) they finally showed the T-bad assassination I have been waiting for… even if it was just some neck snapping fun.

    Here is a GIF to help you imagine it.
    Reach Tbag Large

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