A Partial Master Chief Snowman

Master Chief Halo Snowman

I don’t know what the weather is currently like in your neck of the woods but over here it’s freakin’ hot. Like wring buckets of bewb sweat out of my bra at the end of the day hot. That’s probably why this partial Master Chief snowman looks so refreshing right now. Made with nothing more than an empty recycle bin, a wooden cooking spoon, and a few half-frozen glove-covered hands, Magzzz-McD carefully carved the top half of our favorite Spartan supersoldier out of compressed hexagonal ice crystals but unfortunately I’m guessing she won’t be completing him any time soon. That just leaves me with one thing left to say. This snowman does not have three balls. Sad face.

*Image posted with permission.

9 Responses to A Partial Master Chief Snowman

  1. Wasiq says:

    I don’t see any arms or legs. No doubt Grin + Bear It was here.

  2. augustelc says:

    idk the torso looks a little disproportionate… it makes the head looks teensy :(

    • bs angel says:

      That’s what she said.

      • augustelc says:


  3. porge says:

    “Chief what are you doing?”
    “Finishing the recycling”

  4. pwkwsfi says:

    stand back! I’m going to color the visor!

    • bs angel says:

      Why do I smell asparagus? …

  5. I love the ‘model’ action figure off to the side ^_^

  6. danieljc2008 says:

    …bewb sweat.

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