Friday Caption Fun, Round 88

Halo 3 ScreenshotYesterday we said a tearful goodbye to Halo 2 and every other online original Xbox title. Thankfully though Bungie’s got your back through this very difficult time. This weekend for your double experience pleasure is Team Throwback, an offering focused on familiar favorites. It’s not Multi Flag on Coagulation, but it will do. Oh who are we kidding, we are going to miss good ol’ Halo 2! Let’s distract ourselves from the pain by going over the more entertaining responses from last week and then we can caption a brand new screenshot. To our beloved Halo 2: this one’s for you…

  • “Bip?” “Bap.” “Bam!” *high fives* (Panncakez)
  • “Johnson and Johnson: A family company” (porge)
  • “Finally, someone else who knows what the ladies like!” (A Shaky Shotgun)
  • “You ever wonder why we’re here?” (SonofMacPhisto)
  • “Cloning: How Sgt. Johnson really survived the legendary cut scene of Halo: CE.” (retinence)
  • “I see your schwartz is as big as mine.” (Schedonnardus)
  • “And here we see the problem with giving away codes to unlock Johnson in Firefight. Repetition repetition repetition.” (ZZoMBiE13)
  • Miranda, “That’s not what I meant when I said I wanted two Johnsons ready for insertion!” (JLay)

That’s a shame they misinterpreted your request Miranda. I definitely feel your pain on that one. I’m thinking the pilot of this particular Pelican misinterpreted a request somewhere along the line as well. Tell me what exactly is going on in the following rather odd screenshot, preferably in the form of a witty caption please!

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: Prince Rhaegar

100 Responses to Friday Caption Fun, Round 88

  1. Ninja says:

    “When the Chief asked to ‘take her for a spin’, no one expected this.”

    • xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

      I did.

      • Wasiq says:


  2. “It took me 20 years to learn how to do this”

    “I told you this thing could park on a dime”

    “Hold RB to fl…….wait, how’d you do that?”

  3. Zerowind117 says:

    The execution of the pilot’s Totem Pole landing was near perfect.

  4. Barky says:

    “Uhhh Houston We have a problem”

  5. IcyTreats says:

    There’s a reason why you can’t pilot Pelicans in Halo, it’s so the marines can’t get to them.

    “Damnit Larry, I said PARALLEL, NOT VERTICAL PARKING!”

  6. ODST Sarge says:

    Since the release of Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3: ODST, the pilots back in Halo 3 have had a lot of time on hands, so why not try pelican break-dancing?

    • General Vagueness says:

      it should be piloted by someone in green Hayabusa so I can say “go ninja go ninja go”

  7. liphttam1 says:

    When Sargent Johnson told pilot Anders to fly all the way to the other side of the world, Anders decided to take the fastest route.

  8. *Grif hands Caboose 20Cr*

    Grif – “How the hell did you know Sheila could do that?!”

  9. B1G TOBACC0 says:

    Look on the bright side, Foe Hammer. The last thing the Covenant will expect is an aerial insertion…from underground.

    • Mr Poe says:

      lol, Best one by far!!!!!!!

  10. WolfKing4 says:

    Transformers more than meets the eyes

  11. Weezey31 says:

    When a barrel roll comes up short.

  12. Weezey31 says:

    The pelicans new desire for bacon led to its first attempt to hunt on land. Needless to say, he will be sticking to fish from now on.

  13. FTTinc says:

    “So I was walking along one day, when I saw a pelican nose down, and I was like, WTF?”

    “Uhh, Commander… Whadda we do now?”
    “Ok, just reverse, reeeeaaalll slowly…”

  14. JLay says:

    It takes a very macho pilot to be able to get it up in the presence of a hog.

  15. Grif says:

    And this is how Shelia crash landed

  16. porge says:

    Out of gas?

  17. After years of waiting Magneto finnally makes his way into Halo.

    The pelican trys to blend in with the trees.

  18. Arby says:

    “I asked Foehammer to go down on me, I don’t think she quite got what I meant.”

  19. Schoony says:

    I hate when my wife drives!

  20. EliteXDeath says:

    The attempt of recreating the Halo 1’s Halo opening scene in Halo 3 went horribly and oddly wrong.

  21. That Geek says:


    “Right that is element three of your pilots test done.”

    “There’s something slightly odd here Jenkins… Wait, that’s it, why is there no driver in that hog?”

  22. SHAGGYDEATH says:

    Cool the air brake works!

    • A Shaky Shotgun says:

      Bugs Bunny reference FTW

  23. ComaToast says:

    Soldier, why did you stop driving this Warthog?

    Not my fault, someone put a Pelican in my way!

  24. Mizzy says:

    “Maybe Master Chief took “rocking the boat” a bit too seriously”

  25. Monkey_lord says:

    You know that a nose dive is a good way to avoid a missile, but doing one a hundred feet above the ground is not that clever.

    Training pilot: I said show me a three point landing.

    How is this a touch and go?

  26. DragoFlyrr says:

    He’s applying for “America’s Best Dance Crew”

  27. shadowmage1299 says:

    Cpl roberts aced the pelican crash test
    Cpl jacobs on the other hand…

  28. Shonan64 says:

    Marine 1: “Wow look at this.”

    Marine 2: “pfff, Female Pilots”

  29. Mid7night says:

    “This doesn’t seem physically possible!!!”

  30. Mid7night says:

    “If it has wings, I can crash it!”

    • Mid7night says:

      >_> …….. <__> ………… ::POKE::

      • Mid7night says:

        LOL, that got messed up… :P it was supposed to be:

        >_> ……. <_< ………. ::POKE::

  31. A Shaky Shotgun says:

    What you don’t see is the MJOLNIR-Powered Super Soldier Ant under the nose of the Pelican.

  32. gorebashd says:

    Did i get him… i hate spiders. Squashed him good. Don’t like em even 20,000 feet under me.

  33. Oddsock says:

    “Dude, this thing handles waaaay different than the helicopters in Bad Company 2.”

  34. Gagazet says:

    faceplant – now more epic

    facepalm – you’re doint it wrong

    • General Vagueness says:

      yes, you are doing it wrong

  35. General Vagueness says:

    Before the Falcon and the Hornet, Bungie tried letting players have vertical take-off and landing with Pelicans. They cut it when they realized it was unbalanced.

    • General Vagueness says:

      oh and the obligatory:
      This is not a natural formation.

  36. Mike says:

    HA! I told you you couldn’t hit the warthog!

  37. Starseed says:

    Even in flight school, Foe Hammer was quite the show off.

  38. Remember Reach says:

    Lawn Darts: Pelican Version

  39. Starseed says:

    Pelican won’t turn on a dime, my ass!

  40. Starseed says:

    How awesome would it be if Halo had MW’s perks system. Yeah, THAT awesome.

  41. Starseed says:

    “I hope this expierince hasn’t put you off of flying, because you know, it’s still the safest way to travel.”–Superman

  42. retinence says:

    What you are witnessing here is the mating ritual of the male Pelican, performing feats of strength to woo the heart of the fertile female Warthog.

  43. retinence says:

    Some species burrows its face underground to escape the gaze of watchful predators. This Pelican may very well be natural selection at its worse.

  44. Gin says:

    When making Valhalla for the first time, the Pelican crash was a little… Special.

  45. Uccxxxv says:

    The pilot forgot the most important part of the dive, pulling up.

  46. You’ve failed me yet again StarScream….

    AUTOBOTS!!! Transform and Roll out!!

    • Aklangi says:

      Damn, it was the first thing i though..

      • Same here.

        Well, similar anyway ^_^

  47. The Flying Spartan says:

    Inventing new ways to dig for mushrooms, Take 1.

  48. Loz says:

    ‘When i said on the nose… yeah fuck it but i’m unparking this!’

    • Loz says:

      ‘When i said on the nose… yeah fuck it but i’m not unparking this!’
      yeah i messed up!

  49. A Deaf Boy says:

    Pilot: “Are we close enough now? I told you it was just grass and not a marijuana plant. You need serious help.”

  50. Techchild says:

    ( . )( . )

  51. Rakolai says:

    Pilot 1: “Does this mean I failed my basic flying test?”

    Pilot 2: “Yes, son. Yes it does.”

  52. Wow, that’s a great picture of a Warthog.

  53. I told you I could stop this Pelican on a dime. Now where’s my five bucks?

  54. chwbcc says:

    “So that’s how they grow these!”

    “And they said Pelican’s didn’t grow on trees”

    “Danial-san, Mr. Miyagi say catch fly with chopstick. Not crush fly with Pelican”

  55. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    Few realize there were varied and definite reasons for designating the D77-TC aircraft the “Pelican.” It was originally nicknamed the “Ostrich” but there were…incidents.

  56. Will Pwn 4 Food says:

    “Another stunning performance by Ken Block in his #43 Pelican at the 2553 WRC Championships on the Ark”

  57. Flying ViVo says:

    -That was the worst Pelican-driving ever, of all time.
    -Not my fault, someone put a halo in my way.

  58. Mid7night says:

    AAAACHOOOO!! … whoops….

  59. Chris101b says:

    Damn GPS malfunction!

  60. Starseed says:

    Abort! Abort! ABORT!

  61. Catapult says:

    “Ewww! What was that for?!” “Oh, you meant pull out with the pelican…”

  62. Cleansing Aura says:

    Cost of Landing a Pelican on it’s nose:

    Damages: $1,000,000

    Court Marshall &
    Dishonourable Discharge due to
    professional misconduct: $40,000 PA

    Winning a $5 Bet: Priceless

    • Mid7night says:

      that’s the kind of math that makes my thinker-box hurt…

  63. Personsen says:


  64. Personsen says:

    Why Bungie doesn’t let us fly Pelicans

  65. Amaterasu says:

    “Flying level – Pass. 3 point turn – Pass. Parking – Fail”

    “Told you I could ballance a Pelican on its nose”

    “Drink Driving is bad, Drink Pelican Flying is a lot worse”

  66. Black Zethyr says:

    Command: “Bravo Six One Niner, we ordered you to go on point, NOT EN POINTE!!!”

  67. augustelc says:

    “do a barrel roll!”
    “try a somersault!”

  68. Personsen says:

    Told you I could land this thing on a dime!

  69. StephaBon says:

    Pelicans aren’t good at Swan Dives

  70. Ocean Man says:

    Elite: Stupid humans and their hard to control ships. We should have taken a Phantom!

  71. Big appleton says:

    The Puma slowly aproaches the grazing Pelican. Seeing its chance to strike, teh Puma pounced toward its unsuspecting victim

  72. ForgedReclaimer says:

    The first game produced by 343 Industries “Halo: Pelican Toss” didn’t go over well with the fan-base…

  73. Divine Plan says:

    I? I am a monument, to all your hax…

  74. HarbingerDawn says:

    Break dance!!!

  75. hongoasdf says:

    “If Boba Fett played Halo…”

    Good God I can’t believe that’s the best I could come up with.

  76. The Real Dr Nog says:

    phew, we ran outta fuel

  77. L337MA573R says:

    Meh, I give it a 5.

  78. THERYANXENON says:


  79. The Flying Spartan says:

    “That’s great, but where’s my pizza?”

  80. plazmamuffin says:

    Prepare to drop?

  81. Indeed Not says:

    And so we see that the common chicken egg can support up to ten million times its weight when balanced on its tip.

    I win science!

  82. Grimtimes says:

    “Dude its not touching the ground, You didn’t do it right”

  83. cardo8 says:

    “Did that peli just spawn on its nose, co-op style?”

  84. hongoasdf says:

    “… Yet another reason on why it isn’t called PeliCAN’T”

  85. icoxyyyy says:

    “Ramirez! Now you’ve managed to park the Pelican on it’s nose, I’m gonna need you to do the same with Forward Unto Dawn”

  86. Anton P. Nym says:

    Bungie cut the gametype “Lawn Darts” from Halo 3 after some bad results in Test.

    — Steve

  87. Ny Hitman 0401 says:

    Head First!

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