Custom Piranha Plant Pez Dispensers


As seen on Flickr

9 Responses to Custom Piranha Plant Pez Dispensers

  1. Whoa, for a minute there I thought I was looking at some crazy deranged rabbits. Is it me, or do those things have faces? I didn’t know people still even had Pez Dispensers. Good times…

    • GeneralCupcakes says:

      You’re not alone.

    • PikminGod says:

      I didn’t realize that they weren’t until i read your post…

    • bs angel says:

      I love Pez (and their dispensers!). Some people have extensive collections of these that are worth some serious cash.

      • ComaToast says:

        My brother has an awesome Iron Man Pez Dispenser, it rocks.

  2. RevMDN says:

    They have to be made from Dunny heads.

  3. iCeDrAgOn01 says:

    They’re Dunnies. They are a canvas-type vinyl that artists use to create custom works. I actually finished a Munny today, another type of vinyl. They are really cool to mess with. :D Kid Robot makes em and Urban Outfitters sells em. But they are badass! If you guys are in anyway artistic you guys should check em out. 10 bucks for a mini one and you won’t regret it. :P But those are definitely some Pez dispensers I wouldn’t mind having :D

  4. cardo8 says:

    I immediately saw ‘Happy Tree Friends’ bunnies, hmmm.

  5. Poopie McGhee says:

    Made me think of this…

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