Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XIII

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14 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XIII

  1. gunluva says:

    “12 extremely final times”


  2. Zwooosh says:

    Hahah, he’s right :P

    Although I did really enjoy this game :D

  3. Masa says:

    oh my god awesome. If i tell my friends about this they are going to whine me to hell.

  4. Thors toe says:

    I only made it 3 hours in before throwing this crappy game aside.

  5. Crazeye0 says:

    “I checked, and yes, there’s already erotic fanart of the FF13 characters”

    Can’t say I’m surprised at that.

  6. Mizzy says:

    Thank god that I was right about a game for once.

    • Crazy A 64 says:

      How do you know you were right about the game? O_o seems curious that you assume Yahtzee (the guy who hates everything that isn’t Portal or God of War) is some sort of bar against which to measure your own opinions of a game… perhaps?

      That being said the first 20-30 hours were difficult (even for me a self confessed FF fanboy) and I don’t think I’ll be doing a 2nd playthrough on this title when I’m done :(

      • Mizzy says:

        No, he’s the LAST thing I use to measure good (or bad) games against. He’s not a professional (and by that, I mean that he takes little to no time to point out the good in most games) reviewer and more amusing than anything. But he did say everything that I thought this game was going to be: another Squenix game with lots of pretty and reused characters that always look bored and very little substance. Watching a friend play it, it seemed like the game was made to be waaaay too complicated to have any fun with.

  7. Panncakez says:

    “…and, since I’m a professional game reviewer – SHUT UP I AM!…”

    I laughed both times he used that little line.

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      I did too.

      This one was pretty funny.
      I liked it. :D

  8. NakedScooter says:


  9. I too love(d?) FF 3/6 (depending on who you ask)…

    And then FF7 came around and that was more emo than I could handle. So well done, Yahtzee.

  10. SK CRISIS says:

    He only played five hours, hardly a real review. However Yahtzee has good reason to hate the game as much as he did, especially since he loathes JRPGs in the first place.

    Being a Final Fantasy fan since FFVII (when I was too young to even know what ’emo’ meant) I think I’m going to end up labeling FFXIII as the worst in the main series. I haven’t finished it, and it’s starting to get good after like 20 hours when the game is finally non-linear, but I don’t I can forgive how long I had to play for it to finally get really fun.

  11. Sydney says:

    Wow I was actually wanted to check this game out, after looking at this I really don`t get the whole concept of it. A bunch of old characters and a difficult time to actually figure out how to even find your way through the first part of the game, cloping sounds (xD thought it was funny) And also the bet to see how long you can hold out,mess around, and actually try to play the game.I agree with Mizzy, it was made way too complicated to actually have fun with.

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