Friday Caption Fun, Round 85

Bungie Team MeetingMany of you are off enjoying the PAX East festivities. While I am headed out of town today for a vacation that will thankfully span several days, unfortunately my destination is not on the Atlantic side of the country. The only downside of vacations is the distinct lack of gaming so I expect those of you that are home for the weekend to make up for my online absence. You are welcome to do that in Halo 3’s Living Dead Double EXP weekend playlist or you can just pop in Viva Piñata. Either or works! Before you do that though let’s recap last week’s witty responses to our replacement picture depicting a standard Bungie Team Meeting, and then we can pick up where we left off with the captioning of one of our customary Halo screenshots.

  • “Thank you everyone for coming to this meeting on such short notice. Now, I’d like to address the prankster who thought it was funny to put a dildo, a stick of butter, and a picture of Bill Gates in my top desk drawer and tell security I had a gun in there. Thanks, security won’t even look me in the eyes when I walk in anymore.” (xxxJL AUDIOxxx)
  • “And this gentlemen is a PowerPoint on a ‘girl’. Take notes, you’ll need them.” (OwlAssassin)
  • “Guys, I need to tell you guys something very important…. I Lost The Game.” (SoC BrownSound)
  • “Right after the annual Pentathalon, Bungie has a lesser know competition simply known as “Man Couch”. It’s basically a timed event to see how many men can be crammed onto a single couch, all the while being commentated by the boss.” (borrowedchief)
  • “Ok guys… Hawty McBloggy is gonna take a screenshot of us for her caption contest soon, so let’s just sit around and do nothing so no one can think of a halfway decent caption.” (A Deaf Boy)

So apparently A Deaf Boy was less than impressed with my previous image selection. I was
so determined to do a better job this week that I dug deep into the archives for one of the classics. This shot may be old but I know your quips will be anything but. Now go caption your little heart out! I am excited about what you will come up with.

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: Halcylon

96 Responses to Friday Caption Fun, Round 85

  1. Voicedwalnut says:

    erk bleh I was head shotted

    • Goruss says:

      Opps… I twitched.

  2. DeepCee says:

    I got a no scop.. *BLERGH*

  3. This is what we call being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • DuracellDurrell says:

      the ninja promptly realized that no matter how effective camouflage was, waiting in the middle of a field sucks when it runs out

  4. Wrinklycat says:

    Sirr… I think it may be a trap

  5. Tog Ig says:

    This was the last time Ray let someone try out his “Trick Sniper Rifle”.

  6. Tog Ig says:

    “Off the palm tree through the wheel across the garage nothing bu…….”

  7. Elitearbiter says:

    Its A Trap!



  8. Think he’ll be ok?

    • ^ 5th Element. watch it. love.

      • Big bada boom!

        • Morpheus300 says:

          Shouldn’t have pressed the red button on the Sniper rifle

  9. Loz says:


  10. DeepCee says:

    Ramirez , revive that Spartan !

  11. Shirdel7221 says:

    Now I wish I was a Conscientious objector.

  12. bs angel finds a new and inventive way to betray her team.

  13. soulofaqua says:

    Ever had a fucking annoying dude constantly talk shit about everyone in the match? Yeah… that’s him right there.

    • HarbingerDawn says:

      If only :D

    • Morpheus300 says:

      I wish! *walks off laughing like a madman*

  14. cardo says:

    Hey, lazy-eyed Larry, he’s 20 feet to the left. This is why we give you the missle pod.

  15. Gi85on says:

    “Damn it I missed!”

  16. Scotty says:

    “I’m not dead yet!”

  17. JLay says:

    Two words – Sniper Bukake!

  18. ReverendTiki says:

    How to know red team has triangulated your postion.

  19. MGH1138 says:

    Spartan hazing ritual gone horribly wrong.

  20. hongoasdf says:

    “Our Sniper Rifle bullets will block out the sun!”

    “Then we will fight in th-“

  21. Grif says:

    I believe the correct term is “pooned”

  22. shadowmage1299 says:

    be careful Spartan 1337 the yard is filled with pressure pads trip one and… oh never mind
    send in a clean up crew and tell them to watch their step

  23. Schoony says:

    Angel found out the hard way that you ever tell a group of Spartans that you want them to blow their loads all over you…

    • Schoony says:

      *never* not *ever*, one of those spelling fail days today

  24. Crunchbitenuva says:

    Church still missed *looks at shot upper right corner*

    • Schoony says:

      No, that was either me or Rowboat. We were drinking again…

  25. Cleansing Aura says:

    “Hey Reds! Get ready to suck som- bleurgh!”

  26. Hyokin says:

    Said the lady…

  27. Spetsen says:

    Everybody hates Hayabusa.

  28. porge says:

    The Spartan unwittingly picked up the Holy Sniper Rifle of Antioch. He counted to four.

    • DuracellDurrell says:

      What is your name?

      What is your quest?
      to eliminate the reds!

      What is the political alignment of Joseph Stalin?
      What? I don’t know that!!!

  29. A Deaf Boy says:

    “The meaning of life i-“

  30. Gagazet says:

    And again the kiddie could scream: “He was mine!”

  31. ComaToast says:

    Assassination *Ninja symbol shows up*

  32. Mike says:

    palm tree: “ha, got him with a headshot! still no one suspects me”

    on a side note who is the guy that completely missed to the right? that guy sucks!

    blue guy (5 seconds earlier): “im sure its safe, lets head to the next territory”

  33. Mr Viper says:

    Over time, Hayabusa became so unpopular that wearing the full set in matchmaking was equivalent to wearing armor that magnetised bullets to your face.

  34. Kalamarikidd says:

    Now that’s what I call getting it from both ends *rimshot*

  35. Tank says:

    Blue: Alright, it looks safe to cross…. *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*…….*BOOM*

  36. Tank says:

    bs Angles teammates have their revenge.

  37. Indeed Not says:


  38. Billdebeast says:

    heeeee goooot a…

  39. liphttam1 says:

    It’s only a flesh wound!

  40. ComaToast says:

    I’m telling you I heard 4 shots, it was like Bang, Bang, Bang.

    That’s only 3 shots.

    …. Bang.

  41. Tree12324 says:

    Team teabag in 5…4…3…

  42. Tree12324 says:

    Matrix fail.

  43. iPurism says:

    “Give it to me!”

  44. VoltRabbit says:

    Old screen shot requires old meme.


  45. Stryder says:

    Angel said to meet her here to see multiple penetrations. This is not what I had in mind.

  46. borrowedchief says:

    “Is it easier for snipers to see Haybu…….”

  47. Owl Assassin says:

    This is why Halo needs a cover based combat system

  48. Amaterasu says:

    “Now I know why it’s called cross fire…”

    This is hat happens to kids who whine too much :)

  49. hongoasdf says:

    “See kids? THIS is why we look both ways before crossing the street”

  50. Weezey31 says:

    Blue later learned that when modeling agencies ask for head-shots they mean photographs.

  51. The Flying Spartan says:

    That tree is totally cheating!

  52. BUfels says:

    Suck it, blue!

  53. 0101 says:

    say cheese!

  54. Personsen says:

    Hey guys! Whats going on in this game-

  55. xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

    How low funded JFK grassy-knoll conspiracy theorist try try proving their second shooter theory…

  56. Mr Poe says:

    One more head shot, and this would have turned into a porno.

  57. and that’s the last time Blue listened to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s ‘Crossfire’ song before a battle….

  58. SHAGGYDEATH says:

    He was on the grassy knoll!

  59. Apollo Running says:

    This is exactly what would happen if Bungie made Spiderman a playable character in Halo 3.

  60. Tayta Malikai says:

    Okay guys, I’m here to announce something very important. Because of the large amounts of campers in Team Snipers, we will now be removing-“

  61. XMixMasterX says:

    Billy’s modded sniper rifle was gaining him some unwanted attention while spawning.

  62. Zee-V70 says:

    New Gametype: Money Shot
    User is given extra cR for every sniper round that gets them in the face.

  63. tobias grey says:

    The tragic end of Spartan Ceasar.

  64. Rakolai says:

    “Careful, guys, I think there’s a sni-“

  65. retinence says:

    Those aren’t sniper shots. Those are seagulls, vengefully pooping horizontally.

  66. Chris101b says:

    For a brief moment, Mr. Hyabusa decided that it was the perfect time for some dancing. Apparently snipers don’t like ballet.

  67. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    “This slide definitively illustrates how Oswald was, in fact, able to kill Kennedy all by himself. Now no more of this “grassy knoll” nonsense!”

    “Fear the MAGIC BULLET!”

  68. jVictor says:

    “Did we get him?”

  69. minimac666 says:

    Achievement Unlocked: Raped… (25g)

  70. minimac666 says:

    Modern Warfare 2 introduced the Riot Shield… to prevent exactly this

  71. Celsius070 says:

    Blue: Would you quit worrying? They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dis-

  72. Celsius070 says:

    Han shot first.

  73. xCxSTRYKEx says:

    Blue learned the hard way that after the twentieth ricochet, the sniper bullet WILL return to you.

  74. Natonator says:

    Hey everybody… I Lost The Ga- *urghkkkk*

  75. FTTinc says:

    And THAT’S how you spell EPIC FAIL with bullets


    Hayabusa realised that setting up a snipers game with EVERYBODY wasn’t such a good idea.

  76. Chris says:

    hey guys I figgured out the cure for canc-

  77. says:

    Russian Roulette doesn’t work so well when the noobs forget to mix in blanks …

  78. deora2dude says:

    its just a flesh wound!

  79. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    One through his nose, one through his ears, one through his belly button, and one…

  80. Fushiko says:

    When blue stated he wanted a piercing, red team immediately went to town without asking “where?”…

  81. Waffle Deluxe says:

    Stupid last words: “Well don’t all shoot at…”

  82. Malcis says:

    Blue knew he shouldn’t have asked where the Spartan Laser was…

  83. Admiral Madden says:

    “Blink all you want, you’re not gonna miss it.”

  84. Morpheus300 says:

    Well… *Puts sunglasses on* It looks like this guy was a hole-y man
    Watch out, He’s going to blow!
    *Red team looks at red leader* Red 2 “You said there’d be Candy!”
    Blue Guy finally remembered that Halo is not the Matrix!

  85. parktatkrap says:

    HA MISESED!!!! (refers to the shot to the top right of the picture which is diaganol to the bottom)

  86. parktatkrap says:

    hey guys i got a scrub to hack me 10th prestiege on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!!!

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