Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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13 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  1. DeliciousCube says:

    I wonder how the guy breaths to talk like that.

    • he doesn’t… O.O

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      He takes the pauses out in editing… He said it’d be too boring with all those pauses in it…
      (Saw an interview)

      About this: I liked the game, but it’s mostly MP for me, so… yeah.

  2. ComaToast says:

    He really shouldn’t have compared it to Modern Warfare. The only game you could even sit there and say about that, would be EA’s upcoming Medal of Honor which is the biggest ripoff of Modern Warfare. Although I do love listening to him rip into a game, even if it is one I generally like.

    • BUfels says:

      Actually, Medal of Honour was out waay before Call Of Duty ever came about.

      • ComaToast says:

        Orly? And which one came up with the MODERN WARFARE idea first? Was it medal of honour, cos I don’t think it was.

        • mastersync23 says:

          That’s like saying Counterstrike ripped off CoD4 or 6. Or saying that Half Life 2 ripped off a warehouse because it has crowbars.

          Who gives a shit if they have vaguely similar themes?

        • Apollo Running says:

          No, and neither did Call of Duty. You know there were war games before Modern Warfare…

        • ComaToast says:

          No what you guys are implying is something totally different. And you wanted to know who cares if they have vaguely similar themes? I’ll tell you who, you probably just watched his video.

          Apollo, I know there was, battlefield 2 was the first one to basically do that. I meant who came up with the idea first as far Call of Duty and Medal of Honor go. I have no problem with Bad Company, in fact it’s a vastly superior game to me than Modern Warfare 2 ever will be. But he tried comparing apples to oranges when clearly Battlefield is the tree that bore the fruit.

          No mastersync, counterstrike came before it. I don’t know why you guys brought up all these other games, they have no relation to what I was saying. I’m saying the up and coming Medal of Honor is realllllly ripping off the idea. You guys saw the trailer, did you not? They even had that part where you’re in the AC-130 or whatever. It looked so much like Call of Duty. But I could be wrong, this is just my opinion.

        • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

          There was this game series called Delta Force.
          Made a game about Black Hawk Down and other stuff..

          That was in like 1991.
          They win.

          Seriously, it doesn’t matter who did it first, it matters who does it best.

          I don’t really care about the Medal of Honor series, I haven’t played any of their games.

          Oh, and BC2.
          I like it much better than MW2, I think its more realistic, has better graphics, has better maps, and generally plays better. More fun. Blow stuff up.
          The only problem I see with it is EA. I think by now, they’ve overextended themselves.
          The MM in general is a bit sloppy, but once you get into a game its all good.
          Rarely lag..

          And then it hit me a few days ago that I’ve been wanting a game in which you can fly Blackhawk helicoptors, in which the environment is destructible, and with semi-realistic dust effects.
          No joke.
          I like BC2, needless to say.

  3. AOClaus says:

    Sometimes he gets it. Sometimes he doesn’t. And then there’s the fact that he has that aversion to mulitplayer.

  4. liphttam1 says:

    I think that if theres a third one tentacles are going to come out of the dust and grap people like in Stephan Kings’ the mist.

  5. DT62 says:

    Grrr,CoD4 kept appearing and now I’m feeling nostalgic. Bling-less weapons here I come…..

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