Camping: It’s a Legitimate Strategy

Campers Motivational Poster

Source [Halolz]

27 Responses to Camping: It’s a Legitimate Strategy

  1. I have a little pacman tattoo with Inky and Clyde on AND strongly agree with this :) +2 points

    • Das Kalk says:

      I have a marathon tattoo and I approve of your approval.

      • Panncakez says:

        I’m Commander Shepherd and I approve of your approving of his approval.

  2. Radius says:

    CAMPERS?!?! Time to break out the shoty and dig ’em out!

  3. NartFOpc says:

    Here is a really interesting read on the actual mechanics of Pac-Man if anyone is interested.

    • Cardo says:

      Holy shit that was the most Pac-Man information I could ever want to read. Interesting stuff though! (I was there for 30 minutes)

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Damn, it’s 5:30? I lost time!
      Seriously, that’s pretty cool…

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      I read that article straight to the end.
      Interesting stuff.

  4. Poopie McGhee says:

    I love saying that something’s a legitimate strategy… Camping, n00btubin’, spawn camping, ‘nade spamming, and stuff like that…

    • Hey, if it’s in the game, it’s legitimate. It may be irritating as all hell to deal with, but as long as you didn’t cheat or hack to do it, I’m ok with it. I might be screaming a slew of obscenities every time I run into you doing such a thing, but that just means it works. :P

      • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

        That’s sorta been my take on it too.
        I don’t have a problem unless it wasn’t intentionally put in the game.

        • Aahad Ahmad says:

          I think that the game makers put those things in their games cuz they suck at them so much, they need them to play…

        • Aahad Ahmad says:

          and by them, i mean their games… =/

        • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

          So you’re saying the people that coded the game, put the weapons in the game, built the maps, wired the multiplayer… don’t know how to play the game?
          That doesn’t make any sense.

          Look, camping is just what people do when the figure out that other people run by a certain way and there are kills to be had. If people get points by doing something, they do it.
          Whether you like it or not, camping usually works. So people do it.

        • Das Kalk says:

          What he’s saying is that they put those exploits in the game in order to use them themselves so they’d seem godly when playing against others. it’s just as ridiculous though.

    • Voicedwalnut says:

      yay for mcghee
      I agree

  5. iPurism says:

    Damn Campers always get me.

  6. Weezey31 says:

    Looks to me like they are holding down a strategic point on the map. :)

    • bs angel says:


  7. VoltRabbit says:

    Little Miss McCamper Pants

    lol hearts

    • bs angel says:

      :looks around innocently:

  8. SonofMacPhisto says:

    Anyone want some smores?

    • Thors toe says:

      Some-more? How can I have some-more, I haven’t had any yet?

      Damn it Smalls you’re killing me.


  9. LaraC8525 says:

    I regularly have discussions with my friend during gaming regarding camping, I can’t seem to tell the difference between camping and other strategies. It tends to go something like this:
    “What are you doing now?”
    “But you’re standing still, isn’t that camping?”
    “No, it’s sniping.”
    “Can you watch that I don’t get shot in the back.”
    “I’m standing still, am I camping now?”
    “No, you’re watching my back.”
    “How is this different from camping?”
    “Just is.”
    Then he’ll shout at the other team for camping. Double standards?

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      There’s a difference between camping and ‘strategically standing still.’
      Trust me, I hate campers, but I do the standing still all the time.

      • LaraC8525 says:

        Strategically standing still, I love that explanation.

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