Things You Can’t Unsee: The Halo Plasma Rifle

The Halo Plasma Rifle looks like a dead bird looking at its own reflection.
The Halo Plasma Rifle looks like a dead bird looking at its own reflection.
Halo Plasma Rifle

Source [reddit]

*Thanks to rowboat 000, who only sees penises like I do, for the chat box tip!

23 Responses to Things You Can’t Unsee: The Halo Plasma Rifle

  1. hisforheuer says:

    haha wow, thats.. odd…

  2. Poopie McGhee says:

    How can a dead bird see?
    I See penises, too…

  3. t0rm3n7 says:

    Slap a signature on it and call it post-modern-futuristic art!

  4. rowboat 000 says:

    I said it was two Cocks, not two birds!!!

    • bs angel says:

      Darn it, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew I got something wrong!

    • t0rm3n7 says:

      great, now I can’t unsee that either…

  5. NakedScooter says:

    that’s really annoying….


  7. it reminds me of a side view of a beaver mouth (the animal not the slang term :P)

  8. Well, I’ll never look at that gun the same again.

  9. Gnome says:

    It looks like a futuristic spreader to me…

    As long as we’re being perverted

  10. Rippolighter159 says:

    Sup hawties! I just regestered on the HMB forums but I can’t post anything or reply to any posts. It says down the bottom of the screen that I can’t post but why? Do I have to wait for an admin to approve my account or something? Sorry for the unrealated question. I would ask on the forums but….

    • bs angel says:

      Check your private messages. You should have received one automatically after activating your account. :)

    • Voicedwalnut says:

      you need to be confirmed by talking to bs angel or jim or someone with a purple name. so yeah, just pm or talk in the chat box until you get turned grey-blue.

      • Rippolighter159 says:

        Ok I will try that. Thanks.

        • also, welcome! :)

  11. Haha, wow. Never would’ve seen that. Thats funny =P

  12. Cardo says:

    I see something similar.

    I see dead, conjoined-twin bird fetuses with purple birth-matter smeared all over. Yum, I’m hungry.

  13. liphttam1 says:

    Iv’e seen that before but I thought that it was an alive bird not dead.

  14. Nuclear Pi says:

    Great. This is like the sixth time someone has done something like this to me, now I’m not gonna stop noticing plasma rifles too


  15. augustelc says:

    one you see it, youll never be able to unsee it…

  16. Jim says:

    Looks like 2 Falcons getting frisky….

  17. Rhamsey says:

    Son of a bitch, its bad enough every bioshock 2 poster I see reminds me of megaman.

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