What Every Rock Band Owner Needs

Rock Band Shot Glasses

As seen on Flickr

10 Responses to What Every Rock Band Owner Needs

  1. Tentimook says:

    It seems to me that Rockband secretly has a hidden ‘wasted’ meter, cause when I am tipsy that thing says i’m a God…

    just kidding, Im terrible, regardless of my inebriated state.

  2. Cardo says:

    Those are neat.

  3. BFalcon says:

    As a drummer, Rock Band allowed me to finally see why guitarists get annoyed at Guitar Hero. I still love playing GH/RB with the guitar controller though :)

  4. AOClaus says:

    New Rock Band 2 add on pack “the after party.”

  5. Turkenstien says:

    but what of the Alice in Chains track pack?

  6. liphttam1 says:

    I doubt most people playing rock band are over 20.

    (Pet peeve of mine, saying over 21 when they realy mean 21 and over)

  7. rowboat 000 says:

    The more I drink, the more I rock! SUCKAH!!!!

  8. just in time for the Lady Gaga track pack!!! ^_^

  9. staticrift says:

    Rock band and guitar hero would make brilliant shot games. Everytime you miss a note take a shot :)

  10. i just noticed, the shot glasses are on an Aerosmith guitar for guitar hero… :faceplam:

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