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Over to the right near the top of the sidebar, you’ll notice a handy dandy little button that leads to a list of all of your websites. If you actually click the handy dandy little button though, you’ll notice the list is noticeably empty. I’m in the midst of spring cleaning and would like to update all of your information so if you have a website that is worthy of a visit, leave a link and I’ll throw you in the mix. It can be your personal blog, your deviantART page, your Flickr account, or whatever applies to your particular interests. While it does not have to be gaming related, it does need to be at least three months old and recently updated. Thank you much, and see you on the other side!

92 Responses to Your Websites

  1. Umm… I don’t remember if it’s quite three months old, but the link’s in my name, and It’s the one I update most frequently… It’s about random stuff, the most recent (as of this minute) being a list of serial killers I found somewhere…

    • bs angel says:

      I’m getting some weird redirect activity from your site. I wonder if it’s just me or a more widespread problem.

      • I have the same thing so it might be widespread.

      • yeah, that happened to me to, I have absolutely no idea…
        Was it redirecting you guys to some search for web hosting site?
        Oh well… I’ll have to try to see if maybe I can get it resolved, thanks for letting me know…

        • bs angel says:

          Let me know if you get it sorted. :)

  2. Scott Davis says:


    Made this for my girlfriend for valentines day, she could do with some traffic. I know it breaks the 3 months rule though. Check it out at



    • bs angel says:

      Come back and remind me when it hits that three month mark. :)

  3. smurph says:

    my wife and i have a blog at we had a busy past few months so we didn’t get around to much blogging but i’ve been picking it up again. my wife posts some pretty crazy stuff on occasion (including bewbs (not her bewbs (you wish))).

    • bs angel says:

      Let me know if you want a different blurb associated with your site. Otherwise, you’re all set!

      • smurph says:

        that’s perfect. thanks bs angel! i’ve been meaning to do something like this on our blog so i’ll be sure to list you :)

  4. Well I guess if you’re doing this for people, might as well throw my name into the mix.

    Thanks for doing this for us.

    • bs angel says:

      You were actually the reason why I added the deviantART mention. I love checking out your stuff when you comment. :)

      • Really? Thanks :D I just got like such a big doofy grin on my face. You’re kinda like a super star to me XD

        • bs angel says:

          The only kind of super star I am is the Molly Shannon type that sticks their fingers in their armpits and smells them!

  5. Count3D says:

    The website recently went through a major update that completely revamped it from previous iterations but what it represents is turning four years old this year! I’m talking about RvBCanWest!

    Care to link us please? :)

    • bs angel says:

      Four years old? Congratulations!!


    ftw :)

    • bs angel says:

      Sorry, I only link websites I like. Oh wait, … ;)

      • that’s fair enough!

        (I hear the guy who runs it is a nut job)

        • bs angel says:

          Myth confirmed! <3

  7. Terensire says:

    Its a web series. Season 1 just finished, YA!

    • Terensire says:

      I didnt forget my link thatd be silly.

    • bs angel says:

      That looks pretty cool! I’ll definitely be carving out some time to give it a watch.

      • Terensire says:

        Thanks we hope you enjoy.

  8. Paprika says:

    My fiance and I run a geeky news site:)

    • bs angel says:

      Your website is right up my alley. Good stuff!

      • Nelmo Nelmz says:

        Thats what she said…

        (i liek the geeky news site btw :B)

  9. rowboat 000 says:

    Working on a getting a real website for that at the moment. I’ll update you when it’s done.

    • bs angel says:

      I’ll link your YouTube in the meantime. Just throw me an email when you want it directed elsewhere. :)

  10. Ny Hitman 0401 says:

    Hey Angel! Could you please put up my YouTube channel? Its

    • bs angel says:


      • Ny Hitman 0401 says:


  11. Mizzy says:

    I deleted a whole bunch of crap and got things centred on the topic of gaming again.
    BTW, are more blog banter topics going to be added?

    • bs angel says:

      Great question that I wish I had an answer to. I always say I’m going to do another one and obviously you can see how that went each time. I’d like to say at some point it will be picked up but honestly, I’m just not sure.

      • Mizzy says:

        I wonder if using Twitter to get some topics would help; maybe collect a number of topics and have people vote on which one should be for the month?
        BTW, LOVE the blurb you put. It’s strange that I chose pink, even though it’s my least favourite colour.

        • bs angel says:

          Twitter may help, definitely. That’s my biggest challenge, coming up with topics that others will find inspiration in and that I can write about as well.

          And I had to throw the pink thing in there. It’s so not you that it makes me laugh!

  12. halcylon says:

    You know mine :)

    • bs angel says: ;)

      • Ny Hitman 0401 says:


  13. soulofaqua says:

    To post my DA… or not to post my DA, that is the question.


    • bs angel says:


  15. TheChrisD says:

    You should know where I’m located ;)

    Pah, three months? You should probably make it three years. Although I’d still be eligible :D

    • bs angel says:

      I should probably make it longer than three months with how many websites come and go, but I like to try to give those newer people a little burst of motivation and encouragement. And re-added btw!

  16. SSG Jayman says:

    Sword & Shield Gaming (SSG)

    SSG is a gaming community focused on the “Good Game” and playing fair and having fun. Sick of the modders, cheater, griefers, etc on Xbox LIVE? Join us: Stop them!

    *SSG was raised out of the culture of TTL and BSG.

    • bs angel says:

      I never say no to a good game. :)

  17. StephaBon says:

    Free links? Heckz yes! lol. Thank you so much bs angel! Mine is always in mah name.

    • bs angel says:

      You are mighty welcome. Continued luck with your endeavor!

  18. Cat says:

    My blog, of course!

    Also, not anything I do, but Gamefreaks is pretty awesome.

    • bs angel says:

      But of course! There’s always good reads on your site. :)

  19. Elders.TV says: – Your Halo Source
    Also our Youtube is, find latests Halo videos.

    • bs angel says:

      Added the first one!


    There’s mine!

    • bs angel says:

      That website looks a little familiar, … ;)

      • I’m glad!

  21. Aahad Ahmad says:

    Hey… my brother and his friend run this really cool blog spot where they talk about the recent movies and stuff… if you can, plz post his link.

    trust me, it has alot of cool stuff on it.

    • bs angel says:

      I’ll keep it linked as long as it keeps updating!

  22. thebesthalo3site says:

    can you put my one up(sorry it has been on for like two days)i need more people you dont have to

    • bs angel says:

      Come back and remind me once you’ve been going for three months. :)

  23. thebesthalo3site says:

    woops forgot to put my link up

  24. Southrop says:


    I could do with some more traffic if you could be so kind as to add me to the list. My blog/site can be found at

    I’m certain it satisfies the 3 month requirement and I update it every now and then.

    • bs angel says:

      I’m not sure it will bring you more traffic but I gladly linked you and will visit every so often. :)

      • Southrop says:

        Whether or not it does, I’ll list you in return :)

        • bs angel says:

          That’s incredibly kind of you. Thank you!

  25. Pete Cooper says:, of course. ;)

    • bs angel says:

      Of course! We can’t forget our favorite upcoming Halo movie!

  26. Vixx says:

    Oooh – add me please!

    Only just stretches to the three-months old rule as it only started in December 2009. Will you let me off?!

    V xx

    • bs angel says:

      Anything for you Ms. Vixx!

  27. Gagazet says: , Germany’s biggest Halo Website, nearly daily updated, +5000 members ^^

    • bs angel says:

      Very nice! I’ll pop it through a translator so I can enjoy your articles as well. :)

  28. davyboy94 says:

    Mines not exactly recently updated, but until i return there always good to look at : D

    • bs angel says:

      Let me know when you’re updating again. We need our whale fix!

  29. Willy says:

    Wow you really did some spring cleaning. I would like to put CE United back on this list if that’s ok.

    I update the main page once a month with a new 20 questions interview. Then there is our Bungie Pro Video Clips page that I update once a day.

    CE United is way more than 3 months old as well. ….. Each month we ask 20 questions from someone from the Halo community who we think deserves to be heard.

    • bs angel says:

      I always have a spot for you on the list Willy. :)

  30. jimmyjangles says:

    BS Angel, I’d dearly love a link to my Halo Reach fan blog,

    I already link back to your great site!

    Cheers muchly, Jimmy Jangles

    • bs angel says:

      Done. (And thank you!)

    Not recently updated, but it has the septionary. I promise to update if anyone manages to read the content that’s already there. :)
    Updated. Mostly.

    • bs angel says:

      Linked the first one!

  32. Hey You says:

    Facility B5D. The Home of Gaming.Period. Gaming News,events and more.

    • bs angel says:

      Oh yes, Facility B5D. I’m quite familiar with your community. :)

  33. SpaceGhost2K says:

    I know it needs to be updated again. I have over 100 new faceplates to add to the database, plus information about the Final Fantasy XIII plates, Bioshock 2 and P.B. Winter bottom plates, and hopefully, a new announcement from a publisher who might be getting plates from me that will come with every game they ship!

    I just have to get through finals first. University courses are killing me, since it’s been 25 years since I’ve taken any. I mean dang, that’s almost as long as my girlfriend is old. :D

    • bs angel says:

      LOL … You stud you!

  34. Josh says:

    Thanks Angel!

    • bs angel says:

      My pleasure. :)

  35. ipurism says:

    Mind adding
    It is the blog I decided to start. The name and theme are temp. xD I need to think of a witty title for it.
    Well, I know it isn’t 3 months old, but I figure this could help me out a bit, you know? Feel free to say no though xD.

    PS: I think I use “emoticons” too much.

    • bs angel says:

      Remind me when it hits that three month mark so I can add it. :)

      • iPurism says:

        Got it. :D

  36. If you want it on the list, my personal blog:

    you also might want to add:

    • bs angel says:

      Good call on both. Thanks Crazed!

  37. Bryan Simon says: – Basically my YouTube channel organized better. Or, if it lacks the 3-month prerequisite…

    Nothing but <3,

    • bs angel says:

      I linked your YouTube until your website hits that three month mark. Feel free to remind me when that time rolls around!

  38. i’ll get into this as well…throw up my photobucket accounts since i don’t have a whole lot up on Deviant Art just yet..

    also – feel free to add me on FB if you like:!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=835005353

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