Rorschach Inkblot Test – Longshore

The Rorschach inkblot test is a common method of psychological evaluation used to examine personality characteristics and emotional functioning. The Halo version, where a global heatmap is substituted for the typical amorphous blob, sometimes yields the same results. And by sometimes I mean pretty much never. That’s not going to stop us from participating in the festivities though so let’s get started on some peer psychoanalyzing! First let’s take a look at the results from the last one we did (which focused on Orbital). Araknoros looked at the docking-station heatmap and instantly saw a Dead Space Plasma Cutter. Sticking with him and the general tradition of seeing video game-related things were Poopie McGhee, Awkward Silence, Kyle, and numerous others. I definitely see it, and I’m guessing you will too.

Orbital Dead Space Plasma Cutter

While Dropship dude didn’t see a Plasma Cutter, his suggestion of a handgun and knife combo was pretty solid, even without the handy dandy accompanying image diagram. With it though definitely sealed the deal.

Handgun Knife Combo Halo Heatmap

It was then that people noticed Jussy’s mention of the resemblance to Ren (a character from the television series The Ren and Stimpy Show), and after that it was all over. I think Louis Wu spoke for all of us when he said, “After reading Jussy’s answer, I can’t see anything BUT Ren.”

Ren and Stimpy Halo Heatmap

And with that, I think we can officially close the Orbital test. That’s good news because that means we can start another one! Up this week for your close examination is the global heatmap for Longshore, one of the newer maps to hit Halo 3’s matchmaking that is set in a fish-processing plant on the shores of Old Mombasa. So tell me, what exactly do you see? And as always, extra nonexistent points for originality!

Longshore Halo Heatmap

115 Responses to Rorschach Inkblot Test – Longshore

  1. Meh. A circuit board is all that comes to mind. That and the number 2 in that main red block.

    • CrystaLightning says:

      I see a fetus.. a well endowed male fetus with a little tail or something.

      • CrystaLightning says:

        You can clearly see a head at the top, with eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and chin.

        • If you say so. I just don’t see anything good this time around. And apparently that warranted 3 thumbs down.

        • If we’re talking fetuses though, then I’m thinking of Giygas.

          With that said, I still don’t see a fetus. XD

    • P F Dulce says:

      Either the rug rats dinoaur or bonk

      • Topash says:

        I agree completely, that’s immediately what i thought of. (The dinosaur)

  2. liphttam1 says:

    I see Trogdor. Only he’s flipped on the horizontal axis.

    • Oh dude I totally see that now. Well done.

      • mandownmedic says:


        • boom headshot says:


    • thecrimsonking says:

      YES! you burninated this one.

  3. Elitearbiter says:

    The right half looks like one eye with half a mouth, a nose and….a red thing on the other side of the face.
    Yea I got nothing

  4. Panncakez says:

    The red blob in the middle looks like a snake with the Elite Assault armor helmet. Since there’s blue, you could just call it a snake in water. That’s all I see.

  5. AOClaus says:

    I see one of those snake enemies from Super Mario 2.

    • Mike says:

      definitly see that

  6. Don A K Bab says:

    Alien chestburster.

    If only it had a spiffy hat like the one in Spaceballs.

  7. WolfKing4 says:

    I see a bong

    • SkelBrute says:

      Yep, I see it too.

      • StoneColdLemon says:

        yeah but after reading other ppls comments it switches from a bong surrounded in a cloud of smoke, to a “well endowed baby” hahahahaha

  8. JLay says:

    The red thing looks like the baby alien that comes out of your chest after the facesucker lays the egg.

    • scout643 says:

      faceHUGGER, not facesucker

  9. Scotty-Bob says:


    • ComaToast says:

      OMG I was gonna say the picture fossil of Mew, but it was either that or Mewtwo, great minds think alike.

      • Scotty-Bob says:

        There’s a pretty good pic! :)

  10. Zelp says:

    It’s ET from the old Atari 2600 video game!

    • FinAeros says:

      I second the ET.

    • oh yeah, unfortunately i see it too… lol

      • Ben says:

        It’s definitley ET from the ATARI 2600. 1st thing I thought of.

        • Rez says:

          I clicked the link, and that they just took the heatmap and colored it in. Yep, I support the E.T. lookalike.

        • Rez says:

          Um oops, I meant “thought that they just,” not “that they just.” Mahbad.

    • tobias grey says:

      its ET riding a scooter

      • marlow says:

        it’s E.T. with a donnie darko style fate line coming out of his head

      • Exspartan 138 says:

        100% ET from the Atari. I agree so much so that I’m putting a second link!

  11. SkelBrute says:

    I see a wooden mallet in the black area on the right hand side.

  12. Oddsock says:

    I see a rattlesnake with its mouth open facing left.

    or like this:

  13. the_eNeME says:

    There’s a reason they call it “Long” shore…

  14. karebearstare says:

    Wait, is that…Tommy Lee Jones as “Two Face” from Batman Forever?

  15. JoeSki73 says:

    Does anyone else see that “8bit snake enemy”? I can’t think of the game to save my life, but yeah……the snake thingy.

    • JoeSki73 says:

      Someone posted it above, but yeah, …this thing from Mario 2

  16. RoY oF rUiN says:

    Flip it 90 degrees and i see oonsk. :P

  17. Flip it sideways, and it is definitely Space Invaders. All your barriers have been destroyed unfortunately.

  18. Decadence Night says:

    I see Squidward from “Spongebob Squarepants.” That top part of the red looks just like his head.

    • Decadence Night says:

  19. Leafman says:

    The main red blob looks like a guy walking his bike and he has his mouth open

  20. HarbingerDawn says:

    Elite’s head with mandibles open wreathed in flames

  21. DuracellDurrell says:

    As demonstrated here:

    it’s totally a….


  22. alec vs predator says:

    I see a rock snake thingy from thunderbirds

  23. Roaven says:

    I feel like an idiot, but I see Edd’s face, from Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy, at least on the top half of the red part.

  24. Addz says:

    I see a sideways skull + upper torso of a skeleton, and then it has its hand up seemingly resting on a desk or something…

    a little comparison:

  25. ImTriForceGuy says:

    I see a naked women about to be pummeled by a sex machine…..

  26. Wheelmanforhire says:

    Looks like Elvis on a mic.

  27. Bogey117 says:

    Loch ness monster, but his head is looking the other way

  28. Awkward Silence says:

    The top red blur is an upside-down fetus, and the bottom red blur is a faucet. ‘Nuff said.

  29. MBT_Boomer_MBT says:

    i see a dinosaur riding a scooter…

    • underground utd says:

      yeahhhh, I see an Alien riding a mopped and punching the air !!! crazy

  30. Jimboz says:

    ET smoking and making a finger gun.

  31. Zerox says:

    Snake, Elite, or maybe a snake with a head at each end, the bottom half has a blobbed out eye.

  32. porge says:

    Looks to me like a ninja standing on one of those pole things with his arms out

  33. Xagar says:

    I see the SNES E.T. Sprite.

  34. RainingDarkness says:

    I see a brute spiker in the read, tilted so the firing end is pointed down.

  35. Brandon says:

    It kinda looks like a pirhanna plant to me

  36. Greycat James says:

    Kraid and Samus Screwjumping away from him. Played too much Metroid methinks.

  37. Mizzy says:

    Weird “Alien” queen foetus with a unicorn horn.

  38. Pirate says:

    An Elephant! His head and trunk to be more exact.

    • Pirate says:

      Behind a tree/bushes I should specify.

  39. Apollo Running says:

    Looks like a dinosaur riding a scooter.

  40. All i see is same guy sitting on the toilet, taking a crap while reading.

  41. RodzillaSr says:

    Well ET is a Good one?

    I personally see the Alien that burst from the guys chest in bothe Alien and Spaceballs.

  42. Chris101b says:

    The big red part looks like an elite plushie riding a scooter bike

  43. Gilver says:

    I see a monkey riding a scooter.

  44. Gilver says:

    Looking at the WHOLE thing…I see like….a creature or …monkey…XD
    Its face is the entire map. ITs eyes are the Dark red spot and the black spot. And its mouth is obvious from there

  45. Klung says:

    I see Reptar from Rugrats.

  46. Raiyd says:

    It definitely looks like mario:

  47. Der HellRazor says:

    A snake

  48. L337MA573R says:

    Your mom after a long night.

    Okay, I’m sorry.

  49. IndieIra says:

    I see the E.T. model for the E.T. atari game. Yes, yes the famously bad one.

  50. Jeremy Houser says:

    I see E.T. smoking a bong, blowing out the smoke.

  51. xavier says:

    i totally see an upside down elephant… mmaybe sliding down an e?

  52. underground utd says:

    I see an Alien on a mopped punching the air

  53. Catz says:

    looks like a dragon with a unicorn horn.

  54. tobias grey says:

    rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise and its Oonsk

  55. MasterGrigg says:

    An AT-ST with it’s front leg in the air and just some other random shit red blobs, also I too see the Kraid/Samus one.

  56. Chinch335 says:

    A cat going fishing, sitting on a car jack.

  57. the TOP HAT says:

    I see the large red thingy at the top to take upon almost the shape of a dragon. What comes to my mind is that of the small icons used in the Monster Hunter series that appear next to the log for whatever monsters you have slain. I can’t put my thumb on it, but to me I see what could be the Lao Shan Lung standing and facing to the left/west. If you know the series and the dragon, it may make sense to you; if not, I suggest you go look it up!

  58. Stuckers says:

    I see Luigi from Super Mario using a jackhammer. He’s looking down (light spots would be highlights for the hat) The spot on the far right, I would say is either a lifelike heart, a beast or a chunk of the ground Luigi is breaking up.

  59. Mr Poe says:

    turn your head to the right and the dark red spot looks like the boomshot from Gears of War 2…

  60. BlazingBobby says:

    turn it sideways and it looks like a sad face, or a skull face, or a clown.

  61. Cyborgg says:

    Its an elite head! It even has mandibles and everything!!

  62. It’s an Elite making a toast with two bottles of champagne.

  63. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    I see the shield-eater from Zelda.
    *fetal postion*

  64. Pete Cooper says:

    Not to sound crass, but does anyone else see the World Trade Centre? :(

    • Pete Cooper says:

      That is, for Orbital. For Longshore I can see a xenomorph!

  65. CGD says:


  66. HaloisFun says:

    I see a gay T-Rex

  67. I see level 4 from the original Zelda, along with the little snake enemies that inhabited level 2

  68. robbie says:

    i See one of the characters from squidbillies.

  69. WiKKy says:

    It’s E.T. from the atari game

  70. WOOPdOOM says:

    I see a cyclops alian monster thingy that has an arm coming out the right side of it’s head and has two tails. O.o

  71. n3uby says:

    This looks like Vietnam Tom, aka Epic Beard Man, The top dark red part is his hat!

  72. Dcrew99 says:

    I see E.T.

  73. Serpent042 says:

    I see a spartan getting tea-bagged.

  74. Fatgunn says:

    to me it looks like the dragon from the original legend of zelda
    albeit red instead of green

  75. Joseph Scalia says:

    I see a pissy dino holding a micro phone and giving the *whatever* power sign…? is body snakes like a S backwards almost……

  76. Rac the Kitty says:

    I see Trogdor, the Burninator.

  77. TnS2 says:

    with katana on his back.
    all day.

  78. wolfbro says:

    i was seeing a whale, but now I see the elite other people see, but with a horn and a whale body O.o

  79. the_magic_mage says:

    The Phantom of the Opera, half-mask style.

  80. iPurism says:

    I see that alien from star wars….umm…Admiral Ackbar!

    ^The only thing off is the eyes.^

  81. Dude says:

    I see a beluga? whale (the one with the unicorn horn if thats what its called) with two legs

  82. Chris says:

    I also see a spartan getting tea-bagged. The bottom part even has a head and an arm sticking way into the sky.

  83. Eric says:

    It’s a guy sitting down with his legs stretched out straight in front of him, his arms held out to the sides, and flames rising from his head, hands and feet.

  84. Yes I went there says:

    It can’t be.

    I don’t believe it.

    IT’S GENERAL ACKBAR! Seriously, he’s there.

  85. iPurism says:

    “I see that alien from star wars….umm…Admiral Ackbar!

    ^The only thing off is the eyes.^”
    Just in case it was missed.

  86. iAnthraxx says:

    I see a floormaster from wind waker

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