Must Have Jet Pack Fetish


24 Responses to Must Have Jet Pack Fetish

  1. ElusiveEagle says:

    Lol! That’s great! :)

  2. I thought they were called JUMP PACKS?

    • NakedScooter says:

      In “Halo: The Fall of Reach” they’re called Thruster Packs. The ones they use in space that is.

      • Monkey_lord says:

        I agree that they should be called thruster packs. Jet packs imply that a jet engine or more simply a engine that compresses the air and at the same time mixes fuel to cause an ignition to create thrust. I don’t want to over analyze this but, thruster pack seems more accurate; as it provides it’s own fuel/air mix chamber.

        • Toxic Mayhem says:

          I like “jump jets” myself.

        • Monkey_lord says:

          I have a feeling that I’ll call them jump packs too. Feels like a potato/potatoe moment.

  3. Monkey_lord says:

    Man, I’m hearing about jet packs everywhere; Roosterteeth talked about it to hell in the Drunk Tank, now this. I like the idea of jet packs BTW.

  4. Crazeye0 says:

    I think me and him would get along juuuuuust fine ;P

    Nah, I don’t have a fetish for them, I just love them so very much. I can just imagine people yelling “OMG JETPACK NOOB” down the mic, ah the fun that shall be had…

  5. See? I’m not the only one who was like OMG JETPACKS.

    Is anyone else planning on pretending they’re Boba Fett with that damn thing? >.>

    • bs angel says:

      You are definitely not the only one. This is pretty much a carbon copy of the conversation my husband and I had last night, lol …

      • Jim 028 says:

        I was having the same conversation last night with my housemates as well. Oya Manda!

  6. Jim says:

    Jet packs, Jump packs or Thruster packs… Who care what they are called Your a SPARTAN that can fly!!!!!!


  7. gorebashd says:

    I dont care what they are called myself. I get to do several things. Fuffill my childhood fantasy of being boba fett, Jet pack down on peoples head for assassinations, and become the rocketeer woot!

  8. soulofaqua says:

    Am I the only one who is far from excited about these pelvic thruster packs?

    • bs angel says:

      I get excited about anything that relates to the pelvic region and thrusting. Could just be me though.

      • Thors toe says:

        I’m behind bs angel on this one. :-)

        • bs angel says:

          Behind. Lawlz.

        • Indeed Not says:

          I’m in front.

        • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

          I’m on top.

        • bs angel says:

          Looks like there’s only four more spots to fill. Sweet!

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          *slowly steps away*

  9. The Real Dr Nog says:

    i love ctrl alt del

  10. Nuclear Pi says:

    I’m really confused right now, On one hand I’m really exited to see multiplayer footage on reach. But on the other hand I’m chewing the walls waiting for it to come out – AND THIS IS JUST MAKING IT WORSE!


  11. Xor1an says:

    Not that I’m not excited about Reach, but my second thought on seeing the MP trailer (after “OMG jetpacks, awesome!!1!!eleven”) was of Tribes, and then this classic Penny Arcade comic:

    I’m just a tiny bit glad I’m not the only one who had that thought, even though I have total faith in Bungie.

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