Chronicles of ODS Steve: Bug Problems (#61)

ODS Steve. The man. The legend. The hero that knows no fear. Join him and Delta Squad for their comical adventures as they valiantly attempt to drop into enemy territory to take the fight straight to the Covenant. Enjoy the Chronicles of ODS Steve, a regular weekly offering brought to you courtesy of DeepCee.

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve


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23 Responses to Chronicles of ODS Steve: Bug Problems (#61)

  1. Shirdel7221 says:

    Well that’s not good.

  2. bs angel says:

    I’m a little concerned about where Steve’s laser is pointing. O_o

    • DeepCee says:

      That would be a problem if the Scarab was on Steve’s side

      *dun dun duuuuunnn*

    • Mike says:

      im a little concerned that steve isnt dual weilding lasers

  3. I bet sarge is in the scarab.

    • Marksman says:

      I hate you for ruining the plotline, but sadly, I think you’re right.

      I thumbs up you though, for being smart like that.

      Thank me later :)

  4. liphttam1 says:

    … I cant believe the ODST’s are having problems with 6 grunts. Thats only like 2-3 frags.

    • brmonkey says:

      6 magnum shots or if they were close together 2-4 with the grunt birthday party skull

  5. Pffft, a Scarab? Steve’s got that, no problem.

  6. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    I sorta feel sorry for the scarab.
    He’s toast.

  7. Schoony says:


  8. DeepCee says:

    Yeahhhh Go Steveee!!!!

    • DeepCee says:

      Priy…You could at least change the screen name before you post a comment.

      :P Silly

      • bs angel says:

        Enjoying the conversation with yourself DeeCee? :P

        • DeepCee says:

          She never checks who is signed in !


          And now everyone thinks I’m crazy for talking to myself…lol

  9. Priy says:

    Whoops.. I thought steve’s got my back

  10. SonofMacPhisto says:

    I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite ODS Steve on the internet.

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Said about all of them… lol… Wait, I hope there’s not more, that’s infringement…

    • General Hoo-Haa says:

      lol nice endorsement. have to say tho in the game it wasnt good.

      • Eternalist says:

        Hey, everybody! SonofMacPhisto discriminates against the poor!

  11. Doodle says:

    Pffft. Like Steve can’t handle a little Scarab.

  12. KingofHeartX says:

    ah, the good old days of halo 2 campaign. brings back memories…

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