Halo 3 UFO

Thankfully the cheat-filled Halo 2 days of spawning in the sky and falling directly to your death due to an auto-aimed headshot are long gone. Unfortunately with their disappearance however came the tragic loss of the Harry Potter Warthog. The only mod that was enjoyable to face, the magical flying UNSC ground vehicle was actually anything but. Thankfully there’s a new hovering form of transportation to take its place in the offline world of Halo 3. Made by Halodu03de and WearingJOK3R, this fully functional UFO is made out of equal parts pure awesome and completely bad ass. Watch and weep for what many of us will never be.

31 Responses to Halo 3 UFO

  1. That was pretty bad ass. I would like to be able to take the barrier between the sky bubble and base ground out. That would make some epic battles between base and sky.

  2. i’ll take three. kthxbai

  3. bs angel says:

    It reminds me of … that quirky game where you play as an alien and abduct animals and people with your tractor beam (amongst other stuff)? Totally having a brain fart on the title.

    • Doodle says:

      Was it Destroy All Humans?

      • bs angel says:

        Yes! Thank you so much, that was bugging me. That was a fun little game, very entertaining.

        • liphttam1 says:

          You should like it since crypto was always watching pr0n.

  4. Elitearbiter says:

    Woah if only i played the ol’ Halo 2 modding days..

    • Crazy A 64 says:

      Trust me when I say you really didn’t miss out. It got to a point where it was more glitchy than MW2!

      • Zwooosh says:

        How is that even possible XD

  5. Gagazet says:

    Is this a mod or just some clever form of forging like the flying elephant? o_O

    • Sam says:

      It says in the title, smart one…

  6. ComaToast says:

    I have a question, I saw that it had the fuel rod cannons, but what else did it shoot? I believe I saw gauss cannon on it.

    • Panncakez says:

      It looks like some sort of triple Splazer blast. If you pause it around 30 seconds, you’ll see that it’s multiple beams that fade out just like that of a laser. Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

  7. firestream says:

    That’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen in Halo for a while. How did they do it?

    • Hyokin says:

      I would assume they took a hornet, swapped out the model, HUD, Name, and injected their own in. Then they removed the barrier using mods. It is relatively simple for an experianced modder, but cool as hell. I would love to fly that baby.

  8. HellCat says:

    Now that is awesome! I hate the genericshape of UFOs (saucer) but man thats so damn cool

    • rowboat 000 says:

      But that’s how they really look.

      • HellCat says:

        shhhh dont tell them

  9. Billdebeast says:

    Give it to me. now. seriously.

    • Thors toe says:

      Dido. Seriously.

  10. D taktics says:

    Haza for Jtagged 360s! I’m actually working on some of my own mods right now!

  11. Taylor says:

    Timing win:
    Tag and release: UFO’s

    • bs angel says:

      I just saw that too. What a coincidence!

      • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

        I smell conspiracy.

  12. Socket says:

    I hate audio swap. I’m getting so sick of this 00 whatever sound system music. Im assuming this is it also.

  13. Rhamsey says:

    That is pure win.

  14. jimmy says:

    hahah wtf…i never knew that

  15. InsaneViking says:

    Wait, what is the “Harry Potter Warthog”? Even the Great Google found nothing. If this is an elaborate prank on me, it is no longer funny.

    • bs angel says:

      I don’t know what the real name for it was but that is what I always called it because it was a flying Warthog and Harry Potter was relevant at the time. It wasn’t nearly as common as the other mods you tended to see in matchmaking but whenever you got grouped up against people using it, at least it was entertaining!

  16. Shirdel7221 says:

    Please, for the love of all that is Holy, gives us a download link.

  17. NakedScooter says:

    It reminds me of when I used to play modded Halo CE games with flying warthogs and flamethrower tanks.

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