The Blanket Project

Babies are awesome. Not only are they freakin’ adorable, but they are also the primary reason one of our favorite pairs of body parts, the ever popular mammary glands, grow to delightfully large proportions. In my opinion, and hopefully yours, that’s reason enough to support The Blanket Project. Coordinated by GivingChiX, a charity-focused division of GamerchiX, gamers will be coming together tomorrow, February 20th, to make baby blankets for Solid Ground (a group dedicated to helping women, children and families overcome homelessness). Monetary donations are appreciated as each one is expected to cost $10 USD apiece. If you are in the Seattle area, you can also help with the actual making of the blankets. Now go support the babies! They’ll appreciate it, even if they can’t tell you.

The Blanket Project

7 Responses to The Blanket Project

  1. Babies can be awesome.* fixed.

    • HellCat says:

      Tanrums and crapping their pants can be bad.

      anyway. This is why i wish i was in the US, to be more involved so i can help out our community more.

      I really want a kid but i think im a bit young

    • bs angel says:

      Other people’s babies that you can give back to them when they spit up, cry, or are otherwise unpleasant.

      Better? :)

      • Better! =D

      • Thors toe says:

        Best idea every.

  2. Do it for the mammaries!

    Er…I mean…do it for the babies!

  3. staticrift says:

    “primary reason”? more like secondary reason :)

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