Halo: Reach ViDoc 1: Once More Unto the Breach

34 Responses to Halo: Reach ViDoc 1: Once More Unto the Breach

  1. Grumpy Jedi says:

    I have to admit that my excitement was tempered at best right up until I saw this. Reach looks quite good.

    I’m still a long way off from where I was pre-Halo 3 launch.

  2. Justifiedcandy says:

    Careful with the video it’s piping hot!
    it looks so good and awesome, I can’t wait till the beta and then playing the campaign in sept.
    the thing I liked the most was that you can now have 6 spartans and 8 marines fighting up to 30 covie bastards.

  3. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    Looks incredible. GOTY anyone?

    • WaywardFerret says:


      • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

        Oh? Why not?

        • DethPwn says:

          Mass Effect 2, BioShock 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Yakuza 3, All Points Bulletin, Final Fantasy XIII, Super Steet Fighter IV, Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, Transformers: War For Cybertron, Crackdown 2, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, I Am Alive, Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, Metroid: Other M, Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Mega Man 10, Splatterhouse, Gran Turismo 5, Max Payne 3, Epic Mickey, Gears of War 3, Elder Scrolls V, Fallout MMO, Dead Space 2, Mortal Kombat 9, Zelda Wii, Hitman 5, Serious Sam 3, inFamous 2, and Fallout: New Vegas.

          That’s why.

        • Marksman says:

          You forgot Halo: Reach already looks better than most of those, and we’ve only seen about 20 seconds of campaign footage in it’s alpha build.

          Maybe Gears 3, ME2 or BioShock 2. MAYBE.

        • DethPwn says:

          I’d say that Halo Reach was beat out as early as January, with ME2.

      • Marksman says:

        GTFO This website. Nao. Pl0x. We don’t want you here.

        >:( >:( >:(

  4. A Shaky Shotgun says:

    Is it wrong that I couldn’t stop drooling over the DMR and pistol?

    • Panncakez says:

      Yeah, but we understand.

  5. InventiveArgument says:

    I have to admit that I have never felt actual “Ohmahgawd” anticipation for a Halo game.

    Halo: CE was given to me as an extra, by a microsoft employee, I didn’t even know about the game.

    Halo: 2, same situation

    Halo: 3 +ODST: Something I went out and purchased on my own, to my great enjoyment.

    But Halo Reach.

    Oh my god.



    Fuck it, I’d buy the legendary edition of the game if the only difference was a thumb-drive with a .gif of Marty dancing in a clown suit.

    • A Shaky Shotgun says:

      This makes me wonder what Legendary Edition will contain. :drool:

      • illocon says:

        A full size plasma grenade, with the game disc inside.

        THAT would be epic.

      • A .gif of marty dancing in a clown suit now thats something i want to see.

        • Marksman says:

          Go to ODST on Kikowani Station. You can see a .gif of Marty dancing, minus the clown suit. Youtube it.

  6. Faren22 says:

    I think I just had a geekasm.

  7. Voicedwalnut says:

    looks sweet am downloading to put on my ipod now coz yea that vid was kwl

  8. ashame says:

    Excitement part II ^^

  9. EliteXDeath says:

    WHY MAY! MAY!!!! T_T. Bungie lied to me! They said early 2010 but noooo has to be mid 2010. Nvm ill get over it in a minute.

  10. juegos says:

    This new Halo Reach is amazing! Excelent changes. I am gonna get it.

  11. VoltRabbit says:

    There has to be a reach-around joke in there some where? In an case, I’m excited!

    • xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

      Modern Warfare 2 fanboys will give me a reach-around while kissing my ass while I play Reach!

      • Marksman says:

        Urgh. Imagery. Urgh.

  12. Leeumm says:

    I think they’re serious when they say this is the “definitive” Halo title … it’s looking incredible. I, honestly, wasn’t insanely excited about it, up until I watched this. I couldn’t possibly be any more pumped for May 3rd to roll around.

  13. Crazeye0 says:

    Hasn’t been this excited since Halo ODST, in fact, I think I’m more excited.

  14. xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

    My excitement exceeds the capacity of my pants…..BONER-RIFIC!!!!!

    • Marksman says:

      Nice wording, but once again, IMAGERY. URGH.

  15. Ragingterror says:


    Wait a minute. Did I just see sprint added as a control mechanic?

    It’s about time.

    • Voicedwalnut says:

      Where have you been sprint in reach has been confirmed for a while it’s 1 of the equipment type things called armour enhancements

      • Ragingterror says:

        Where have I been? Working my ass off at my job at a nearby hospital and simultaneously finishing a science degree. I should think that I would be entitled to not have to follow the details of developing games, regardless of title or developer.

        Just sayin’…

        • Voicedwalnut says:

          Sorry but i was just saying that it’s been known for ages about sprint

  16. Araknoros says:

    YAY Pistol!!!!

  17. chris says:

    okay I thought this would be an odst x 2, but nope odst x 4 + the epic of CE + the caracters like bad company= reach

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