Halo: Reach Box Art

Halo: Reach Box Art

Source [Bungie.net]

25 Responses to Halo: Reach Box Art

  1. ReverendTiki says:

    can’t say i’m a fan of it. it’s a nice piece of art, but i dont think it will be a good cover for the game.

  2. I thought this was just a poster. Well anyway this image is my new desktop background

    • Kalamarikidd says:

      same here

      • halo.pink says:

        I have it too, and it makes me look like a real nerd, but I can’t bring myself to take it off

    • bs angel says:

      From the Bungie article:

      “What we can show off is the latest and greatest Visual ID (aka the box art)”

    • the_eNeME says:

      Did you get the full resolution one from the update on bnet? http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&link=HaloReach_X10

  3. Jasper says:

    I LOVE IT!! It just might be the best boxart of a Halo game yet!

    Can’t wait till it comes out!

  4. bertil says:

    but where is noble six? he`s not on it:(

    • ComaToast says:

      He? Huh? I thought the Nobles were teams. Noble 2 I believe is the group of Spartans you’re with. I could be wrong, I haven’t read Bungie updates or news on this game for about 3 or 4 months.

      • Apollo Running says:

        No. The number denotes rank within the squad. They are all Noble Team.

        • bertil says:

          yes, this is noble team, but the members are called noble 1 and noble 2 up to 6, and the spartan we are playing is only known as noble six….

  5. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    That lightning and cruiser in the middle are serious awesome.
    Oh, and so are the spartans
    …and the city
    …and the explosion in the background.

    I. Can’t. Wait.

  6. PeterSimp says:

    Shotgun the guy with the sniper! Heh heh heh…

    Awsome piece of art, It’s a shame with box art how the age ratings and price stickers and stuff ruin it, ahh well…

    • Elitearbiter says:

      You could always print a clear version and stick it on top… that would look pro

  7. Meh, not bad I guess. Too bad it’ll be covered by all sorts of crap like price tags and stickers and plastic and stuff…

    • Bah nevermind somebody already said it.

  8. Arkonyx says:

    Very nice. *drool* oops….sorry about that

  9. DethPwn says:

    I’ve got a bit of Deja Vu from Halo Wars, but my loins are still ablaze…

    • Marksman says:


      P.S. My spell-checker doesn’t like that word. Correct me if I spelt it wrong.

  10. i call dibs on the chick…. ;)

  11. ElusiveEagle says:

    Here’s a nice big version of it on the actual 360 game case (with the Xbox 360 header on the top):

    • Elitearbiter says:

      Doesn’t look too bad.

  12. Hate to say this but is kinda generic.

    • Marksman says:

      -Eye Twitches-

      I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.

  13. Billdebeast says:

    wow… orgasm

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