Little Blisters


22 Responses to Little Blisters

  1. Canuck-Errant says:

    Between a jock and a hard place.

    • Canuck-Errant says:

      …I mean a rock.

      • bs angel says:

        I was in that place just the other night! Well, the jock one anyways.

        • HellCat says:

          I think you mean a cock and a hard place

        • soulofaqua says:

          Hellcat aren’t those both the same?

      • HellCat says:

        No one is a rooster

        • HellCat says:

          *No, one is a rooster.

          Man puncuation changes the meaning of things

  2. Hmmmmm….. tough call…..

    • Just be really careful with the drill.

  3. liphttam1 says:

    I haven’t played bioshock (yet) but I’m pretty sure it’s an underwater city. A water source shouldn’t be to hard to find. Put your hand out and rub…. I mean scratch away.

  4. Why not try blow it…….Oh wait…..Nevermind….

  5. ComaToast says:

    His best bet is obviously the drill.

    • IcyTreats says:

      I’d say the flaming hand. Hey, you never know what relieves people’s itches…..

  6. staticrift says:

    At least he wasnt using the bee’s

    • rhubarb says:

      …or the sonic boom.

  7. DethPwn says:

    Better than Insect Swam. *shivers*

  8. Atlas says:

    Maybe if he really, REALLY gently scratches it with his drill arm….

    His left hand is out of the question though.

    • HSAR says:

      That, dear sir, is what she said.

      • Atlas says:

        Well played, HSAR.

  9. Panncakez says:

    I’d go with the drill. I’d rather be missing some than have mine burnt to a crisp, if y’know what I mean.

  10. Don A K Bab says:

    Just use hypnotise on one of the lady splicers, then while she’s down there…………………..

  11. BIZaGoten says:


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