BioShock 2 Launch Trailer

20 Responses to BioShock 2 Launch Trailer

  1. VoltRabbit says:


    • CurbStomp says:

      Word. I was debating on whether I’d wait awhile for a price drop, but dizamn I gotta get this now!

      • Don A K Bab says:

        If you’re in the U.K. then just go here

        The rapture edition (with just a smaller version of the spec ed art book) is only £31.95, it was going for £29.95 2 days ago and the regular edition is more expensive, don’t know why.

        Plus the Special edition is £49.95 here too which is the cheapest I’ve seen.

  2. Kamarov says:

    is it just me or does the big splicer sound like the heavy from TF2?

  3. ComaToast says:

    Yeah already watched it, and I’m having trouble deciding which one’s more epic, the first game’s trailer, or this game’s trailer?

  4. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    I don’t care much for this game, but I’ve got to admit that trailer was pretty awesome.

    • xLAS3RP01Nt3Rx says:

      Same here.
      I never played the first one, and I’m not planning on getting the second one, but this trailer kept me on the edge of my seat.

  5. BFalcon says:

    This. Looks. AWESOME.

  6. porjay says:


  7. Crazeye0 says:

    Wow. Want game now please.

    Hopefully I wont have to spend six years looking after the little sisters…

  8. DethPwn says:

    I just creamed myself over easily the most exciting trailer since the Halo 3 announcement. You know, I was debating over getting the Collector’s Edition BioShock 2 or tickets to PAX East, I’ve decided:


    • NakedScooter says:

      Can’t wait for Bioshock 2, but the collectors edition is nothing special. The posters aren’t that cool, and who actually owns a record player to play the record? AVP Hunter’s Edition is a much better buy imo.

      That said, the trailer was fucking awesome and I can’t wait to murder some splicers.

      • augustelc says:

        i own a record player, back from the good old days… the sound quality is so much richer!

        • DethPwn says:

          Same here! Got a record player AND a turntable!

          White boys love to scratch :D

  9. augustelc says:

    holy… SHIT. that was one of the greatest trailers ive seen in a while

  10. Spaz says:

    I’m replaying the first one in anticipation.

    I don’t think it’s helping. I want it even more.

  11. Gonzo says:

    this trailers got me pumped for the new game. the art work style has definitely been amped

  12. Tree12324 says:

    WRONG thing to watch before bed…

  13. staticrift says:

    H’awesome (so awsome it gets an extra letter)

  14. Fiesta says:

    Looks like i’ll have to be yelling “WHO’S YOUR DADDY” more often than usual.

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