Amazing Halo: Reach Poster

Fellow Halo fanatic Halcylon is a busy, busy man. By day he creates graphic designs, ads, logos, posters, web banners, and merchandise models under his real name, John Stvan, for his rather discerning clientèle. His free time however is spent focused on his personal interests which often means stunning pieces of Star Wars and Halo-related fan art. His latest composition merges his love for movie posters with a yet-to-be released video game many of us are more than a little excited about. Please enjoy his hype-inducing, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, screenplay-inspired interpretation of Halo: Reach. And if I could have thought of more hyphenated compound adjectives, you better believe I would have used ’em.

Halo: Reach Poster

26 Responses to Amazing Halo: Reach Poster

  1. Better than awesome, but then agian all your work is.

  2. Poopie McGhee says:

    Damn… I want this… In poster form… For around $5…

  3. Crazy A 64 says:

    This puts my skills in the world of digital editing in to perspective just a smidge!

  4. ReverendTiki says:

    I can haz real life version?

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  6. liphttam1 says:

    It’s OK. I don’t like how the background though. The rectangley part should be a bit bigger.

  7. i don’t get it… how can one person be so awesome and how do i get a piece of that hot action?

  8. Spaz says:

    Damn. I always wished I was artistic, well, more than the ability to draw a smiley face. That’s a beautiful piece of work!

  9. Mizzy says:

    This is really awesome, but something inside me cringes at the lens flares. 8(

    • halcylon says:

      That feeling inside is just herpes :)

      Actually, I didn’t use “lens flares”. I created those parts.

      • Mizzy says:

        You created “lens flares”.

        • halcylon says:

          Yeah, actually its not too hard with the right brushes and shapes.

  10. Qix says:

    This piece is awesome no doubt, but I prefer his “ODST Rain” wallpaper a little more. That one is made with pure sex.

  11. IcyTreats says:

    Good. Freaking. Job. Halcylon.

  12. JLay says:

    Spartan sniper with the ghillie suit (or could be Godzilla armor permutation!) and the spartan with the robotic arm are freakin’ sweet! Are these known to be in the final game version?

    • HellCat says:

      Learn the facts kiddo. Jun is the sniper, Kat is the robotish one

  13. HellCat says:

    That elite looks like a counciller from halo2

    Nice job all round though.

    But why is noble 6 bulkier than the other nobles? Somone should tell bungie that he is sneaking in midnight snacks

    • xLAS3RP01Nt3Rx says:

      Who, Jorge?
      He’s an SII, not an SIII.
      SII’s are bulkier.

    • xLAS3RP01Nt3Rx says:

      Oh, and I find it really funny that you tell the kiddo to learn his facts the post before, :P

      • HellCat says:

        ……i meant noble 6 the black one. Im a halo nerd. I know who jorge is, i know hes wearing heavier armour. I know the facts. Learn who the nobles are before you type

  14. augustelc says:

    i… i think i just creamed my pants…

  15. DethPwn says:

    Of course it’s Halcyclon.

    Well done, mate!

  16. halcylon says:

    Thanks everyone :) And thank you angel… this makes up for the little “early game over” joke :):):)

    • bs angel says:

      Lawlz. I didn’t realize you saw that little dig.

      • halcylon says:

        It wasn’t my fault that it went off before the “bomb armed”… your bomb is like a damn rubix cube! :)

  17. ComaToast says:


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