Master Chief Vs. Imperial Stormtroopers: Who Would Win?

Master Chief Vs. Imperial Stormtroopers: Who Would Win?

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51 Responses to Master Chief Vs. Imperial Stormtroopers: Who Would Win?

  1. MC, stormtroopers are cannon fodder… ya know?

  2. L337MA573R says:

    Ummm…the one with energy shields?

  3. xLAS3RP01Nt3Rx says:

    Genetically enhanced, armored, shielded, AR wielding super-soldier against conscripted, copy and paste Stormtroopers wielding a blaster rifle and a middle finger.

    MC has a bigger codpiece, he wins.

  4. bs angel says:

    Ok, this was too easy. Let’s up the ante a bit. Master Chief vs. General Grievous?

    • Radius says:

      Definatly the MC. Grievous doesen’t even HAVE a codpiece.

      • Panncakez says:

        Grievous just got PWN’d.

        • DethPwn says:

          The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy just got pwnd. By life.

    • liphttam1 says:

      Well depends if it’s an energy weapon or not.

      In reach the non covie guns are hit scan now.

      So if it’s a covie grievous can block.

      • Elitearbiter says:

        what does hit scan even mean i was confused when i read that part in the update

    • Gnome says:

      The Good ol’ MC… Because when you block bullets with a lightsaber… You just end up getting pelted by nice hot liquid metal.

  5. DT62 says:

    MC. I doubt a lightsaber can absorb a spartan laser.

    • soulofaqua says:

      If only we could use a Spartan Laser as a Big Freaking Lightsaber.

  6. ReverendTiki says:

    I’m pretty sure MC will be able to hold his own in this fight

  7. DeliciousCube says:

    MC will kick there Star Arse.

  8. Voicedwalnut says:

    hmmmm I guess MC for both

    • Voicedwalnut says:

      and there you have it

  9. Venom0425 says:

    If you think about it, this is really hard….. MC kicks ass, but storm troopers are bullet proof.

    I still think MC would win though.

    • augustelc says:

      what do you mean bullet-proof? one shot from a rock from an ewok and theyre dead. their armor is made out of cardboard!

      • The Silver Fox says:

        That’s because even bulletproof armor doesn’t stop the blunt force truama of being hammered with rocks repeatedly. And yes, Stormtroopers DO have bulletproof armor.

        That said, Master Chief could still kill them before they could blink. CQC FTW

  10. Sean C84 says:

    MC, though no-one else would live to tell the tale. The Stormtroopers would end up hitting everyone else in the room.

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      That’s what I was thinking… lol

  11. Basic Paul says:

    Stalemate, as the sheer volume of troopers that could be thrown at MC would just make a massive unending battle of epic proportions.

    • Elitearbiter says:

      An unstoppable force against an unmovable object.

  12. Storm Troopers can’t hit the side of a Death Star from 10 yards…

  13. Monkey_lord says:

    There is no doubt that the Chief would win, but would the chief win if there was a fight to the death with a Warthog (standard chaingun) vs. Land speeder?

    • augustelc says:

      it depends whose driving

      • Monkey_lord says:

        Chief in the Warthog, and the expendable soldiers in the speeders. Same odds.

        • bs angel says:

          Give Master Chief the flying Warthog from Halo 2.

        • FinAeros says:

          Or a flying dumpster.

  14. StephaBon says:

    Close range with Grievous, it would be whoever happened to throw the first punch. 4 light sabers could dice up chief very well, but chief could squash the General with one hand.

  15. Kalamarikidd says:


  16. Glasses Guy says:

    Storm Troopers. After a few hours of those suckers swarming him they would finaly kill him. Or he would get pissed enough from Cortana’s constant whining he’d off himself. But thats just if there was a battalion of Storm Troopers. Those two alone are toast.

  17. Lol , There giving the Cheif the finger.

    • JLay says:

      They are all giving each other the finger.

  18. xBSx Delta says:

    seriously, MC would just mop the floor with grievous. he could just throw a plasma grenade out of nowhere and completely obliterate him. Grievous dost even have that much armor, and he just a fleshy-skinned thing

  19. Personsen says:

    Master Chief

  20. HellCat says:

    Its a trap!

    Anyway. They have a scoutrooper but stormtrooper sucks at shooting so id say its a tie

  21. MGH1138 says:

    I’m relatively certain that the Care Bears could be the crap out of Stormtroopers.

    • MGH1138 says:


      Damn, I’m dumb.

      • JLay says:

        Little known fact: Care Bears are made from the crap of Stormtroopers.
        I heard MGH1138 say it on the internetz, so it must be true… :)

  22. Schoony says:

    Seeing as how MC is an army of one, and the Troopers needs to be in packs to be effective. I would say MC all the way.

  23. Gnome says:

    Better Question: MC and Leia, will they go all the way?

    • Skeah says:

      Sadly, spartans have their sex drives rediculously lowered to the point that they can’t really feel lust. =/
      Then again, it’s probably for the better as a genetically enhanced supersoldier might accidentally completely mangle a sexual partner, and not in a good way either. D=

      I mean, not to say that one can’t try. *doesn’t want to completely crush Hawty’s dreams*

  24. Loz says:

    master chief hands down stromtroopers can’t hit a barn from two feet away and also the chief has shields. He wouldn’t be even have to fire his gun. well except to beat them down.

  25. augustelc says:

    is it just me or is the scout stormtrooper flipping off MC?

  26. DethPwn says:

    The Harrison Ford Stormtrooper? Yes.

  27. Its Fun Time says:

    That huge-ass umbrella back there, obviously.

  28. FinAeros says:

    Hrm. I suspect this is from Ohayocon.

  29. Aciil says:

    OMG epic battle!

  30. TehEl1te says:

    Hey guys, I WAS that Biker Scout. I had a blast. That Chief was awesome. Great guy. To answer your question, yes… both the TK and I were flipping him off. We were asked too lol….

    The idea of two regular troops beating Chief is kind of silly… what about Boba Fett? :) That is a different story.

  31. TehEl1te says:

    and he is flipping us off to :) hahahaha

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