Transformers All Spark Xbox 360

Transformers All Spark Xbox 360

You may have missed the conversion of an Xbox 360 into a feral Cybertronian in the 2007 movie Transformers but I’m going to guess fellow gamer GivinTats did not as that’s the subject of his most recent console remodeling project. Starting with a simple, thin plywood box, he coated it with self-hardening clay, carved various glyphs and designs into it, threw in his Xbox 360, and then embellished it until it more than resembled All Spark, the magical cube-shaped artifact that brings mechanical and electronic objects to life. Dubbed the Transformers All Spark Case Mod, it not only looks incredible but is also fully functional. As a console, not as a Lifezoid robot you Autobots freak. More pictures after the jump because as you’ve probably already guessed, there’s more than meets the eye with this thing.

Transformers All Spark Xbox 360

Transformers All Spark Xbox 360

Transformers All Spark Xbox 360

Transformers All Spark Xbox 360

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31 Responses to Transformers All Spark Xbox 360

  1. Dude that’s pretty badass

    • mark w. says:

      my cuz would love this who ever made this is very good and has a creative mind

      • Sharkuel says:

        That is freakin cool! now it is a console, and also a presence lamp!!! lol

        Kiss that nintendo’s game cube!!! xP

  2. Crazy A 64 says:

    I always feel inspired when I see stuff like this, I’m more than capable. But unfortunately work, gaming and the lady lumps always seem to get in the damn way!

    I started a SNES Arcade coffee table about a year ago, so far the SNES is in functional parts but no wood has been cut :(

    • BSlaughts says:

      i feel ya…

      • Sharkuel says:

        you need to work on that wood… lol

  3. Glasses Guy says:

    I would never be able to that. Not just that I’m lazy, but that I would never be able to take my xbox apart.

  4. *facepalm* SoMP is gonna cream himself when he sees this.

    That is one hell of a mod.

    • Jim 028 says:

      I didn’t think SoMP liked World at War that much. :|

      • davyboy94 says:

        I smell an inside joke.

        • No, that was me. Sorry.

        • Jim 028 says:

          Blimey mendi, light a match!

    • Eh… it’s pretty cool. If it was an Autobot Matrix of Leadership mod… NOW it’s getting a little hot in here.

      • HellCat says:

        Now that would be awesome. Im not really a fan of the new movies but the craftmanship of this thing is great

        • DethPwn says:

          I wish I had your ignoring skills, SoMP. If so, I wouldn’t remember Hayden Christiansen GAAAAAAAH!!!!!!


      • DethPwn says:


        I hate the new movies, but agree with Hellcat. This thing has loads of crafts win.

        • Movies? Michael Bay only made one and it wasn’t half bad. *twitch*

          (Don’t cross him on this… he’ll flip out. :P )

  5. IcyTreats says:

    That’s actually pretty sick. Wonder how long this took?

  6. Arbiter says:

    What happens when it red rings?

  7. *RRoD*


  8. ComaToast says:

    I wish my Xbox could be turned into a killing machine :(, instead it only got the RROD. Not all of us are so lucky.

    • HellCat says:

      Ur xbox is a kiling machine…. It killed itself

      • I believe the technical term would be, ‘suicide machine.’ ;)

  9. krazygamer1011 says:


  10. Personsen says:

    I’d play with that. :)

    • HellCat says:

      Id play with this box all night if i could. :)

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  12. augustelc says:

    …and then i jizzed in my pants…

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  15. lifeskoolthug says:

    thats fuckin awesome. but the downside: that would be SO easy to steal.

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