Be a Hero

Yes, you’ve probably already heard about this. Now you get to hear about it again.Bungie Be a Hero

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  1. the blue shoe says:

    Got mine yesterday along with a few other things.

    • bs angel says:

      What else did ya get?

      • GeneralCupcakes says:

        Hur Hur Hur I also bought mine also yesterday. I feel like a good person now. x)

      • the blue shoe says:

        This sweet hoodie and a few batteries… I just noticed the 12 month Xbox Live is $34.99! That is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it. Usually $49.99?

        • xLAS3RP01Nt3Rx says:

          I have the original hoodie. The blue one.
          And I might buy the shirt later today.

          (Its 1 in the morning :D)

  2. LordOsiris says:

    Too bad they don’t ship internationally.

    • ShippouSwaan says:

      yeah…really sucks
      i would buy 2 or 3 shirts if they did xD

  3. Ben says:

    You can do your part by playing Halo with a particular emblem and colour scheme too you know. Bungie is gonna donate $10 for every 1000 players with the emblem active and I think it was going to be up $77, 000 or something like that. I can’t get a shirt shipped, so thats my only way of helping with their cause and I intend to do it. Even took some screenshots already. ^-^

    • Mizzy says:

      What emblem and colour scheme would that be? (the logo on the shirts?)

    • xLAS3RP01Nt3Rx says:

      Actually, I believe its 100 dollars per 1000 players.
      Or am I wrong?

      Because I remember figured, 10 cents a person, thats a lot.

  4. rowboat 000 says:

    Done and done.

  5. Glasses Guy says:

    See, everybody is trying to help Haiti, but what about all the other places with bad stuff that’s happened?

    • rowboat 000 says:

      Maybe you’ve never heard of the Red Cross, Doctors Without Border, or the many other international aid organizations that help out hundreds of thousands of people every year around the world. I, and many people I know, have made donations to different causes, countless times.

      The people of Haiti have been through the biggest natural disaster they’ve ever seen, with a death toll that may go as high as 200,000. Maybe you could have a little respect.

      (Sorry angel. I know this isn’t the place for this kind of discussion, but I can’t let it pass.)

      • LordOsiris says:

        He wasn’t disrespecting Haiti, he was just mentioning that there are other things happening in the world that don’t get the coverage they deserve. I bet if I said Darfur most people here would have no idea what it means.

        Why is it that we as a species only respond, we never prepare? If all of this money and aid was contributed 30 years ago would they still be in the same situation? I bet not. While 5 million dollars now will go to helping a bunch of people, if 5 million dollars in the 80’s was given, we would have been able to research faults, repair buildings, help the health care system-so maybe the death toll, while still egregious, (as is every single loss of a life) could have been lower. See: The Levees in New Orleans. If more time had been spent, if more money had been put into them, then they might not have caved in-leaving countless destruction because of the laziness of mankind.

        I am not saying that the effort that everyone is contributing is not needed, I just think that we should aid people before disaster happens.

        • rowboat 000 says:

          Welcome to Capitalism. Enjoy your stay.

          In all seriousness, make a post in the forum if you wish to continue this discussion. I’d like to keep things positive here, since we’re trying to help people in need. You can’t prepare for everything, everywhere in the world we live in.

          And yes, I’m sure a lot of people here couldn’t point to Sudan on a map to save their lives.

        • Glasses Guy says:

          Deal. Positive. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I’m sorry.

        • bs angel says:

          I can only hope, LordOsiris and Glasses Guy, that people that hold opinions such as yours are not downplaying making a difference after the fact but actively working towards making proactive changes. Goodness knows numerous are needed.

  6. Personsen says:

    Just ordered mine today! ^_^

  7. Marksman says:

    As soon as I boot up Halo, I’ll make my emblem a heart.

    I would donate, but a) I don’t know how, b) I got bugger all (no, for non-aussies) money, and c) I can do my part just playing Halo

  8. liphttam1 says:

    So… You got my message I assume? No community playmate for it.. but that’s OK.

    • liphttam1 says:


      (OMG! Theres a spam filter here too! I thought only Borne Games Forum had one)

      • xLAS3RP01Nt3Rx says: has one too, ya know.

      • bs angel says:

        Unless you sent it under a different username, I don’t have any emails from you in my inbox right now. Maybe try sending it again?

        • liphttam1 says:

          I sent it over XBOX live.

  9. davyboy94 says:


    • Billdebeast says:

      correction: BE AN ‘ERO

  10. Billdebeast says:

    Aside from my awesome grammar skills, there is almost no point in buying this jumper/hoodie/sweater. There is only around a $7 profit on this, and around 2/3 of it does not go to bungie. In reality you are only actually giving around $3 to Haiti, and giving the rest to greedy organisations. It would be far better to just donate an amount to an organisation like UNICEF or oxfam, rather than get a corny sweater (which, lets face it, if you wear you will get punched by a CoD fan)

    Which is why i just donated £5 to UNICEF, rather than buy this.

    • bs angel says:

      I’d venture a guess that numerous people beyond yourself have made a flat donation to a charitable organization along with making a purchase where the proceeds go towards a similar benefit. To say an endeavor such as this is pointless is ignoring the simple spreading of awareness to a younger audience that perhaps is more shielded from world events than others. I also find it puzzling that some are pointing out a company that is striving to make a difference in numerous ways instead of calling out the outstanding number of corporations that remain silent and inactive. Just my opinion of course. :)

  11. Indeed Not says:

    Got mine ordered today, but I wish that the money could fix all of their problems.

    I’ve been to Haiti, and let me tell you, they did not need this. The poverty in their country is overwhelming.

    • bs angel says:

      I’ve been doing a lot of reading on that as well, the disastrous immediate results of an event such as this plus its negative impacts to the strides that have been made in recent decades. If only it was easier to save the world.

  12. Sailor Harry says:

    Don’t worry folks. I am currently aboard my ship, USS Bataan, along with the 22 MEU (marines), less than 50 miles from Port-Au-Prince. We are ready to help and will assist the USNS Comfort with humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

    I will update our activites on my blog at Not pluggin my own site here, but just providing a glimpse from where I’m at.

    We have a lot of work ahead of us, but our entire crew, along with the other ships in support are ready and willing to make this a successful international mission.

    – Sailor Harry

  13. rowboat 000 says:

    Old song…new meaning.

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