Little Bunny Xbox

Xbox Bunny

Source [Flickr]

12 Responses to Little Bunny Xbox

  1. ComaToast says:

    What’s this from? Apparently someone really loves plush items and Xbox.

    • bs angel says:

      It’s just a cute little custom sock bunny someone created. I would have preferred the Xbox logo to be stitched into the sweater instead of featuring the button but it’s still completely adorable!

      • ComaToast says:

        See, at first I thought X stitched in for the bunnies nose was the Xbox part of it, considering that the bunny was green. Then I scrolled down and noticed the Xbox logo button.

        • tjfadness says:

          Same here. I was even beginning to formulate a response to that…

  2. Atlas says:

    Too cute to make a witty comment about. That….and I’m afraid they’ll kill me in my sleep if I do.

    • ComaToast says:

      So you’re not the only one who was afraid that dolls would kill them when they were younger. I watched Chucky when I was 5 and dude, ever since then, I always thought that these dolls my mom had in her room would jump out and stab me with a knife whenever I turned the lights off. It looked so evil with its odd porcelan smile. It creeped me the F* out.

      • bs angel says:

        I watched that movie around Halloween time when it was on FEARnet in HD. Still a great flick!

  3. augustelc says:

    ah man that logo reminded me that i should really play some halo… then i realized that my xbox is currently in mesquite, texas because of a RROD

    • bs angel says:

      Aaawww. :(

  4. Glasses Guy says:

    I wonder if when the bunny gets teared, it turns red.

    • Atlas says:

      If it RROD’s, that’s when it kills me in my sleep.

  5. HUSKYtheDEMON says:

    don’t go RROD on me…sweet lil bunny…oh…shit.

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