Halo Legends – Origins, Part 1 Today Only

Halo Legends – Origins, Part 1It’s about that time: the time that we watch the latest episode of Halo Legends, pick apart anything that can be considered even remotely non-canonical, and grudgingly admit that it really isn’t half bad (the last part being completely optional). This week’s anime-styled film is part one of Origins, a chapter devoted to telling the story of a struggle within the Forerunner society. Following the already set schedule, this episode is available on Halo Waypoint today only so quit your dilly-dallying and go watch it already. We’ll be awaiting your commentary.

49 Responses to Halo Legends – Origins, Part 1 Today Only

  1. lskcrcrjvsa says:

    As much as I was skeptical about Halo Legends, it is looking really good.

  2. PikminGod says:

    why didn’t the forerunner just clone themselves too?

    • CurbStomp says:

      I’ve always wondered that same question. And why did they keep specimens of the flood on the halo rings?

      • I guess we’ll find out in part II. :)

        • Glasses Guy says:

          It’s a little thing called Irony. They save everything but themselves. Or their all just stupid. Or Bungie has some major plot-holes to fix up. I’m going with the last one.

        • ReverendTiki says:

          This was brought up at HBO: maybe they did clone themselves. we know that humans and forerunners havesome connection, so perhaps they did reseed themselves as the caveman like humans that we saw.

      • Phil says:

        I thought I read somewhere it was to keep the possibility of research finding a cure?

  3. This is the only part of Legends I’ve seen so far, but I liked it.

    The forerunners looked like badass power rangers to me.

    • Glasses Guy says:

      I thought they looked more like Guyver.

    • Marksman says:

      C’mon, get out.

      Power Rangers can’t be even compared to badass.

      • Not even the original power rangers? I’m not talking about the crap now, with magic power rangers and dinosaur power rangers and whatever other shit their trying to milk out.

        • Marksman says:

          Well, yeah, I meant all power rangers… The old ones are off-put by the new ones.

      • Marksman says:

        I personally thought they looked like Predator, but more Human with less Dreadlocks-tentacles.

      • Glasses Guy says:

        Well, now they can’t. The first ones were great.

  4. Radius says:

    Not half bad this time around. Though the only reason they didn’t screw with the cannon that much was because they were 100,000 before the series.

  5. Sam says:

    This was my favorite so far. I liked how they took specimens and clones them, and put them back on the planets.

    • PikminGod says:

      my question is how did they know what to do? They would just be large creatures that have no knowledge of the world around them. How would they know where to go or what to do? You can’t clone thoughts or memories.

      • voicedwalnut says:

        what they did is get the sentinels to guide each of the species onto a specific ship and the ship had a preset course

      • suicidalkanoka says:

        God, have you played Assassin’s Creed?
        and @ the comment on Forerunners no longer existing, Cortana said they chose to make their sacrifice. The scientists (or possibly the gov’t or the educated) made the decision, not the people. They may have been afraid of repeating history, after all, they can’t control those they aren’t there to interact with and they don’t know the new Forerunners who haven’t been made yet.

        Or Bungie may have just decided to give the moral message of: if you’re gonna die anyways, make it so others can live. Yeah, the moral ignores the specifics of the story, but truth be told, its probably what was written on the “mysterious ancient race” board during early story development.

        I noticed Cortana made an early comment about her filling a lot of holes with guesses. Essentially, by telling it from Cortana’s perspective, they made it nearly impossible to contradict canon.

        The Forerunners may have been wearing masks, but I didn’t like their depiction, too avian. I consider their appearance to be like master Chief’s face; shouldn’t ever happen. The Sword guns were cool and rather… seeming uncanonical at the same time.

        • PikminGod says:

          I have played assassins creed, but in that realm of reality, memories are stored in the genetic code of an individual, which is why only certain people can use the animus. Accessing this requires the use of a machine, so how would a clone be able to access this information?

      • Radius says:

        They can clone memories (at least in the Halo Universe). That’s how the humans replaced the Master Chief when they conscripted him. It makes sense that the Forerunners would have an even better version of it.

        Not only that, but they said they took live specimines, too.

  6. voicedwalnut says:

    anyway I found this 1 really good as it revealed a lot about the universe

    • Marksman says:

      Yes it did, offered alot of backstory. SuicidalKanoka said above that the Forerunner should be like MC’s face- never revealed- but I think that knowing what the Forerunner were, how they lived, and seeing the similarities between them and Humans (their “reclaimers”, possibly descendants) helped alot in the Halo story. For once, kudos 343.

  7. Marksman says:

    But I did notice in the episode that the Ark and the Halo’s don’t have the terraformed surface that they do Halo-Halo3. Did it naturally evolve on the surface, or was it placed there later?

    … *twilight zone music*

    • Sam says:

      When I noticed that it never had any of the land or water, I was suspecting that it evolved there, somehow.

    • Phil says:

      really? hmmm possibly just an artistic choice

  8. KWDzero says:

    I think that this episode is one of the better ones. It was very interesting to learn more about the Forerunners.

  9. lskcrcrjvsa says:

    i actually liked the appearance of the weapons. they look similar to certain items that we’ve seen the covenant with that are retro-engineered forerunner devices. the true forerunner technology seems the same only more advanced. this is the episode i liked the most. nothing was out of canon, and i agree that by telling it from cortana’s perspective, any plot-holes would be just her guessing through logical connections. I had mixed feelings about the forerunners being shown but i think that it was a necessary evil in order to get the story across. my opinion on the whole “why didn’t the forerunners clone themselves?” is that cortana kind of explained. The forerunners were a wise, NOBLE race. They probably believed that all races had an end at some point, much like the precursors before them. They knew, however, that if they just quietly met their end without confronting the little problem of the Flood, the galaxy would never see another sentient species rise to their full potential. Which is why they protected some of the species from the Halos’ effect before eradicating the flood and their food source. As for why the newly cloned species and how they would react on their new planet, I’m sure the sentinels and monitors would stick around for a few generations and lend a guiding hand until nature, nurture, and instinct take over.

    • lskcrcrjvsa says:

      As for the newly cloned species and how they would react on their new planet, I’m sure the sentinels and monitors would stick around for a few generations and lend a guiding hand until nature, nurture, and instinct take over.***

  10. ComaToast says:

    Son of a… I missed this episode, I just played games yesterday, didn’t even remember it was Saturday again :( was it good, can someone recap it for me?

    • Indeed Not says:

      YouTube, hint hint

      • DeimoSpartan says:

        No as appeared in the film they walk out confused and alone, Primal instincts only after that(similar to future Spartans and Covenant Forces tactics) they would only face the crucible of life and survival….. ( forerunner blades/ energy tech appeared to me as inferior/unrefined; Covenant and Human Interaction speed the advances seen today. Most Notable by Spartans and Sanghelli losses)

    • Phil says:

      yeah…I keep missing the episodes on Saturdays (last time I tried to access it through Halo Waypoint it was around 12 something AM lol), but alas someone always posts it on YouTube x)

  11. Overdoziz says:

    Didn’t Halo only kill the food of the Flood? In the video it looked an awful lot like the flood itself was also removed by Halo. Besides that point and the fact that Cortana’s voice is off (Why can’t they just hire the actual voice actor?) it was a pretty nice episode.

    Grunts look awesome <3

    • Overdoziz says:

      I just read somewhere that Frank said that Jen (Cortana’s voiceactor) en Steve (Le Master Chief)were being used for another project. Sounds like we’ll know what happens with Cortana and MC after Halo 3 after all. :)

    • ComaToast says:

      Yeah, the people who made these videos were quite inconsistent with canon, but hey, it’s entertainment, and I’ll take it where I can get it. By the way, no one needs to recap it for me, I saw it on youtube. Like if the Forerunners just sort of.. dropped off the humans, grunts, sangheilli, jackals, and brutes, why did they not have any recollection of them to tell their descendants. Or what happened to those huge pieces of technology floating out in space at that one point that the flood was wiped off of them.

      • Morhek says:

        Who says they didn’t? Almost every region on Earth has tales of a disaster scouring the world, with a select few saved – the exact means of their salvation, and the cause of the disaster, vary from place to place, but they share a common theme – and, of course, belief in the Great Journey had to start somewhere.

      • DeimoSpartan says:

        They F-in melted in stars peeps, they had no gravity fields

  12. Indeed Not says:

    Not bad at all. It’s the only one that I haven’t tried to kill myself after watching.

    • jameson says:

      I have the same feeling. The other episodes were so bad i wanted to murder myself. This one was actually pretty good. i liked that it had the Forerunners and what happened to them (sorta) i have a feeling that they did save some of them on the world that is inside of onyx and that is why they didn’t clone themselves- since they were still alive. I cant wait to read the new books about the Forerunners because i have always wanted to find out what the deal was about them and i guess we finally will, and im guessing that it is going to lead up to them finding out that a few made it to onyx and are inside it; then the next game will come out and it will be master chief and him trying to get to the center of onyx where Dr. hasley is. I am betting that is what is going to happen or at least i hope because the last you see of master chief is of him floating towards onyx in the broken ship with cortana (the very end of halo 3).

  13. Janaka says:

    This episode was worse then I thought, they just decided to ignore 99 percent of the story line. Forerunner A.I’s out the window, The Mantle, didn’t even mention it. *Sigh* Everything was told like if it was for three year olds. From here and on, I wont care for anything Halo related if it isn’t made by Bungie. It’s a shame really, cause I liked the “The Package” .

    Also, why were the humans from Europe?! I though they were supposed to be.. (see link)

    • Sam says:

      Interesting comic.

    • lskcrcrjvsa says:

      All of it was canon, except for a few new things which might or might not follow Bungie’s Halo Bible. As for why they never mentioned the Forerunner AI’s and the whole story about the Mantle, those are part of the in-depth story about the fall of Forerunners. Also, remember that this is only part 1. they might mention something about it in part 2. Part 1 was mainly just an overview of the fall of the Forerunners and the rise and fall of the Flood.

      In response to Overdoziz- The Halos were designed to eliminate the Flood’s food and the Flood’s food is sentient life. Once the Flood consumes enough sentient life though, the Flood become sentient themselves. The Halos are designed to eliminate any sentient life. Once the Flood became sentient through the consuming of the Forerunners, they became subject to the effect of the Halos.

  14. IcyTreats says:

    Not a bad ep., in my opinion.
    Lookin forward to part 2.

  15. vashkey says:

    No Jen Taylor Made me want to punch my testicles. They had a surprisingly good replacement, I’ll admit, but it’s still no Jen Taylor.

  16. DuracellDurrell says:

    so frustrated by the lack of the foruners faces. all you got was different varriants of the combat skin… let me see how human they were!!!!

    • lskcrcrjvsa says:

      I think showing the Forerunners was a huge leap of faith for whoever made this and I give them props. I feel that the Forerunners should be more like the Chief, heard but not seen, in a way. We know of Master Chief and we know his story but we’ve never seen him out of the suit. We know of the Forerunners and their story but until now they haven’t been seen at all. I think it is better to leave them as is, and have the Chief’s rule apply to them. Let our imaginations take over and imagine the real Forerunners. The story isn’t about what the Forerunners looked like, the story is about their actions and the things they accomplished. That’s what really matters.
      As a side note though, I would like to hear about the fall of the Precursors and how the Forerunners came to be. I don’t necessarily want to see the Precursors, but I want to know if the Flood were the cause of their demise too.

  17. DeimoSpartan says:

    WTH the Forerunners look like gatchaman from the old anime series(please awesome otaku lame fill in more info, hiYuh) bur seriously, bald 343 guy, you lied, this BR/DVD is a scam, JUST LIKE: THE ANIMATRIX AND BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT. They watch us all talk to “try and get it right ” and sell us an new BS project, and While HLegends is awesome in some ways, In will get a copy somewhere for free, MS has enough of my money from XBL and BS rules…… HAVE FUN ANIME JUNKIES, oh and this one comes translated….. LOL LOL (thank all)

    • DeimoSpartan says:

      HA AHA HA HAA HA hah haa ha ahahahahah “japanese accent” ( speed racer/robot chicken lame accent)

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