Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters: I Call Leaves!

34 Responses to Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters: I Call Leaves!

  1. Kato says:

    Wow, Banana leaves are cover? C’mon.

    • bs angel says:

      Whatever dude. I’ve never been so tempted to buy a game before as when I saw that segment. Talk about the perfect place to camp!!

      • Tentimook says:

        You dont have Modern Warfare 2 yet?!?!?!??! Do you live in a cave?

        • bs angel says:

          I do, although it’s not related to me not owning MW2. I prefer to not play human against human shooters so this a title I’m not particularly interested in. I’ve heard it’s great though so it’s not anything personal, just my gaming preference.

        • Tentimook says:

          Oh, thats cool cause I never knew why you didnt play the CoD series but I respect your choice

        • MGH1138 says:

          It’s initials spell CoD, as cod piece. You’d think she’d be all over that…


        • DethPwn says:

          Doesn’t Spartan v. Spartan count?

        • Jim 028 says:

          Not the Spartan v. Spartan angel likes ;)

      • Marksman says:

        camping in Banana leaves?
        “Quick, someone’s coming, pretend to be a Banana!”
        No, I don’t think that’s work. They’d try and stab you anyway. Watch out for those knivez. You’ve been warned. ;P

        • HSAR says:

          Run for the barbershop :D

  2. Overdoziz says:

    I once jumped on a gastank and it lit up and exploded. :/
    Same as with the cars.

    (The leaves really surprised me as it makes no sense at all)

    • ComaToast says:

      They’re just extremely hard

      • bs angel says:


        Sorry, it just slipped out …

        • Marksman says:

          That’s also WHAT SHE SAID. Oh wait, that’s not good.

        • Xerone says:

          That’s what she said!

          I can’t get enough of this!

        • bs angel says:


          Come on, gimme more!

        • She said that too.

        • Marksman says:

          I’ll restart it: you broke it SOMP.

        • suicidalkanoka says:

          That’s what she said.

          I’m glad you restarted the flow. I was getting rather disappointed.

        • A Shaky Shotgun says:

          That’s what she said!

          Yea, baby!

        • Marksman says:


          Yeah, recurring events.

  3. AOClaus says:

    Bullet proof banana leaves…that would explain some things.

    • HSAR says:

      Always wipe!

  4. suicidalkanoka says:

    BS, did you announce the blog competition you’re in, or are you not allowed to?

    • bs angel says:

      I didn’t announce it. Not because I’m not allowed to but more because I’m uncomfortable devoting an entire post to it. :)

      • DeepCee says:

        Everyone look at the top right corner of the blog NOW !!

        Thank me later :)

  5. Socket says:

    I just got a predator missile headshot like, two hours ago. Pretty funny.

  6. Jeez talk about “mythconfirmers” rather than “mythbusters”. All but one myth is confirmed. (If you re-visit the nuke survival myth, it’s confirmed.)

    • Socket says:

      Sort of…The nuke guy still gets credited with a kill.

      • Marksman says:

        But you don’t actually die.

        • suicidalkanoka says:

          But its still useless for hurting other people’s point collection, and you can’t continue playing after you survive.

        • Socket says:

          Lol, four posts on the same thing. Everyone has the same information and we all still disagree. That’s the internet for you.

        • suicidalkanoka says:

          Yes, because everyone has their own opinion and the internet means all portions of conversations stay open for discussion. Why wouldn’t people do the logical and explain their interpretation? Facts are useless if they can’t be interpreted into an application after all.

        • Marksman says:

          fair call, I was simply stating that your player model appears alive, which CAN be close enough if you want it to.

          Wow, that’s sounded really necrophilic…

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