Keepin’ It Clean, and Decorated

Halo 3: ODST Christmas Ornaments

Our favorite Urban Infrastructure A.I. construct and his perfectly circular shape create the ultimate combination for an adorable holiday ornament to adorn your tree. Halo fanatic Liquid Fire 3 clearly made that exact revelation as she crafted an entire set of handmade Superintendent-themed ornaments, each featuring a different one of his seven simplistic character-defining facial expressions. She created them with nothing more than a silver Sharpie and a roll of painter’s tape but I’m thinking stencils and spray paint would have done the job as well. If you incorporated video games into your holiday decorations this year, show us a picture! We need MOAR.

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31 Responses to Keepin’ It Clean, and Decorated

  1. GeneralCupcakes says:

    SI Orbs? I thought they were Ghastly (from Pokemon) Balls.

    • CurbStomp says:

      I’m truly ashamed that I actually know what you are talking about.

      • Scotty-Bob says:

        That was my initial thought too…. Hahah!! I love Pokemon!!

        • ComaToast says:

          By what you just said, that’s how we separate the boys from men. Just kidding. Used to love playing Pokemon, so I know what you’re talking about, but the sad faced one gave it away for me.

        • IcyTreats says:

          Ghastly Balls? Wow, that’s just mean.

  2. Zoom says:

    These are awesome!

  3. voicedwalnut says:

    ok these are win

  4. ReverendTiki says:

    why arent they green?

    • Glasses Guy says:

      Most places don’t sell many olive green orbs.

      • Marksman says:

        Look near Angel’s Favourite part of Master Chief.

    • Marksman says:

      Oh, and following the link, “Because they would blend in with the tree”. There we go. Problem solved.

  5. ALTEX says:

    the first one i saw was the far right one in the second row and I totally went “hey cool, someone made symbiote spiderman themed decorations”.
    i don’t whether i’m more disspointed that they aren’t or that i immediately thought that.

  6. ONI is in ur tree, watchin u celebrate.

    • voicedwalnut says:

      lol you win 1 internets which costs $100000000

      nah you get it free

    • Ny Hitman 0401 says:

      Two words… Epic Win :D

      • JLtheking says:

        Nah I won’t be as selfish as voicedwalnut. Here’s 1000 internets =)

        • voicedwalnut says:

          hey I said nah you get it free

        • Hey now, I can take free internets from both of you. You can never have too much internets.

  7. Bigstack says:

    Hey lol I see that people actually get around to my site lol… and awwww the source link is wrong :( should be “” HBO always manages to get there name on what i post :P

    • bs angel says:

      My policy is linking the original source within the article (in this case, “set of handmade Superintendent-themed ornaments” leads directly to your site) with the website where I found the story as the source at the bottom when applicable. I attempt to spread the love everywhere it is deserved. :)

  8. Glasses Guy says:

    They should sell these at stores world-wide.

  9. Overdoziz says:

    Well they sure ain’t keeping your floor clean.

  10. Marksman says:

    You realise, now, I’m going to get a creative streak and try something similar. ITS NOT PLAGIARISM, IT’S COPYING!

  11. Marksman says:

    I take that back. I’m going to do the EXACT SAME. Because they’re freaking cool. and rather cute. Urgh. I actually said Cute. Meh, it’s the SI, my favourite character, besides the Arbiter.

    • bs angel says:

      You should make your own set. They’re very cute and also very subtle. Do plasma grenade ornaments too!

      • Marksman says:

        Oh come on. I’m as artistic as a bull in a shop full of nuclear reactors. I’ll give it a go, and If I do it good, I’ll send pics, but if I fail…
        May God help us all…

        • Marksman says:

          Wait, what kind of shop has Nuclear reactors…?
          Quad-post, FTW!

      • Marksman says:

        Also, I think Frags would work better, they’ve got a little knobble on the top, as do Baubles.

        • Marksman says:

          I could do a set of mixed ones!! Hey, Yeah!

        • voicedwalnut says:

          you really went crazy with that post but yea do the mixed set cos that would look awesom

  12. DethPwn says:

    Am I the only one seeing Black Deadpool?

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