Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

Holiday 2009

12 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

  1. Qix says:

    Crazy Australians and their December summer.

  2. HSAR says:

    When it said “Holiday 2009”, I didn’t think they meant literally. :/

  3. Tentimook says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  4. Narroc says:

    well, i didn’t expect THAT.
    until i noticed the runtime.

    • DethPwn says:

      Same here! I was like “25 seconds? WTF?”

  5. tanaka says:

    WHATADICK! it may just be me, but I foud the video never ending stuck at 00:23 was a nice touch

  6. thanks angel. i want my 30 seconds back. =P

  7. Poopie McGhee says:

    Good… Next Week should be good…

  8. Mr Viper says:

    Well that was, er …’brief’.

  9. staticrift says:

    For a moment I thought surely there is more, soon realising it was Yahtzee I became suspicious, downsized the screen and saw his devious trickery. Damn you, you British-Australian fiend!! :D

  10. Cardo says:


  11. NINJA Dusk2Dawn says:

    I wonder were he went?

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