My Little Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus My Little Pony
The key to defeating a colossus is identifying its weakness, and this one has a vulnerability that is obvious at first glance: its incredibly high level of cuteness. Created as a tribute to the action-adventure video game Shadow of the Colossus, varied artist Blondeyetti slapped some Sculpey, stone effect spray paint, and burnt grass flocking on a My Little Pony and instantly found herself with the most adorable colossi of the pack. And you thought you felt bad killing the ones that didn’t fight back. Imagine if they had looked like this!

*Image posted with permission.
Video Game-Themed My Little Ponies

9 Responses to My Little Colossus


    I LOVE THIS GAME! and so I love this :)

  2. That one’s actually pretty good. Never played Shadow of the Colossus, but this has been one of the few MLPs that hasn’t made me flinch. Awesome. It’s even got a little stone tail :D. And what looks like a blue tramp stamp.

    • you should definately go buy it if you’ve got a PS2, along with Ico the game that came before it, they’re amazing, artistic games

      • IcyTreats says:

        Yeah, I played it at a friend’s and it’s reallyyyy good.

  3. DethPwn says:

    Scary pwny is very, very scary!

    I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while, by the way: Where the hell do you find all these?

  4. augustelc says:

    man i never even finished shadow of the colossus. it was a good game tho… i think ill go and finish it now…

  5. Mizzy says:

    That is some really amazing grass texture

    • Marksman says:

      I think it’s moss, but you’re right. I think this is the best one yet.

      • It’s “burnt grass” according to the DeviantArt

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