Guest Article: The Making of the Halo Periodic Table

Halo Periodic Table

By Halcylon


Almost five months ago, bs angel came to me with a project that had not been completed but started a few times. It was a periodic table of Halo elements. I went back and looked at the previous entries she had posted to review some of the other tables (Xbox games and video game characters). I reviewed the design, layout, and overall functionality of these tables. When angel told me that she’d like to see this completed, I broke into a sweat. This was going to be, by far, the largest project either of us had ever worked on. I didn’t think I was up to it.

Seeing that she had laid out all the elements in alphabetical order, I grabbed “Ac” as it was the first one and noodled with designs, eventually coming to the conclusion that this needed to be something special. I didn’t want just panels with graphics in the middle… I wanted more.

So I thought for a second and decided to create a plate for the element to rest on and from there began to craft each image into a false-3D replica of itself. This was easy at first. I took known graphics and renders and dumped them onto the plate. After some time however, angel and I realized that not only were some of these abstract concepts, but some were maps and locations. I have to say that the maps and locations by far were the hardest to craft, but coming up with how to portray abstract concepts like n00b and camping were seemingly impossible. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we not only came up with adequate visual representations for those abstract tiles but also that we made them recognizable.

Today I’m proud to unveil the final stage of the Halo Periodic Table. The image is done, the tiles are available, and now the site is up and running. Together with angel and Mike Blazek of calliope epic, we’ve come up with the best way to display not only the elements and titles, but also the descriptions and even some easter eggs.

Please, enjoy this to its full potential! Halo Periodic Table Site

5 Responses to Guest Article: The Making of the Halo Periodic Table

  1. IcyTreats says:

    And a fine Halo Periodic Table it is :)
    *pauses, then realize he’s first*

  2. rowboat 000 says:

    The website looks fantastic. Again, good job!!!
    :thumbsup: for the new element too. :)

  3. ElusiveEagle says:

    Wonderful! It keeps getting better!

  4. shadowsquid86 says:

    I could complain and say that HMB should really be Hmb, or that that place will soon be taken by Copernicium (Cn), but this is a very very good job. I was equally impressed by just the “loading screen” as I was with the actual site. *Thumbs up*

  5. Felipe 058 says:

    You guys are just plain awesome, minus the plain because you are anything but.

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