The Elements of the Halo Periodic Table, Ac-Lu

Halo Periodic Table

The Halo Periodic Table is a tabular display of 112 elements, all of which find their origins from the science fiction-based Halo universe. While I determined the content, the true magic was done by graphic designer and fellow Halo fanatic Halcylon. Previously only available as one extremely large image, I am proud to present the complete collection of individual tiles he painstakingly created for use in this massive project. Full sizes for both your viewing and downloading pleasure are available by clicking the appropriate text under each image. Enjoy!

Active CamoSpacerAegis FateSpacerAvalanche
Active Camouflage DownloadUNSC Aegis Fate DownloadAvalanche Download

UNSC In Amber CladSpacerArbiterSpacerAssault
UNSC In Amber Clad DownloadArbiter DownloadAssault Download

Automated TurretSpacerUNSC Pillar of AutumnSpacerBungie
Automated Turret DownloadUNSC Pillar of Autumn DownloadBungie Download

Banshee DownloadBrute DownloadBanhammer Download

BrigadierSpacerBlackoutSpacerBattle Rifle
Brigadier DownloadBlackout DownloadBattle Rifle Download

Cortana DownloadCarbine DownloadCodpiece Download

Combat EvolvedSpacerCapture the FlagSpacerChill Out
Combat Evolved DownloadCapture the Flag DownloadChill Out Download

CampingSpacerCoagulationSpacerBattle Creek
Camping DownloadCoagulation DownloadBattle Creek Download

Cairo StationSpacerJames Gregory CutterSpacerDouble Kill
Cairo Station DownloadJames Gregory Cutter DownloadDouble Kill Download

DropshipSpacerDanger CanyonSpacerEllen Anders
Dropship DownloadDanger Canyon DownloadEllen Anders Download

Energy SwordSpacerEpilogueSpacerFlood
Energy Sword DownloadEpilogue DownloadFlood Download

ForgeSpacerCarol Foe Hammer RawleySpacerJohn Forge
Forge DownloadCarol Foe Hammer Rawley DownloadJohn Forge Download

GravemindSpacerThe GuardiansSpacerGeneral
Gravemind DownloadThe Guardians DownloadGeneral Download

Halo DownloadHelljumpers DownloadHalf-Jaw Download

Huragok DownloadHornet DownloadHeadshot Download

I Love BeesSpacerActivation IndexSpacerIris
I Love Bees DownloadActivation Index DownloadIris Download

Jacob and Miranda KeyesSpacerKig-yarSpacerSpartan Laser
Jacob and Miranda Keyes DownloadKig-yar DownloadSpartan Laser Download

LibrarianSpacerLegendarySpacerMissile Pod
Librarian DownloadLegendary DownloadMissile Pod Download




28 Responses to The Elements of the Halo Periodic Table, Ac-Lu

  1. x primeeeeeee x says:

    These are very good quality, good job.

    I got a few guesses correct.

  2. Gagazet says:

    Lu – Missle Pod?

    Angel, your work is still great! I frequent your website quite offen – someone can find funny news here and sometimes serious news even before HBO got them! Greets from Halo Universe, Germany’s best and nicest Halo Fansite ;)

    • bs angel says:

      The missile pod’s formal name is LAU-65D/SGM-151. And thank you for your kind words! They are very much appreciated. :)

      • Gagazet says:

        Ah, something like that was my guess ^___^

      • Jesse says:

        cheap technicality! haha but still very awesome job you did here. chemistry will never be the same

  3. ElusiveEagle says:

    Great work once again!

  4. Kato says:


  5. Mizzy says:

    These would make really great OS icons. Any chance he has .png versions of these?

    One thing I did notice is that the “I love Bees” isn’t reflected properly.

    • ReverendTiki says:

      good eyes, but im not really going to get on Halcylon’s case, he did reflect the codpiece alright so he made up for it

  6. Zero says:

    I – I love bees?

    • bs angel says:

      That’s one of my favorites! I thought it would be more fun to go with something cutesy than trying to visualize it accurately. :)

      • I love Bee’s is also my favorite, though I have a special place in my heart for Mn.

  7. Morpheus says:

    Ooh, please tell me there’s a zip for all these!

    • halcylon says:

      There was. Not sure what angel did with it.

      ::yells across the house::

      “Angel? Did you put the zip in the garbage or is that still sitting around?”

      • suicidalkanoka says:

        Whenever I see your account picture, I think of you as the Joker. Your comments therefore seem very strange at times.

        Also, the pixels are falling off my screen. Did the website eat too much already and is trying to lose weight?

    • bs angel says: has got you covered Morpheus!

  8. Carter says:

    This is my new wallpaper and the icons are in the menu of my nokia now… but…. Why the Spartan Laser and Active Camouflage are almost invisible on the comple table????

    • bs angel says:

      They are both fully visible in the bottom section. And I’m happy to hear you’re getting use out of them!

  9. DethPwn says:

    This is awesome!

    My only problem is with Bh. People know it’s called a Gravity Hammer, right? Because I’ve corrected my friends so often, and know I’m starting to doubt myself. Unless it’s in reference to the metaphorical banhammer. GAAH! To much thinking.

    • suicidalkanoka says:

      It is a picture of the Gravity Hammer used symbolically to represent the Banhammer.

      In case you don’t no, “know” in the sense you used it as is spelled without a silent “k” or “w” :)

      • DethPwn says:

        I get what you meant in the last sentence… I think…

        Thanks for the clarification :D

        • suicidalkanoka says:

          Wow, I’m posting a lot today. And about jokes, too!

          I tried to make a joke, but in the middle got “now” confused with “no”. Oops.

          For the correct informative reading, replace “no” with “know” and “know” with “now” and delete the “or “w” :)”. Because that can be confusing and people who read this far will feel like being lazy:
          In case you don’t know, “now” in the sense you used it in is spelled without the silent “k”.

          For honesty, yes, the lazy version has other changes, no, there is no hidden meaning in those changes, except that I like having good grammar.

  10. riceh8r0512 says:

    If I could get this in a poster I would buy it in a heartbeat. This is one of the coolest things I have seen for a Periodic Table. Would make a great addition to the apartment! Very nice job

    • bs angel says:

      We will not be making products with this image because of the obvious copyright issues. Please feel free to haul it to your local Kinko’s-type store and print off a poster for your own personal purposes though. :)

  11. ViVo 444 says:

    I Ar Au Sm

  12. ColdGlider says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. This content rivals much of what I have seen produced by “official” sources. May I kindly add the entire collection as selectable avatars to my forum, The Secret Glyph Project (SGP)?

    In any event, Happy New Year and thanks to the team of Hal and Angel for seeing this project through to completion!

    • bs angel says:

      Hal and I would be honored if you used them as avatars! And thank you for the kind words. :)

  13. ColdGlider says:

    What a way to begin the New Year! Thank you ever so much! The icons have been assimilated into our forum and an announcement (and thank you) post can be found here:

    Much hawt lovin’ from the SGP!

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