This Tree Topper Packs a Punch

Gamer Christmas Tree

Source [8bitfix]

30 Responses to This Tree Topper Packs a Punch

  1. E X Z A says:

    I think it needs the Galaga Arcade system ornament that I sell at Kohl’s. It plays the startup song!

    • E X Z A says:

      And I want those presents. Also as an edit: FIRST~!

      :chairs self:

  2. voicedwalnut says:

    lol thats is awsomesauce

    • voicedwalnut says:

      yeah um exza we tied for first just look at the time and so want the presents

      :chair:’s exza and self

      • E X Z A says:

        I got there by a fraction of a second faster.

        Now buy me some game ornaments.

  3. Earthworm Jim! hellz yes! =D

  4. StuntDouble2483 says:

    O, Deku Tree
    O, Deku Tree
    Thy leaves are so unchanging…

    • DethPwn says:

      You sir, win 6 internets.

      • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

        OhMahGod that’s more than Al Gore!

        • Ny Hitman 0401 says:

          Al Gore only has one, what a nub!

        • DethPwn says:

          Him and his ozone-destroying Flying Spaghetti Monsters!

  5. Gil says:

    Very nice tree! I especially like the gifts below even though they aren’t wrapped. Probably all empty boxes though >.<

  6. Socket says:

    Oh look, I think I see a Modern Warfare 2: Overpriced Edition!

  7. SkelBrute says:

    There’s a Master Chief with a sniper rifle somewhere on this tree, but he is so good at hiding that you can’t see him.

    Awesome tree

  8. Tree12324 says:

    Where the heck is the xbox 360?

    • L337MA573R says:

      Its presence would imply that he does not have one.

      • Eyekon says:


        A girl made this.

      • Yes, I’m a girl and of course I have 360, that’s sitting atop my television. I couldn’t live without a 360.

  9. L337MA573R says:

    A bit off-topic, but when are we going to see some more Katonian Press?

    • bs angel says:

      He will hopefully make his return in January as he’s taking a break for the holidays. I miss his pieces as well. :)

      • Kato says:

        You’re just hoping I write more stories about you traveling through time to deliver games before they are released, like a weird Sam Beckett/Santa Clause mashup.

        • DethPwn says:

          That sounds more like a Spaceman Spiff adventure, but high ho to ya!

    • Kato says:

      Yes, as angel said, I’m taking December off due to holiday craziness and such. I hope to regroup in January. Thanks for asking!

  10. Doodle says:

    Obsessive compulsive, or just awesome?

  11. krazygamer1011 says:

    Ahaha thought that he was Obama when I glanced at it!!

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  13. HellCat says:

    I saw the sonic and i was like “must steal… i mean must have”

  14. Fiesta says:

    Are these are made with those melty-bead things? So awesome.

  15. Kannaya says:

    This is amazing. My geek tree need more of this!

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