This Custom Xbox 360 Has Its Eye on You

From cutting out symbols to adding some sparklies to slapping on a few action figures and calling it good, there are numerous ways to customize your console of choice. Leifkicker’s preferred method happens to involve Apoxie Clay and resins. Starting with an unadorned Xbox 360 case, he sculpted, painted, and sealed the shell after adding both a transparent green resin-filled “X” to the top and an eyeball to the power button. This custom case (more pictures of which are located after the jump) is up for grabs on eBay with a current bid of US $86. I just hope the winner doesn’t mind the constant gaze of ol’ one eye.

Custom Xbox 360

Custom Xbox 360


Custom Xbox 360

modalicious consoles

30 Responses to This Custom Xbox 360 Has Its Eye on You

  1. ElusiveEagle says:

    Nifty design…at least it gets good air circulation!

  2. Poopie McGhee says:

    Awesome, just awesome… It’d be a steal at $300… (It’ll probably get uber high)
    (Like millions of dollars and infinite girlfriends)

    • ElusiveEagle says:

      Heh…infinite girlfriends.

      Hmm…makes me wanna say “Monster Closet: Girlfriend edition”. Think infinite respawning girlfriends. :P

      • Mondo Titan says:

        That’s a scary thought. It’s tough enough to please one girlfriend.

        • HellCat says:

          hah, agreed

  3. Courtz says:


  4. Don A K Bab says:

    Reminds me of the Necronomicon from Army of Darkness.

    • Hmmm.. I think it looks like the book of monsters from Harry potter.

    • JLay says:

      The first thing I thought when I saw this was Evil Dead/Army of Darkness! Wonder if you can buy this at S-Mart? Remember: Shop smart, shop S-Mart.

    • Exactly what I was gonna say. Hopefully this 360 does not open a portal to hell and create zombies.

      Then again…

      • Araknoros says:

        i thought it was soul calibur, but thats just me

        • HellCat says:

          oh yeah! the sword with the eye in it. SC4 is bad

  5. Rhamsey says:

    Classic Xbox logo ontop, nice. Also, I miss these types of updates.

    • bs angel says:

      What type of updates? Custom consoles or something more general?

      • InsaneViking says:

        I always enjoy posts that spotlight some creative craftwork. But you can’t get a real life big daddy suit every day, so better to just enjoy it on occasion.

        This one eye’d monster is nice pretty nice, too.

  6. Monkey_lord says:

    not to throw a wrench at this conversation, but this will probably give the sickest red ring effect.

    • IcyTreats says:

      That’d scare the crap out of me, two ways. :/

      • HellCat says:

        Sending it off would be hell

        • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

          for you or for the guys at M$?

          “*Sigh* I hate my job.
          *fixes xbox in record time*
          This one’s heavy, what did they use to pack this?
          *opens box*
          *screams like little girl and knocks over stack of xboxs breaking them all*

    • JLay says:

      If it was an anus and not an eye, that would be a sick RROD! :D

  7. NartFOpc says:

    Is this supposed to be based on a specific game? Because it kind of looks like the cover for Condemned 2…

  8. HellCat says:

    This would give me the shivers everytime i played it. I may just keep looking for another custom case

  9. SpaceGhost2K says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t invest that kind of time and energy into it unless it was just the shell. The odds are just too, too horrible. Or just assume that you’ll be taking it apart and someone local could work on the guts. Pretty good looking effort.

  10. Sam says:

    Beware of the Red Eye of Death.

  11. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    You know what would be REALLY scary?
    If they eye swiveled around when you turn on your console.
    Like how the quadrants do that…

  12. DethPwn says:

    Anyone else hearing ominous chorus choir singing?

  13. Doodle says:

    I’m scared.
    The box is staring at me.

  14. Atlas says:

    I wonder what happens if it red rings….

    “And lo! The lone eye bore a hole into my very soul with its crimson gaze, the red glow fading into nothing. As the eye gave its last twinkle, a lone tear slid down my cheek. ‘Alas, my love,’ I said. ‘Thou art no more. But fear not! For I will see thee again within six to eight weeks.’ Tenderly, I placed the creature into the coffin and sent it on its way.”

  15. Raptorian says:

    Transending histroy and the world, a tale of souls and 360s, eternally retold: Soul Calibur 5

  16. Someone stole Satan’s xbox!

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