Master Yoshi

Source [deviantART]

23 Responses to Master Yoshi

  1. Leeumm says:

    Epic. Win.

  2. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    When I first scrolled down and saw it I thought it was a picture of Chief doing a dance with a horribly swollen chin. Yoshi Chief is just as awesome though.

  3. Skelbrute says:

    I was expecting a dragonball yoshi mashup… this is much more to my liking.

  4. Narroc says:

    that freaked me out when i first saw it, then i got it.
    i like it!

  5. Mike says:


  6. For a very brief moment, I thought it was a pregnant Master Chief. X_X

    • ShippouSwaan says:

      same here O_o

      • HellCat says:

        Whos the father? Arbiter?

        • DethPwn says:

          No, Dare. Don’t ask how.

        • IcyTreats says:


    • Wasiq says:

      The baby would be even more deformed if it was Dare as the mother instead of the Arbiter.

  7. HellCat says:

    Damn i was expecting some to do with master roshi. But i love this mash up

  8. now THAT’S a codpiece…

  9. Zerowind says:

    Dear sweet mother of God what has happened here.

  10. pwkwsfi says:

    I’m thinking goiter.

  11. bs angel says:

    It reminds me of Dare, although I can’t quite place my finger on why, …

    • pwkwsfi says:

      sometimes the obvious is right under your nose ;)

  12. Bob says:

    Master Chief discovered that his counterpart on the Wii was not as friendly as he’d been given to believe.

  13. DethPwn says:


  14. I bet he knows what the ladies like.

  15. He brags because he’s 30 inches long, the only problem is its from the tip to the tail…

  16. Rhamsey says:

    This picture is so weird looking.

  17. Mojo says:

    His head kinda looks like a Jumbojet…

    I wonder when we’re gonna see a Jumbojet MC?

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