Friday Caption Fun, Round 71

Halo 3 ScreenshotIf you’re looking to squeeze in some Halo this weekend, you have a few different choices. My Community Playdate is Sunday and the double EXP playlist of choice is Living Dead, which is probably how those of us that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday feel after our festivities. Let’s shake off that lethargy with some captioning fun, shall we? First we’ll go over the responses from two weeks ago and then we’ll try at our hand at a brand spankin’ new shot!

  • “Hey there, big buoy.” (pwkwsfi)
  • “I TOLD him not to rock the boat, baby!” (InventiveArgument)
  • “After five hours of swimming, the Rookie finally reached the ultimate out-of-map camping spot, only to realise he’d brought a laser instead of a sniper.” (Mr Viper)
  • “The ODST would raise his hand like the sign suggested but was………….busy with it below the water.” (Don A K Bab)
  • “Let’s hope that these sharks don’t have lasers!” (Monkey_lord)
  • “No sniffing your pits while swimming. Got it.” (The Flying Spartan)
  • “Note to self: Don’t make PMS jokes when travelling in an open-door Phantom.” (NOKYARD)
  • “After hearing the story of Angel’s life in a previous post (starting with something wet, and finishing with something hard), Rookie knew it was time to jump in feet first and see where this would go..” (xxxJL AUDIOxxx)

I would tell you how that last quote ends except then you wouldn’t watch the movie, which I fully expect to be leaked on the internet any day now. Sometimes words just don’t do justice, ya know? So instead of trying to give you a text description, let’s tackle a new screenshot instead. Caption away!

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: Brigadier Mitch

94 Responses to Friday Caption Fun, Round 71

  1. smell who got to second base last night?!

    • Apollo Running says:

      wait what? since when did boobs smell?

      I wish there was a definitive base system.

      • Wortwortwort says:

        There is 1st is a kiss 2nd is boobage 3rd is the dentist (you work that one out) and home plate is a home run!

  2. FinAeros says:


  3. SHAGGYDEATH says:

    Dude I can Palm your whole head!

    • Wortwortwort says:

      Thats what she said!

  4. ViVo 444 says:

    The blue elite had been waiting for years to get an exclusive armor for the elite. When he noticed it wasn´t included in Halo 3 : ODST he decided to get payback on everyone who had Recon and rip their heads of with his four fingerd hand.

  5. ODST Alpha says:

    ‘Guess who?’

  6. Mr Viper says:

    “I’ll give you freakin’ ‘Road to Recon’!”

  7. Monkey_lord says:

    Wait! you’re not the headless horseman?

    Aside: thanks for picking my caption Angel.

  8. chris says:

    Duck, duck, goose!

  9. Mizzy says:

    Got your nose!

  10. Gnome says:

    “If you eat all your vegetables maybe you’ll be as big as me someday!”

  11. Zee-V70 says:

    “Lousy, good-for-nothing human technology! Hours of work and I still can’t get this mouse to work right!”

  12. “finger or mandible?”

    i hope other people play this game…

    • General Vagueness says:

      is that a Scrubs reference?

      • DethPwn says:

        Yes it is, gentleman

  13. MGH1138 says:

    Having failed numerous times previously, Sarge hires an Elite Italian assassin to take out Grif. The assassin was not quite what Sarge expected.

  14. Gnome says:

    “You know if my hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer”

  15. Big Appleton says:

    “Dude, that’s my wife”

  16. NOKYARD says:

    You don’t have to look so disappointed. I don’t know what you were expecting but this is how Elites reproduce. Here, let me get a towel for your visor.

  17. StephaBon says:

    You can’t see it, but that Spartan’s feet are off the ground.

  18. PsycoJoe says:


  19. Fiesta says:

    Hold… Still… Yeah, you’ve got a spider in your ear.

  20. Anton P. Nym says:

    “What was that you said about my Mother, vermin?”

    — Steve

  21. Firestorm12 says:

    “For the last time, I am not a PEZ dispenser!”

    • Yami says:

      … Lol.

  22. Someone says:

    I’ve always wondered what a spartans face looks like

  23. UnluckyIrish14 says:

    “Dude, honest, it wasn’t me who stole your copy of ‘Playalien’! That was…uh…sh*t. That was angel, I think.”

  24. PikminGod says:


  25. pittofdoom says:

    “Hey, guys, check out my life-size Recon blow-up doll! It has a removable cod piece!”

    • bs angel says:


  26. Wasiq Khan says:

    Smell that? Last night I was calf-deep in Poos Juice.

  27. HSAR says:

    You’re mine now, BIATCH!

  28. “Out of my way! That last piece of turkey is MINE!”

  29. TrAvIs 6t6 says:

    “What do you mean elites can’t have Recon”

  30. OwlAssassin says:

    To be fair, the alien is from a different world. Even so, that’s an awful mistranslation of “facepalm”.

    • InventiveArgument says:

      I’ve got too admit, this one was good.

  31. Glasses Guy says:

    Elite: Steve, listen. That armor is for noobs now
    Spartan: But 1t’z rec0nz
    Elite: No! I’ve lost him to the recon fandom.

    I know, that caption sucks, right?

  32. Bryan Ojeda says:

    “Lets see you try to snipe now!”

  33. Gnome says:

    The elite was very confused when the Spartan asked him to stroke his head, and the spartan was very disappointed when the Elite did as he was told.

  34. DethPwn says:

    Be healed!

  35. InventiveArgument says:

    “Say whaaaaaat?”

    • InventiveArgument says:

      The elites take games of “Got your nose” very seriously.

  36. ablestmage says:

    No really, this is how the VISR looks, Spartan. That’s all it is. No, imagine my fingers are lines everywhere. Yeah. It’s not that great. I talked to one of the DOTS guys. He told me. I swear.

  37. ablestmage says:

    BAAAAWWWWWW He’s just so cute, in his widdle owange and puwpow awmow! *tousles hair*

  38. porge says:

    “Facepalm” has a whole new meaning

  39. Mr Poe says:

    “NO! NO! NO! If your hand is bigger then YOUR face then you have cancer…” “dammit, I am never going to get to hit an elite.

  40. Yami says:

    Spartan: “Oh Shit…”
    Elite: “I told you, I’d find you….”
    Spartan: “Can’t we talk this over?”
    Elite: “No…. Now tell me.. How are babies made(in the human race)?”

  41. anon says:

    Elite: I finally haz reconz!

  42. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    Hey, squirt.
    Can you see his other hand??!?! Cuz I can’t see his other hand!!!
    NOT so fast, Mr.Bond!
    Elite: And what is this? Spartan: Ugh… a STARVING brain sucker… Elite: See? Now you get it!
    Outta mah wayz bishies!
    My how you’ve grown!
    Charlie? Is that you?
    I don’t wanna see where this is going.
    Look me in the eye when you frag, damnit!

    • bs angel says:

      My brother always used to do the starving brain sucker thing to me, LOL …

  43. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    So wait, the Vulcan head crush isn’t real either? NOOOOOOOO!

  44. L3377MA573R says:

    “Dude…I can your scrotum…that’s not right…”

  45. DarkReign2021 says:

    “I will learn your language, mate with your women and in time our differences shall be settled between us.”

  46. Hyokin says:

    I Can Has Recon!?

  47. xCxSTRYKEx says:

    Orange Spartan never went to the movies with Blue Elite again.

  48. R2-JL says:

    That’s not how you play Grifball, moron.

  49. HellCat says:

    “It was farmer john”
    -rips of mask-
    “and i wouldve gotten away with it if it wasnt for u meddling kids”

    • Ash says:

      Damn, beat me to it. :P Nice one.

  50. You don’t like the Sangheili death call?

  51. CyanDeadEye says:

    Hey Spartan, that was MY sniper.

  52. Personsen says:

    ZOMG! RECONZ!!!1!!!

  53. “Dude, look at how big my hands are, do you still want to take the “who’s bigger” bet?”

  54. Gunlat3M says:

    For the motherf*cking horde!

    • Gunlat3M says:

      Obviously someone doesn’t read RT comics…

      Alas. My captions never make it in anyways.

      • bs angel says:

        Only a teeny tiny percentage do. Keep on captioning. :)

  55. Apollo Running says:

    Dude, the double-dildo prank isn’t going to work again.

    • Apollo Running says:

      jerks downvoting me >=(

  56. Ash says:

    And he would have gotten away with it too, had it not been for those meddling kids.

  57. Amaterasu says:

    Elite: “Stand back son, this job is for a real man….er… whatever”
    Spartan: “take it off, before I break it off”

  58. Rakolai says:

    “You know, this isn’t what I meant when I asked you to help me with my Cthulu costume.”

  59. ClubMeSoftly says:

    “I bet you gots a real purty mouth, boy”

  60. The Real Dr Nog says:

    “guess who”

    “heavy night last night man”

    “best sexgiving ever”

    “wort wort wort”

    “i see you haz reconz let me cleanz it for you”

  61. The Real Dr Nog says:


  62. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    So, Angel, are you going to post my caption, or am I going to have to… do things? Kekeke…

  63. Skitzo Sven says:

    “Wait! This isn’t my basketball!”

  64. smell that? I got to third base with Angel last night :)

  65. Metalingus627 says:

    Henry finally had enough of Rimmers terrible shooting and need-to-touch attitude.

    ^ 25 points if you get the reference.

    • The Real Dr Nog says:

      is that a scrubs reference?

  66. pwkwsfi says:

    Alien tea-bagging. Now you know.

  67. Der Hammer says:

    “I told you to get off my lawn.”

  68. burning crusade says:

    move and i’ll rip of your head

  69. IcyTreats says:


  70. Humrh360 says:

    “Elite says, ‘If Bungie no give you Reconz, take it by force!'”

  71. The Real Dr Nog says:

    “elite was upset that he couldn’t get recon, so he decided to go around stealing the worlds recon helmets”

  72. The Real Dr Nog says:

    elite was so glad about finally being taller than the spartans that his ego went way up

  73. JLay says:

    That is NOT what I meant when I said I wanted a little head!

  74. Mike says:

    you got recon while playing on a modded xbox?! i will have to return this recon to bungie!

  75. Mr Maliwop says:

    I told you to stay away from my cheese!

  76. Gunlat3M says:

    Facepalming: Damn Elites are doing it wrong.

  77. LockeGenRedux says:

    “Screw the Weapons, Your going down Recon!”

    -“Guess who!”
    -“Yes, I know Arbo, son of Arby. Your hand is very scaly and I love it. Lets get back to killing the bad guys, okay?”

  79. Whitehawk13 says:


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