Zero Punctuation: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2

11 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Modern Warfare 2

  1. Rhamsey says:

    I always watch his videos, but rarely agree with all of his points except for now. I don’t like CoD multiplayer, as I prefer bad company or halo, and the campaign sucked balls. As it was short, and the plot twist every 30 seconds sucked, throw in no co-op and its a piece of shit. I however loved the ops missions, especially the sniper and big brother levels. Why couldn’t they make a game based off of co-op warfare (think the beginning of Sniper), and better than army of two.

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      Yeah, I agree entirely.

      He was actually pretty spot-on.
      I mean, sometimes there are good games that he really stretches, and pokes the subtle blemishes.
      But here, he’s got the major flaws.

      Good, mostly true review.

    • DethPwn says:

      Ijust finished the campaign and found the airport scene entirely unneccesary, as Makarov’s plot was never resolved. I was swept up in the moment of the campaign’s story, but looking back it felt more like a summer blockbuster than a game. Just like with Gears 2, it felt more for the masses than the core fanbase. Oh well, still an enjoyable game!

  2. suicidalkanoka says:

    At least MW2 beat expectations.

    … well, my expectations… which were rather low…

  3. Wasiq says:

    I didn’t think the campaign was short. Although I did die a lot which would add about 2 more hours of gameplay…hey, give me a break I was play Hardened!

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      If you compare the campaign to virtually(no pun intended) any of the games that it’s competing with, the campaign is frustratingly short.

      I mean, even ODST, which started out as a DLC concept, had a longer campaign.

      • DethPwn says:

        Yeah, campaign wise it made me pissed that we missed out on Bioshock 2 and Dark Void for this. But I can’t complain :D *reloads MP5 with rapid fire and thermal*

  4. Overdoziz says:

    The campaign also was alot easier than its prequel, I never had one of those moments where I just quit because I died too many damn times. CoD4 had several of these moments. *cough*Mile High Club*cough* It mostly was just a matter of staying put and waiting for the enemey to walk around the corner or pop their heads up.

    Another thing; the vehicles. IW clearly isn’t experienced in making vehicle physics. At all. Whenever I saw a vehicle driving it just looked weird, ugly and unrealistic. Driving vehicles yourself is even worse, that goes mostly unnoticed because all you pretty much have to do is hold the trigger down and steer a little bit every now and than.

    Spec Ops was actually pretty disappointing for me, most missions are just directly taken out of campaign and other are just plain boring. And then you have the Juggernauts… These things are so dull and frustrating to fight. It’s just a normal solider but with boosted HP, very uncreative.

    Multiplayer is nice, though! Level 47 with 1.5 k/d ratio here. :)

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      Yeah, the vehicular… stuff was miserable.
      For me, Spec Ops is alright,
      The thing is, if you add together the time it takes to do all the missions, you still don’t get more than a few hours.
      They’ve could’ve done better.

      And then the real reason I replied,
      I’m level 32 with a 1.2 k/d ratio.
      Oh yeah.

  5. Excardon says:

    I’m starting to dislike Yahtzee’s reviews because he’s very hypocritical when it comes to them. Especially about the part when he complains about the game not being realistic. Wasn’t that his major bitching session when he reviewed GTA IV? He complained then that games were too realistic.

    I thought the story was great. You never knew who was going to die and also like in real life, when you put yourself at risk that much the expectancy of getting killed is much higher. I feel that the amount of people that you play as getting knocked off actually made the game feel more realistic in that sense.

    I get what IW was trying to do and I appreciated it. They wrote a script for a total balls-out action movie and turned it into a video game. I honestly enjoyed it more than CoD4’s campaign because games like that in my mind are supposed to be balls to the wall, explosive, and ridiculous at times. That’s what makes it a game. Actually, I think Yahtzee himself said something similar when he was comparing Saints Row 2 to GTA IV.

    Also, the multiplayer is what sells now. Unfortunately he can’t understand that concept. :/

  6. HellCat says:

    Yahtzee can be critical but hes truthful and honest. he likes to nit-pick. And i hate any multiplayer where u can die easily. Bloody QOS

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