A Gamer’s Alphabet

A Gamer's Alphabet

I am a horrible procrastinator so I don’t plan on starting my holiday shopping for at least another few months. Those of you who are on top of your game though may appreciate the early notice of this charity-driven project which resulted in something perfect for the avid gamer on your list. Designed by the tongue-twisted folks over at Fazy Luckers, A Gamer’s Alphabet is a bound compilation of terms that you should already be more than a little familiar with, all in spectacular image form. There’s a soft cover version of this book available for $20.95 with a more sturdy hardcover edition costing $30.95. All profits from A Gamer’s Alphabet go to Marissa’s Bunny, a little girl suffering from Infantile Spasms whose family works to raise awareness of the disease not just for their daughter but for every young child struck with this particular pediatric epileptic condition. Oh, and you may have not known this but you actually make an appearance under “N”. All the more reason to buy a copy!

Want to help spread the word? Post this image on your own website or forum and suck up my bandwidth instead of your own!

A Gamer's Alphabet

14 Responses to A Gamer’s Alphabet

  1. let me guess, your favorite is the ‘T’ one… =P

    • bs angel says:

      My favorite is actually the H one. But if we add your face into the equation, I’d definitely go with T. DEFINITELY.

      • Wasiq says:

        Hold still I’m trying to heal you.

        • bs angel says:

          You call it teabagging, I call it CPR. I do it because I care, honest!

        • Wasiq says:

          Well since your a girl, I guess you could call it “mouth-mouth”

          You know you made a nasty joke when you feel dirty about saying it afterwards… : /

  2. Wasiq says:

    W is for W00t
    A is for Aggro
    S is for Sniper!
    I is for Incendiary
    Damn I can’t see Q!

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Queer… lol

  3. N is for number one, right? :p

    • DethPwn says:

      I’m afraid not, young padawan…

  4. Poopie McGhee says:

    Mmm… Bandwith…
    I’m suprised “L” isn’t for Lag…
    Is “C” for Camper? (Can’t see it too well)…

    • Wasiq says:

      C is for Class

      Like WoW and stuff :D

  5. HellCat says:

    I love i.

    I have to say that us gamers are a stereotypical bunch. thats how i like it though

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