Perfect for Covenant Friday

I would let pretty much any creature with four mandibles in my pants. Fellow Halo fanatic Blueskyfish feels the same way except she makes one important distinction: she only allows them on her pants. Feeling the need to publicly display her love for all things Sangheili, one afternoon she grabbed a felt tip clothing marker and proceeded to draw a sword-wielding Elite directly upon the upper right thigh of her favorite pair of blue jeans. In case you were planning on formally requesting the addition of Halo-themed graphics on her back pockets so you could freely stare at that region as well, don’t bother. I’m way ahead of you on that one.

Halo Jeans

*Image posted with permission.

23 Responses to Perfect for Covenant Friday

  1. Crazy A 64 says:

    Right, I’m off to draw ODS Steve onto my crotch!

    • bs angel says:

      I’d stare at your crotch even without the drawing! Hold on, I don’t think that came out right …

      Wait, yeah it did. Never mind.

  2. Poopie McGhee says:

    Nice… very nice… Too bad I’m no artist…

  3. Wow nice picture!!, But only the bottom half….. Something should have been drawn higher up.

  4. Mr Viper says:

    I’m guessing that elite is there to slice off any potential ‘attackers’? Reminds me of that film Teeth.

    • A Shaky Shotgun says:

      UGH!! that is a horrible movie.

      Jeans are cool though.

  5. DeepCee says:


  6. LSDiesel says:

    @1, Personally, I would draw the Master Queef on my crotch.

  7. Looks like the Elite is attacking something coming out of her crotch, hope it isn’t crabs, or worse yet, the flood!

    • Skeah says:

      Ahaha, anyone else remember that comic, pretty sure it was CAD, where it was making fun of all of the H3 advertising all over random products, and in the end it was like… bah screw it, I’ll just find it for anyone who hasn’t seen it…
      Here’s the link:
      I would give a direct link to the image, but it’s blocked from where I’m at so I’m on the page through a proxy D=

  8. Bobski says:

    Mmm…got to love a crotch pic. It would be better with the pants off you and lying next to you. hardy har.

  9. Firestorm12 says:

    Did this just turn into a ‘what Halo character would you have drawn on your crotch’ conversation?

    I guess I shouldn’t be suprised.

    • IcyTreats says:

      Just for the record, I want a Grunt.

      • HellCat says:

        I want flamin’ reconzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        just kiddin. I’d want Cortana, in poledancer form

        • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

          Requesting pictures of Cortana in poledancer form.

      • IcyTreats says:

        I’m changing what I want.

  10. Mike says:

    need to draw monitors… only larger… strategically placed on either the front of a shirt or back of pants ;-D

    surprised no one said this earlier?

  11. HellCat says:

    I wish i could draw. Someone should sell these. But seriously ass shot plz

    • Hyokin says:


    • Skeah says:

      I thought it was some sort of flocking at first, so I thought it was like, glued or ironed on and there was a pattern so she could reproduce and sell them… then I realized it was just drawn on and I became oh so sad… D=

  12. DethPwn says:


  13. Hyokin says:

    I’ll take my marker and draw Guilty Spark, Petinent Tangent, and Tartarus.

    Man, I AM a genious!

    • IcyTreats says:

      If you were a genius you’d spell it right. Pshaw.
      *nerdy giggle*

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