Left 4 Dead 2 Is Better When Shared With the One You Love

20 Responses to Left 4 Dead 2 Is Better When Shared With the One You Love

  1. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    Oh man, this was amazing. Poor gnome got fed to the Tank, and he loved him so much :(

    • Rhamsey says:

      It’s like companion cube all over again.

  2. This is the greatest machinima I have ever seen bar none. And I really, really mean that.

  3. Poopie McGhee says:

    Gnome Chompskis… My friend on XBL told me about it… I lol’d

  4. ReverendTiki says:

    I love a good love story!

  5. God I hate that gnome…..

  6. SonofMacPhisto says:

    I’m glad he made it back from space! ^_^

    • Yea but how did he?

      • SonofMacPhisto says:

        ‘It will all become clear to the due course of… well… I’m not really at liberty to say.’

  7. Leeumm says:

    Haha, very well done.

    Chompski and I had a little adventure together earlier. Turns out, he’s great at beating Hunters to death in a corner. Who knew?

  8. L3377MA573R says:

    Lol, love the ending.

  9. Mr Viper says:

    Get Valve to patch in laser eyes for him and that little gnome will be my best friend forever.

  10. I haven’t actually played the demo for this yet, so my first reaction to the gnome was WTF, but that was actually pretty funny.

  11. Scotty-Bob says:

    That’s hilarious!! :D

  12. Ash says:

    Awesome. I love that gnome. It was hard as hell to get through that level with him, but it was a bonding experience. :)

    And I got a shiny new Depeche Mode shirt. w00t!

  13. BerserkerBarage says:


    I just got this achievement earlier today. We were kidding around with Gnomey but I never thought to put him on the carousel before.

    Funny video is funny!!


  14. DethPwn says:

    Gnome Chompskis. Epic fucking winz0rs.

  15. I love the people who put things from other games/movies into uurm… other games/movies.

  16. Mr Viper says:

    It’s no wonder people create a closer connection with a gnome than with the other survivors, when the AI has them do stuff like this:

  17. The Real Dr Nog says:

    ll i got the gnome achivment

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