Halo Legends – The Duel Today Only

The Duel Halo LegendsHalo Waypoint, the conveniently Xbox 360 Dashboard-located hub for all things Halo related, will at one point or another have the complete collection of Halo Legends available for your viewing pleasure. The catch is that each episode will only be accessible for a 24 hour period. Today is your shot at catching The Duel (a chapter which delves into a brief period of Covenant conflict) so get it while the getting’s good. I can’t promise you’ll love it but it’s free, and who doesn’t like free stuff?

28 Responses to Halo Legends – The Duel Today Only

  1. Metalingus627 says:

    Personally, I loved it. The style and the story were both amazing. Criticisms about bewbs be damned. :)

    • DethPwn says:

      Wait there were bewbs in something Halo related? I’ve been on the Internet a full 3 minutes, HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS ALREADY!

  2. RandomIndex says:


    But seriously, I’m excited for this. They’ve really managed to capture one of our favorite universes in a new medium. If they keep this up, I’ll be a happy camper indeed.

  3. RDK says:

    Other than the mandible thing and a few other minor flaws, it was pretty good. Although it’s a bit difficult to understand what’s going on, I think it’s more focused on how they (used to) operate culturally.

    • PikminGod says:

      i agree completely! Also the fact that they through random people in with no explanation as to who they where (the guy with head beads?) I do believe though it was supposed to be the background of the Arbiter. How it became a mark of disgrace instead of a rank of honor.

  4. LordOsiris says:

    I plan to get this series on blu-ray and then watch them. Surely I can’t be the only one planning this?

  5. Radius says:

    IT BURNS! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. voicedwalnut says:

    it’s alright but I think the Babysitter was better cos of how it just felt but this one was alright

  7. SonofMacPhisto says:

    bs, this is for you.

    More or less what I thought of The Duel: http://carnage.bungie.org/haloforum/halo.forum.pl?read=952879

    In response: http://carnage.bungie.org/haloforum/halo.forum.pl?read=952886


    • bs angel says:

      Loved reading your first linked viewpoint and yes, your video response is PURE WIN!

    • Apollo Running says:

      Excellent review phisto. I completely agree.

  8. Half of what i watched didn’t make sense….

  9. Crazeye0 says:

    I tried to whatch it, but it froze when the Hunters first appeared, and disconected from XBL.
    It seemed less retarded thana before though.

  10. Personsen says:

    Kinda weird at times, but I still thought it was pretty sexy to be watching a Halo anime. :P

  11. L3377MA573R says:

    The lack on mandibles was downright strange, the Samurai Elite was downright corny, and while the artwork style was cool-looking, its flaws are obvious: having characters stare at each other, standing perfectly still, not even breathing while their mouths (not mandibles) are going off like crazy. The ending was both satisfying and satisfying at the same time. (no open loops, but felt like it never really went anywhere)
    I actually liked the Babysitter much more than this. This…god, the lack of mandibles is bat-shit crazy. I thought 343 was keeping a close eye on things. I mean, what’s next? Kig-yars without beaks? Buff prophets? Drones without wings? Brutes without normal jaws?

    And the metal swords were a bit strange, with the existence of energy swords. Plus, the poor animation made fight scenes seem unsatisfying.

    There were 2 things I liked: The grunt at the end of the huge fight scene, and the Hunters: I freaking want those hunters in Reach.

    Otherwise, this is a definite no for me. It highlighted 2 of the things from the trailer that made me cringe: Samurai Elites and Teddy Bears. While the Babysitter raised my expectations for this DVD, this movie almost sent me back to my level of skepticism I started with. Let’s hope the next one doesn’t have any Teddy Bears, or I’m not getting this DVD.

    • PikminGod says:

      I hated the fact that the Hunters were way oversized….

      I liked the metal swords idea. Its kind of a training tool for not-so-great elites and for the bandits that can’t get their mits on the swords since they are forerunner after all. So why wouldn’t they model their normal weapons after those of the forerunner origin

  12. the_eNeME says:

    Watched it earlier today…

    It was… uhhh… Different.

    • the_eNeME says:

      p.s. Lol boobz

  13. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    I think most people who criticise hunters fail to remember they aren’t actually one creature, but made up of worms…
    You know,
    Scarabs are made of the same thing.

    And lol, boobs.

    And then the mandibles.
    They are in two sides, the lower part.
    They’re just together when they aren’t shouting at each other and in combat.
    You can see the line in them.
    I don’t see why people complain, it was great for what it is.

    Or, tl:dr version, I liked it.

  14. Phil says:

    The animation style may be hard for some to accept, but I was rather taken by it haha

    I feel bad cuz I keep missing it on Saturday (I remember to watch it past 12 midnight) so this is the second time I’ve relied some guy uploading it onto YouTube lol =.=

  15. Rhamsey says:

    This was a great episode, I love the director and his previous works, and the art style was nice and something different. It also explained the arbiter story, which I wasn’t aware of. Very well done.

  16. Dr. T'Soni says:

    No matter how hard I try, I cannot bring myself to accept the anime style in this serie. Or rather the Japanese animation genre as a whole. The over dramatization is extrremly edundant; as if those animators are trying to stick the emotions up your ass. The storie has a lot of potential but the way it was delievered feels sloppy and off-the mark.

    The artwork is cliche. If it wasn’t for the elite armours and energy swords I would sworn I wasn’t watching halo. Everything from the samurai armour and the “robe” thingy the arbiter to the human-ness of the structures make it feel like we’re in sudo-Japan and not a distant magnificant alien planet. Were the animation studios to lazy to draw anything that’s slightly alien in nature? I guess anime is incapable of delivering sci-fi stories. (*cough Eric Nylund cough*)

    Overall, slightly better than Babysitter, can’t wait to see the next episode. =[

    P.S. The design of the female elite is not what I had in mind but I’m ok with it. Just wish they characters weren’t so humanoid. The excitment of observing a world that’s different than our own is what gives sci-fi it’s driving force.

  17. Staticrift says:

    Great anime, in my opinion a lot better than the babysitter (wich was good aswell). I liked the whole previous culture thing, very interesting.

    At first glance I though the hunter was too big. Then realised it was a colony of worms and dis’nt have as many small doors to walk though as in the games.

    Female elite was a lot hotter than i thought they’d be :D

  18. ReiterYIII says:

    I missed it on Saturday, but now im watching it on YouTube! Good thing we have pirates!

  19. Sailor Harry says:

    I honestly disliked the whole thing, especially the artwork. Was the goal supposed to make it look like a water color come to life? The colors and artwork blended so well together that everytthing was a blur to me. It was hard to make out what was going on. Plus, I did not get the reasoning behind the Arbiter being forced to kill his wife so he could face the samuri Elite.

    This is Shanghelios. Not feudal Japan. The Forerunners didn’t build Japanese buildings, (Babysitter episode), and Elites aren’t Japanese either.

    At the end… SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!! What? Does anime feel the longer two characters stare at each other, the more epic the duel is, and is acceptable to have one single charge lasting a few seconds. And that’s it? I thought the whole episode. Good thing Xbox is showing this to us for free. If not, I wouldn’t even think about paying to see it.

    • bs angel says:

      I feel you on that last part. I actually thought my Xbox froze during that scene.

    • Staticrift says:

      It wasnt the Arbiter that killed his wife but the other guy that wore similar clothing.

    • L337MA573R says:

      I agree. The obsession with Japanese culture is already getting old. The “Making Of” vid next week probably won’t even be worth watching, let’s just hope the 2-part “The Package” with its CGI goodness will redeem the series in time for the teddy bears and spiky and long-haired prepubescent boys as the main character. *shivers* And Teddy Bears. *shivers again*

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