Opening Headset Fail

Opening Headset Fail

Source [Wil Wheaton’s Twitpic]

44 Responses to Opening Headset Fail

  1. Ray says:

    ALMOST happened to me…

    Maybe they wanted to go wireless? LOL

    • Wasiq says:

      If they wanted to go wireless then why did they buy a wired headset?


      Youze a very clever man.

  2. Heh, whoops!

    Quick, send it back!!!

    • I would laugh if those were A40’s

      • Gaming Guy says:

        A40s don’t ship in ridiculous slice-your-wrists bubble packaging. It amazes me that this garbage is still acceptable. Amazon tried to help customers by providing alternatives but apparently not enough people wanted decent packaging.

        • bs angel says:

          I’ve taken advantage of that service before. It was really nice along with being environmentally friendly.

  3. Poopie McGhee says:

    Oh my god… I always hurt my fingers opening stuff like this… (Cause I’m paranoid about this)

  4. Malcolm says:

    Ouch… that’s just painful… could use it as an ear warmer though :P

  5. smurph says:

    i hate those packages… but use some common sense! cut around the edge instead of straight into the product!

  6. Crazeye0 says:

    Those packagaes are evil, seriously, but if you’ve cut it at an angle that goes close to the wire to make an opening cut, then you should be expecting that to happen. It’s much more worth slicing off your skin with the incredibly sharp packaging than opening it there.

  7. mstree says:

    Poor W-hill W-heaton!
    I didn’t think it would work, but somewhere on the inter-webz, I saw a suggestion to use a can opener on these hermetically sealed clamshell packages. Tried it and it actually worked.

  8. Gil says:

    you gotta admit that’s pretty funny. Those darn blister packs are a royal pain though and it’s not surprising that this happened.

  9. Xor1an says:

    I’m fairly certain there’s a special place in hell reserved for the inventor of the blister pack.

    Also, what kind of an uber-geek is he if he can’t splice and solder that back together?

    • Wasiq says:

      The kind of geeks that play…”sports games”.

      • suicidalkanoka says:

        Can’t we just ban them from geekdom?

      • Xor1an says:

        This is Wil Wheaton we’re talking about. Ensign Wesley Crusher. Master of the blogosphere. Guild leader of the Axis of Anarchy. I refuse to believe he’s the sort to play such games.

  10. MGH1138 says:

    That why you use a knife and not scissors.

    • crymsonnite says:

      or just cut around the edge and not straight into the product

    • skeah says:

      Orrrr just buy a plastic surgeon.
      Srsly, for like $8 (american), think of all the clamshell packaging you come across. XD
      It looks like he built up a bunch of pressure on the edge and then when that cut through… yeah. Wouldn’t happen with a plastic surgeon thingy.

      Sorry if it looks like I’m trying to be a (really shitty) spambot or something… I just enjoy mine. =B

  11. Personsen says:

    The soon to be mic spammer was too eager… -_-

  12. Billdebeast says:

    epicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepicepic fail

  13. Rhamsey says:

    I’m pretty sure they say not to cut those things open for a reason.

  14. DethPwn says:

    Again this raises the question:


    Why is this shit neccessary on EVERYTHING!

    • IcyTreats says:

      If I had a nickel for every time I cut my fingers opening one of these…*Shudders*
      I’d have a LOT of nickels.

  15. Mizzy says:

    I’ve never conceived of Wil Wheaton being a smart guy

  16. Mizzy says:

    “Convinced myself of” not conceived. Birthing is ewey.

    • suicidalkanoka says:

      Conceived actually made more sense. According to the OAD, conceive means “form or devise in the mind.”

      For a popular culture usage, remember Vizzini’s line in The Princess Bride, “Inconceivable!”

      Note for next time: using the “Reply” button will nest responses so the relationship between comments is immediately clear. Not a problem here, but just a suggestion.

      • Mizzy says:

        Woops! Getting only 4 hours of sleep will do that to me 8B

  17. VoicedWalnut says:

    thats such a fail it’s almost a win XD

  18. VoltRabbit says:

    I swear it came out of the package that way!!!

  19. GeneralCupcakes says:

    F**king clamshell packaging.

    • crymsonnite says:


  20. Visitor at home says:

    Well. There’s fail. Then there’s this. *facepalm*

  21. chiefnutszr says:

    I don’t think there’s anything else I can say besides “Wow. What a retard.”

    Unless there was a good reason for this like the wire in the packaging got shifted around where it’s not supposed to be. But really, that’s just his own stupidity for not taking that into consideration.

  22. RevMDN says:

    Ha, ha, ha!!!

  23. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    Nuclear blast proof packaging-1

  24. StephaBon says:

    That poor soul :’ (

  25. crymsonnite says:

    i cant breath, thats fucking hilarious
    you gotta pay attention, omfg they fail, i’m gonna go pass out from laughing now XD

  26. HellCat says:

    I hate the packaging. You cut yourself open with those. And they’re hard to open. (i did open one once with my 2 bare hands!). Seriously they should replace barbed wire with the packages

  27. BSlaughts says:

    hahaha that sucks soo badddddd

  28. Wow, its hard to believe some of us gamers still haven’t learned how to effectively do battle with this evil plastic foe. Maybe its because I have 5 kids who seem only to pick out all the toys that come in these, but I purchased a mini box cutter that I keep in a drawer just for these packages, as well as coming up with a technique for opening a majority of these with only my fingers, with no injuries to myself or the glorious item trapped inside. But, it really just could be the kids toys that gave me all the EXP in “Bastard Blister Pack Battle”.

  29. Fezzer says:

    Why is everyone blaming the packaging and not the gamer? Sure it sucks, but it’s their own fault.

    Those packages aren’t that big a deal folks. I open them all the time with no problems or injury.

    • bs angel says:

      Show off.


      • IcyTreats says:

        I’m sure the guy who this happened to feels bad enough -_-

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