Grin + Bear It: Call That a Knife

Are you looking for action, adventure and romance? Then go watch a film because this is a regular weekly offering to the gods of innuendo and lolz, brought to your face by the always funny Grin + Bear It. Read on as The Chief, Hayabusa and Recon (plus the occasional special guest) have more bollock-dangling fun than you can shake a boomstick at!

Grin + Bear It 9


luke [at] grinandbear [dot] it

28 Responses to Grin + Bear It: Call That a Knife

  1. Someone says:


  2. Jon says:


    Although I still may have lol’d……

  3. IcyTreats says:

    What happens in service, stays in service. That is, until you have kids :P

  4. i see what you did there… :P

  5. DeepCee says:

    Took me a couple of seconds to get it…But I did :P

  6. Liphttam1 says:

    But he did end up dropping at the end according to the question the kid asked. I’ve heard of doing it in a bathroomstall but a drop pod? That has to be wild.

    • takes “the mile high club” to a whole new level!

      it would start off as the mile high club…but by the end of it would be just the “not very high club”

      • StrangeDrop says:

        “the speedy let down club”?

        reminds me of someone…

        • if i had a penny for every time i’ve had that said to me….

        • StrangeDrop says:

          … I do.

        • StrangeDrop says:

          get a penny everytime i hear that, that is. :S

        • I just realised who you are! Hiii :D

          Everyone,this is my friend Strangedrop, Strangdrop this is everyone

        • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

          Hello Strangedrop!

  7. Visitor at home says:

    Made me giggle.

  8. DethPwn says:


  9. Poopie McGhee says:

    Good ol’ cock joke…

    • Marksman says:

      Welcome to the wide wide world of Grin and Bear It.

      • Poopie McGhee says:

        It’s long and hard too…

  10. StephaBon says:

    took me two reads, but I get it. Quite a disturbing image. lol

  11. augustelc says:

    i… dont get… oooooohh… ew

  12. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    Why do all Sergeants have such accents?
    And long-pointys?

    Anyhoo, made me lawl

  13. Did they always have such small arms?, First time i actually looked at the detail of your pictures.

    • They don’t have any arms! The different characters have different shoulder armour. I can’t remember why but I made the ODSTs have recon shoulders…..

  14. brainlesslobot0my says:

    Eh, it was funnier when Ron White said it on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

    • Who?

      • its an old, old joke

  15. L337MA573R says:

    So…he’s saying that his sarge…did him, right? Okay…

    • IcyTreats says:


      Welcome. :)

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