Hawty McBloggy Invites You To Play!

Community Playdate

Who:You. Your Mom. 50 of your closest friends.
We're easy. No really, we are. Ask around.

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Date:Sunday, November 29th, 2009

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Time:5-8 PM PT/8-11 PM ET

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Game:Halo 3. What the hell
else would we play?

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Additional details located here for you high maintenance type.
Want to get to know us beforehand? Stop by our forum and
introduce yourself. Be warned though, our lolcat thread
can beat up your lolcat thread. i'm so not kidding.

86 Responses to Hawty McBloggy Invites You To Play!


    • Necromas says:



      • IcyTreats says:


  2. Let me go work out what time this is in UK time and ill get back to you! Sooooooo want to be there

    • Visitor at home says:

      Yeah. Mind putting that up? All the time frames make my head go ouch.
      And I seriously like the idea of this. Though if I’m on the same side as BS angel, I’m gonna be scared.

      • bs angel says:

        It appears that’s 1 AM on Monday, November 30 for GMT (someone should double check my time zone conversion though). Hopefully doable?

        • Chris Haldor says:

          Well even though the times are different and all, we do catually go to bed when the clock hands are pointing in the same direction…

        • t0rm3n7 says:

          You are correct! :)

        • ah yes, that would be Monday at 1.00 AM……

          hmmm maybe doable, work that day but work is less important ^_^

        • Visitor at home says:

          Might be able to sneak a few games in. Might. Curse thin English walls.

        • bs angel says:

          If you go to bed at the same time I do Chris Haldor, then you should have no problem staying for the entirety of the event. Long live the night owls!

        • Xerone says:

          @grin: I’ll totally invite you to my set :D

        • Tactful says:


        • Shirdel7221 says:

          Well that’s Fail, as I have a Phobia of staying up after Midnight.

        • @xerone definately. im going to pack as much multiplayer as possible in before then so I dont look as average….

  3. davyboy94 says:

    does this mean i have to feel honored for playing with you guys now? ..yay :D

    • mendicantbias00 says:

      Do we know you? o_O

      • davyboy94 says:

        T_T that hurt Mandy…real deep

  4. IcyTreats says:

    Aw man. That means Monday for me :(

    • IcyTreats says:

      OH WAIT! I just realized, I’m going to be in a random vacation break!
      SO I CAN PLAY!

      Wow, angel. You’ve planned this perfectly :D

  5. Would anyone else like other Time Zone times?

  6. Rhamsey says:

    8-11 on a Sunday night?
    Not like I have any plans. Count me in!

    • bs angel says:

      Send me a friend request Rhamsey so we can get you in!

  7. GeneralCupcakes says:


  8. Das Kalk says:


  9. Gnome says:

    For those in the UK its from 1-4 AM

    And yay! Easy people :)

  10. StuntDouble2483 says:

    Aww, man! Sounds awesome, unfortunately for me, I got E74’d. Right in the middle of Borderlands, too, with DA:O pre ordered and right around the corner.

    Damn it all!

    • bs angel says:

      Hurry and get that sucker repaired!

    • i got E74’d too while playing borderlands O_o luckily it was on payday and i just went and bought a new arcade system and use my old HDD.

      • and i do believe mr. meyagi did as well…

  11. EXZA says:

    I want to be there!

    Now am I going to have work? I have no clue yet.

  12. Mikey Rocks says:

    so do i just send a friend request to bs angel?

    • rowboat 000 says:

      …or FR one of the folks listed here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/calendar/playdate/2009/1129-hawtymcbloggy.htm

      • Das Kalk says:

        well, If I only have 5 by now, imagine how many angel must have!

        probably only like one or two, since everyone knows i’m the one who adds all the allure to this community. Everybody loves limeade, delicious limeade!

        • bs angel says:

          :sends friend request to Das Kalk:

        • Poopie McGhee says:

          I did too, i think… And you too… (not gonna get in tho)

        • Das Kalk says:

          Finally angel, i thought you’d never ask

          … i have yet to receive said request -_-

      • Poopie McGhee says:

        Hey, I already had one from that list…

  13. HellCat says:

    whats the time for NZ? If so i’m in

    • Marksman says:

      When you find out, tell me. Aus is just around the corner.

      • Marksman says:

        Aww man, here in Sydney that’s at noon till 3:00. I get home from school at 2:30, so, thats 10:30 p.m. ET. Damnit, only a half hour of awesomeness.

  14. bs angel says:

    If you click on the time, you will now find a time zone conversion chart. If I happened to miss your particular zone, just let me know and I’ll add yours!

  15. Fiesta says:

    Record this! Show us!

  16. Mr Viper says:

    1-4am, eh? I should have known; McBloggy is setting a trap for all of those to the east of America! It’s all a dubious plot to make us tired and unable to resist against the horror that is mass corpse T-Bagging.

    We shall defeat you one day, McBloggy! ONE DAY!

    • bs angel says:

      I’ve been had!

      Time for Plan B.

      • mendicantbias00 says:

        We have a Plan B?!?! Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things!?!?

        • bs angel says:

          Oh shit. I thought you were in charge of Plan B!

          I guess it’s on to Plan C then.

        • Poopie McGhee says:

          Throw Candy at them? That won’t work in this situation… or will it? :Grabs Candy:
          (Just in case)

        • Das Kalk says:

          don’t tell me I’M in charge of plan Citrus…

  17. DethPwn says:

    Marissa’s Dad is in on this? Get ready for some straight-up shenanigans, Halo 3 Community!

    • I am indeed in.

  18. Poopie McGhee says:

    YAY!!1!! 7-10…

  19. Apollo Running says:

    Wish I could have hosted a room but I’m unavailable all weekend. Curse you, turkeys!

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Hey… I’d be more than happy to host one (if it’s needed)

  20. One Crazy Idiot says:

    I’d be able to play from about 8 PM Central to 9:30 PM. This will be between the time I tuck my kids into bed and the time I have to leave for work.

    • One Crazy Idiot says:

      BTW, I sent Angel a friend request:)

      • same as! i tried before but i think i typed it wrong as got someone different….

  21. Xor1an says:

    I’m going to have to clear some space on my friends list…

    Luckily it’s late enough that I’ll be home from roller derby practice. (Yes, I have time machine that takes me back to the ’70s, every Sunday evening.)

  22. Tim Acheson says:

    Count me in!

    Gamertag: cbjoe

    I have all the achievements in Halo 3 & ODST so I might as well just relax and enjoy the game. ;)

    I’m all about the Halo 3 multiplayer, but I have plenty of other games too and of course Mod War 2 will be out by this playdate. ;)

  23. JLay says:

    FRs sent out. Looking forward to sporting angel’s sticky blue balls on my back!

    • bs angel says:

      I just got the weirdest visual in my head …

  24. ablestmage says:

    I would lurve to be on your team, angel. FR from “thehomeland” sent.. even though I consider you a… competitor ^_^;;

  25. BlueShift 07 says:

    FR sent; looking forward to it ;)

  26. ReiterYIII says:

    Sounds like a good time. Lets hope bs angel that you play better then you ref! I got that video of you falling out of the tree during our FLAG match, expect a cool video of it soon… also I’m in for Sunday night. Ill hit you up with a friend request.

    • bs angel says:

      It wasn’t the match where I fell off the map three times, was it?! :violently shakes fist while cursing the Guardians:

      • ReiterYIII says:

        haha yep it was and I got every little bit of it on video…lol

        Its really funny to watch because you can see me and my 3 teammates watch you come over, jump, fall off. Then again you come over jump, fall off. By the third time the match had started but I think you made it up there that last time.

        • bs angel says:

          I remember that game all too clearly! And you’re right, by the third attempt the game had started but I finally hit it so we were ok. That was my second worse ref job of the entire tournament. The first was when I fell out of my spot on Ghost Town in the middle of the match. Talk about a panic attack!

  27. xXDJDarkXx says:

    Well, you accepted my FR already. I can’t wait =]

  28. Mr Nom Nom Noms says:

    YAY! Can’t wait to no-scope everybody! btw, what time would the playdate start and end in Canada, Ontario?

  29. DarkSartan says:

    that’d be midnight till 3 am in Belgium
    none of you know me but I’m always down for events! =)


    • bs angel says:

      Everybody is welcome, whether we’re already familiar with you or not. :)

      • DarkSartan says:

        so I just add you to participate right?
        I’m surprised how fast you respond lol

        • bs angel says:

          Yup! I went ahead and sent you a friend request. :)

        • DarkSartan says:

          well, I tried to add you, but your friend list is full as can be
          or so it said anyway
          thanks for the add :)

  30. PikminGod says:

    i just went forward in time so i could experience it twice, and let me tell you this was the best night EVER

    • bs angel says:

      LOL, I’m glad to hear it went well because I’m getting nervous!

      • PikminGod says:

        RRoD was definitely not present when I went to the future…perhaps I created some kind of time wave disturbance…well at 4:55 I will be plugging my Box back in to see if it fixed itself!! HOPE

  31. Pingback: Friday Caption Fun, Round 71 « Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  32. Visitor at home says:

    Er, Angel, if I send you an invite, and nothing happens, does that mean I’m unworthy of playing you? Or you just didn’t get one?

    • bs angel says:

      That means my list is full so it didn’t go through. Shoot me a text while the event is going on so if I get an open spot, I can send you an invite. I’ll also be hanging out after it’s over with an open room and I can definitely get you in then if you’re on.

      • Visitor at home says:

        Thanks. If I’m awake that late, it’s a game.

  33. DarkSartan says:

    kay so I miscalculated
    it’s 2 am till 5 am here
    that’s a little too late so I won’t be able to join you guys…
    too bad, was looking forward =(

  34. daviper07 says:

    So, this is a bit off topic, and I know this is an old post, but can I ask what font you used for this? It’s AWESOME!!!

    • bs angel says:

      I love fonts. You can never have too many!! This one, which happens to be one of my favorites, is called Gregs Other Hand. It’s a handwriting one and goes along with Gregs Hand. :)

      • daviper07 says:

        Hey thanks! And yeah, I’ve got hundreds on my computer :D and I just found a whole bunch of movie/game/band fonts, so now I can make things with the Halo font without doing a lot of photoshop work :D

        • bs angel says:

          Nice! That always makes things so much easier.

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