Score Some Sweet Halo Swag

Child's Play Auction

When I heard there was a voice recording from Joel “Caboose” Heyman up for grabs on eBay, I immediately began daydreaming about all the different things I could have him say in the one minute offered time span. Then I read the fine print which included the clause “must be tasteful” and all my hopes and dreams were dashed in a single instant. I am still planning on bidding though, not because the sound of his voice is enough to get the job done (it is) but rather all the proceeds from this auction, along with several other Halo-themed ones, are being donated to Child’s Play, a gamer-driven charity that works to improve the lives of sick children everywhere. If you want to score some sweet Halo swag, much of which is autographed by various industry-type people, check out the numerous bundles below!

Child's Play AuctionHalo 3: ODST Child’s Play Auction Pack
Wearable ODST “The Rookie” helmet, OOAK commissioned 36×24 art piece by Kelli “Pinkuh” Washburn, Hand painted ODST Xbox 360 faceplate by Luke McKay, ODST “The Rookie” McFarlane Toys figure signed by Bungie Studio staff members


Child's Play AuctionHalo 3 Multiplayer Child’s Play Auction Pack
Wearable Scout helmet signed by approximately 30 Bungie Studio staff members along with Jen Taylor (voice of Cortana) and Jerome (Bungie’s security guard), Pair of handmade Red and Blue UNSC multiplayer flags


Child's Play AuctionHalo Child’s Play Auction Pack
Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 faceplate signed by Bungie Studio staff members, Signed copy of the Halo novel Ghosts of Onyx, McFarlane Toys Blue Elite action figure, Halo 3 wristband, Halo 3 wall scroll, Halo 3 Xbox 360 faceplate


Child's Play AuctionRed vs. Blue Child’s Play Auction Pack
Caboose -1 messenger bag, Red vs. Blue Reconstruction DVD signed by Rooster Teeth, McFarlane Toys Halo Recon Grifball figure signed by Rooster Teeth, Voice recording from Joel “Caboose” Heyman to be recorded after auction


Child's Play AuctionHalo Novels Child’s Play Auction Pack
Ghosts of Onyx signed by Eric Nylund
Contact Harvest signed by Joe Staten





Child's Play AuctionHalo Voice Actors Child’s Play Auction Pack
Sketch of Mister Chief by Frank O’Connor, Signed photo of Steve “Master Chief” Downes, Luke McKay print signed by Jen “Cortana” Taylor, Halo print signed by Todd McFarlane, Signed Halo Wars piece by Gregg “Captain Cutter” Berger, Print signed by Eddie Smith


Child's Play AuctionHalo ODST/Reach Child’s Play Poster Pack
Signed Halo Reach poster by Bungie Studio staff members
Signed Halo ODST poster by Bungie Studio staff members





Child's Play AuctionHalo Legends Child’s Play Poster Pack #1
“The Package” poster signed by Shinji Aramaki, “The Babysitter” poster signed by Studio 4˚C, “Duel” poster signed by Productions I.G., “Origins” poster with Cortana, “Home Coming” poster, “Prototype” poster, “Odd One Out” poster


Child's Play AuctionHalo Legends Child’s Play Poster Pack #2
“The Package” poster signed by Shinji Aramaki, “Duel” poster signed by Productions I.G., “Origins” poster with Cortana, “The Babysitter” poster, “Home Coming” poster, “Prototype” poster



Child's Play AuctionOperation Chastity Concept Art Child’s Play Auction Pack
Two Halo concept art pieces (11×17) for a future fan-made Halo film. They are limited 18/100 for both prints.

16 Responses to Score Some Sweet Halo Swag

  1. Apollo Running says:

    Thats some sweet swag. I wish I had enough money to bid and win.

    Also, some of those images need to be rotated

    • bs angel says:

      That would mess up the prettiness of the post though! If you click on the small images, it brings you to the original size and correctly rotated pictures. :)

      • Apollo Running says:

        You and your need to make everything look pretty and symmetrical. Also, for some reason I thought the Reach poster was upside down? In my defense, it does look like its hanging on a wall. And if that were the case, why would there be a carboard box on the ceiling??

  2. Laird says:

    Maybe we can work something out about Joel and having to be “tasteful”?

  3. Ragingterror says:

    I figured it was only a matter of time before I saw this posted here. :)

    Methinks a few of these bundles are going to start some bidding wars.

    • bs angel says:

      Of course! And I saw the items you donated. That was incredibly nice of you. :)

  4. Das Kalk says:

    i wish i had the money needed to buy those signed posters for ODST and Reach, but something tells me that they will begin fetching well over 300$

  5. d lfhksak;jcxv,lfdb SIGNED SCOUT HELMET.

    *runs downstairs to get access to raid emergency bank account*

  6. GeneralCupcakes says:

    That Caboose bag isn’t a Timbuk2 Bag, and I really want it…

  7. HellCat says:

    Damn it. I so want all of that i wish i hadn’t just spent all my money on my girlfriend. and that i lived in the US. You guys get such nice things

  8. SpaceGhost2K says:

    I let the faceplaters know about the auctions.

    • bs angel says:

      That was kind of you. Thank you!

  9. Marksman says:

    I wish I could just bid on the faceplate. It almost makes me want to go out, buy a faceplate, spray-paint it dark blue/black, and draw a big SuperIntendant logo on it (The S.I is my favourite character besides Mickey. Go Virgil, the space-turtle!).

    But, I can’t paint, I don’t own spraypaint (that I know of), and I’d probably get mega-frustrated and throw it half-finished and half-wrecked at someone I know. Curse you, lack of artistic talent.

    • bs angel says:

      I was going to try my hand at painting a faceplate once. Then I learned you have to sand and prime it first and I said screw that! Now I just buy them instead. :)

      • Marksman says:

        You have to sand it? That turns me off even more. They should sell them pre-sanded with kindergarten finger-painting templates to help you paint.

        • bs angel says:

          I know, right? I would totally buy a color by number one!

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